WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: As a marketing strategist, I'm able to seamlessly integrate my hard-won, battle-tested, industry knowledge and strategic plans I learned from my mentor Shaqir Hussyin to ensure my clients achieve their goals - EVERY TIME.


  • CEO/Founder

    at Evolve Journal LLC

    October 2013 - at Present

    British Columbia

    I am the CEO of Evolve Journal, a sales and marketing company based in St.Albert, Alberta that specializes in adult marketing and educational products for the entrepreneur, consulting, mentors, and businesses alike. Evolve Journal was founded in October 2013 in Vancouver,Canada. In taking 3 years to perfect, Evolve Journal is now aligned with 2 major adult marketing educational companies and is positioned to be an industry leader in the online marketing space. Evolve Journal will also be focusing on promoting worldwide events for Shaqir Hussyin, introducing high-value products to the marketplace, sales systems and funnels, traffic strategies, marketing in any industry, and the e-commerce industry. The marketplace, in my opinion, needs less information and more results, and that's exactly what Evolve Journal will deliver in terms of value, transparency, and helping hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.


  • Business management and marketing

    at Nait

    1992 - 1994 (2 years) Alberta

  • Diploma

    at St.Francis Xavier

    1989 - 1991 (2 years) Alberta

Services offered

  • Ecommerce Training

    I offer specialized training and coaching for the trillion dollar E-commerce industry. What would be the result of 25 days of hands-on, interactive, experiential training, in a controlled environment, with a six-figure e-commerce expert by your side as your personal mentor?

    That is exactly what Tecademics offers a select group of fortunate Student-Partners through the never-been-done-before TEC-INCUBATOR.

    The TEC-INCUBATOR is a full year immersion program focused on a done-with-you approach to helping our Student-Partners successfully build, grow, and scale their own ecommerce businesses. Tecademics is so confident that each Student-Partner will have success that it is offering a money-back guarantee.

    Hands-on assistance from our team of Ecom Advisors

    Each Ecom Advisor has achieved direct business results of at least $100,000 in gross sales with their own store

    - Ecom Advisor to Student-Partner ratio is very low
    - A total of 10 Incubator Weeks will be facilitated in 2017
    - Each Incubator week will be 5 days long, Monday through Friday
    - Student-Partners can attend up to 25 full days
    - 5 incubator weeks
    - 5 days each
    - Reservations required in advance

    Each Student-Partner will be assigned his or her own desk at Tecademics corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona

    Each desk at the Ecom Incubator will accommodate two individuals

    Student-Partner teams of 2 must be business Student-Partners or married couples

    Total in-person coaching is up to 50 days for Student-Partner teams

    Each Student-Partner will be given step-by- step assignments on action-based topics such as:
    Building an Ecommerce Store.

    - Adding Products to the Store
    - Designing the Store
    - Setting up Accounts to Receive Payments
    - Branding and Store Naming
    - Product Fulfillment Setup
    - Placing Facebook Ads
    - Managing Reports…and so much more.

    Student-Partners will be provided light beverages, light snacks, and a full lunch each day while attending the Ecom Incubator

    Student-Partners will enjoy extracurricular events at night where Student-Partners can get to know each other, creating powerful networking opportunities

    Student-Partners will be responsible for their own travel, lodging, and transportation
    Student-Partners will be required to sign a non-disclosure document since they will be working inside of our Tecademics corporate headquarters, as well as alongside other Student-Partners and Ecom Advisors who may be sharing highly confidential information.

    Here's a case study on how an E-commerce store can increase revenue for anyone.

  • Advanced Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

    Nothing Beats a TecWeek LIVE Educational Experience

    TecWeek offers scientifically-engineered, best-in-class, Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurial continuing education. Students from various countries, cultures, backgrounds, core competencies, and experience levels can tap into the exact knowledge they require to rapidly grow a profitable Internet Marketing business. All Tecademics courses are taught by true practitioners who know their profession and are eager to transfer a wealth of knowledge to willing students.

    If you desire Internet Marketing specific courses such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or social media marketing, you will find them all offered during TecWeek. Important entrepreneurial courses that Internet Marketing professionals desperately need and often neglect, such as negotiations, sales, tax foundations, legal foundations, business management, and even writing a business plan, are available as well.

    Spend a week, or two, or five and take as many classes as you would like! Our main goal is to make sure that each and every student learner at Tecademics walks away completely satisfied and filled with applicable knowledge that will help them grow their business.


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