• Geophysical Data Analyst

    at ESG Solutions

    September 2016 - at Present


    Hired as a full-time seismic data analyst processing microseismic data and other engineering data in the office and field. Main responsibilities include using ESG software to process data, which includes velocity model analysis, visualization/interpretation of the data, applying techniques and software to fit the data to a geophysical model, etc. Real-time seismic processing during hydraulic fractures and mining sites is one of my main skills. I am the lead on many projects and have completed countless reports to the client’s satisfaction. I also create various reports which include feasibilities, advanced engineering data, and in-depth data analysis. Skills acquired included learning new software, new methods, meeting tight deadlines established by clients, customer service, time management and interpersonal skills. This position is fast paced, team oriented, and knowledge crucial to be successful individually and for clients.

  • Geophysicist

    at Schlumberger

    July 2013 - June 2016


    I worked overseas/offshore on a vessel processing 3D seismic data for various clients. Main responsibilities included initial processing of seismic data on a vessel with time also spent in an office (Calgary) helping with further seismic data processing. Along with dealing with large data volumes full time, I took many training courses with Schlumberger which included processing raw 3D data, acquisition techniques and hardware, advanced processing and QC, and advanced geophysical techniques. This job required working in many different locations with many different team members in the office and field in order to process data. I gained extensive knowledge in processing, analytic skills, creative problem solving and interpersonal skills.

  • Sales Associate

    at Simply Green Home Services

    October 2015 - April 2016


    Worked doing door to door sales selling HVAC equipment. Gained valuable sales experience that only cold calling sales will teach such as perseverance, bravery, confidence, and learning how to read people. We were paid purely commission and during my fist month I broke the record for the highest first paycheck at the company. I got promoted twice during my short tenure and even had two sales workers working for me. This job had taught many core sales techniques and even helped me become more confident as a person which is crucial in any sales environment.


  • Bachelors of Science - Geophysics

    at University of Calgary

    2008 - 2012 (4 years) Alberta


  • English Native