If you seek sustainable results then you have come to the right profile. Mike’s leadership addresses the # 1 challenge today for engaging people, be it team or client. He does so building relationships. He does recognizing that the # 1 factor impacting engagement is the manager. There is more.

Services offered

  • IT Audit & Optimization (Specialty ecommerce, CMS, CRM & ERP)

    Similar to movie message, explain IT at the level of a six year old. Today's technology must be business-outcome driven. It must mold around how you do business, not the other way around.

  • Engaging both clients and staff at highest level

    Engaging staff and clients are at an all time high in the past decade or 31.5% in the US. This figure is lower worldwide. It is based on research for the past decade. It is proof positive of the disruptive impact of technology, lack of leadership and lack of will to contribute. I can help use this research to clarify purpose, motivate and execute in a timely and consistent manner. Thus boosting profits up to three figure percentages. Want to know how, it is not a secret?

  • Business growth is more than increasing sales

    Evidence from a range of research studies demonstrate those who succeed have a plan, a discipline and waste no time executing. That said sales is hard so how do you get all the silos of data, action and smarts in your organization to product exponentially together? I help with the answers.


  • Spanish Elementary

  • French Negotiation

  • English Native

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