No one can produce results beyond their current level of consciousness.


  • Master of Business Leadership Executive Coaching Program

    at CEO and Founder

    January 2001 - at Present


    The MBL program develops authentic leadership and emotional intelligence. This process creates a higher level of consciousness and what many view as magical results.


  • Advisor Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

    at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    2019 - at Present (1 year)

  • Electrical Engineering

    at Humber College

    1980 - 1985 (5 years)

  • DeGroote School of Business

    at McMaster University

    1974 - 1978 (4 years) Ontario

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  • Master of Business Leadership Executive Coaching Program

    Every single industry is going to change and be reinvented in this decade. This will impact job security, job creation, money, opportunity, everything. The changes in the next ten years will be massively disruptive. We are being jerked into a future that is changing much faster than we think. We are going to see more change in the next 10 years than we have in the last 100 years. Further, scientists have estimated we will experience the equivalent of over 20,000 years of change in this century. We are going to need to learn how to adapt to those changes quickly. Industries and institutions like retail, healthcare and education are going to topple under their own weight.

    We have not had a hardware upgrade in our brain in over 200,000 years. Our survival filters are still set up to react to change the same way as when we were hunter-gathers. The speed of money will increase and flow toward those organizations best equipped to react positively to these changes. Connecting with our authenticity and emotional intelligence enables us to embrace change while raising our consciousness. It is important to understand no one can obtain results beyond their current level of consciousness.

    The MASTER of BUSINESS LEADERSHIP coaching program has successfully helped over 500 executives and companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East and Saudi Arabia over the past 20 years.


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