• Service Desk Manager

    at Clear Concepts

    June 2015 - October 2019


    As the Service Desk Manager I was responsible for all key aspects of service delivery, training staff, managing parts of the business, and much more. As shown on my resume I was a highly successful manager in the position. My staff received all technical training from me and were setup for success in their roles. This role required me to be highly technical and knowledgeable of hundreds of unique client technical environments. I was able to use my leadership styles to keep my employees fully engaged and motivated as we focused on high customer service delivery. Setting expectations with the clients, responding and following up in a fast and friendly manner, showing empathy when able to, and working with the client to show a strong partnership in finding the solution. My positive attitude is unmatched and given the opportunity, clients loved dealing with me. Many trusted me to find a solution when their issues were not being resolved to their expectations.

  • Service Desk Technician

    at Clear Concepts

    October 2014 - April 2015


    As a Service Desk Technician for Clear Concepts, I learned to manage hundreds of unique client environments and respond to all levels of employees for businesses, from front end users to company owners and CEO. I have a strong focus on customer service and delivering service in a fast, friendly, and supportive manner. Over the years, I gained absolutely trust with many clients and was sought after by most as their direct go-to technician. Not only did I have massive success with clients, but my technical support style and friendly mannerisms caused a cultural shift among other employees and Clear Concepts, so much so that I was promoted to Team Leader, then Manager, at a rapid rate; Where I was able to promote my successful styles to others and grow a team from 5-13 members.

  • Service Desk Administrator

    at Emergent BioSolutions

    April 2013 - October 2014


    As a Service Desk Administrator it was my responsibility to manage client requests and solve issues in a timely manner over multiple locations across Canada, US, and Europe. The environment was heavily regulated as it was a Bio Pharmaceutical company with government contracts(US and Canada). I was brought in under a contract and that was extended due to my highly successful work there. During this time it was basic network administration. Solving issues for clients, or working on servers. I was also tasked with rolling out Windows 7 to all workstations in the organization. Over 500 workstations had to be redeployed or replaced. I was successful in meeting my deadline here and won an award for the work done. If the contract could have been extended, they would have kept me on further. Unfortunately, they had no possibility to keep the headcount that high.


  • Management Development Certificate

    at Red River College

    2018 - 2018 (1 year)

  • CompTIA Server+

    at CompTIA

    2016 - 2016 (1 year) Manitoba

  • Network Engineering Professional

    at Robertson College

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Manitoba


  • English Native