At Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. I focus my attention on those clients who have made the decision that they are now ready to move to an entirely new level of accomplishment and personal growth.


  • C.E.O.

    at Vcademy

    March 2013 - at Present

    British Columbia

    We teach people development professionals how to integrate MINDFUL values into Entrepreneurship. The Values Blueprint™ is a next generation assessment that supports business and leadership trainers, coaches and consultants to identify, understand and resolve Values Conflict™.

  • Human Capital Specialist

    at Full Spectrum Leadership Inc.

    January 2006 - at Present

    British Columbia

    At Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. it is our stated intention to work with selected clients who are committed to taking 100% responsibility for their entire life experience, finding the win/win in all life conditions, and dropping fear-based reactionism in favor of Love-Based Leadership. Full Spectrum Leaders shape their own futures in a pro-active and engaged manner. They commit to living with higher levels of values, ethics, integrity, responsibility, and subscribing to the principle of “each day in every way, getting better, and better, and better.”

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