I am currently in product development stage for a new product that I will launch in a year. I have a letter of intention from a major chain with 180= stores and will be looking for an investor and branding soon. Stay tuned.


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    Ketones are the byproduct of fat metabolism. When you deprive your body of it’s favorite source of energy – glucose – it starts burning your fat for fuel. That’s the premise of the ketogenic diet: burn fat, use the ketones that result as energy. Also, one of the benefits of the exogenous ketones is being able to avoid having to follow the strict ketogenic diet to see the health benefits of ketones. Unless you have a personal goal or set reason to want to follow the ketogenic diet, you'll do just fine with drinking ketones and following a LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet (and you'll have a lot more wiggle room for dietary intake in general). It's a bio hack. Forces you into a fat burning machine!! Nothing at all like this. Watch the video. You can test your urine and you in ketosis within 59 minutes http://shannonlehna.DrinkYourSample.com Prüvit’s KETO//OS® has started a modern health revolution with over 7 million servings delivered in its first 12 months.

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    John Weatherspoon Ph.D. Patent Attorney, Director of Intellectual Property “Shannon Rae Lehna is extremely motivated, smart, talented, ambitious and very entrepreneurial and business savvy! Shannon is very articulate, motivated and driven to succeed, and she is one of those rare individuals who truly has everything it takes, including all the ability, drive, passion and determination to truly be a game changer and make a real difference in this world!”

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    Canadian coach sales provides new and used buses for sale in Canada & the United States. We always have several quality used highway coaches for sale including leading brands from Prevost, MCI and Vanhool. Canadian coach sales offers a complete reconditioning process, so your buses are ready to use on a route the day you take delivery. www.canadiancoachsales.com shannonlehna@gmail.com

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