• Programmer Analyst

    at Greenwich Associations

    January 2015 - December 2015


    • Wrote perl, php, Cobol, shell script and xml configuration files for marketing tools of DASH and Confirmit. • Enhancement, Maintenance and support of existing customer provisioning and billing applications using SQL and stored procedure. • Ensured that service level agreements (SLA) were met for deliverables. • Documented procedures to support and train users and new hires in the operations of implemented systems • Create Web and Excel monthly, weekly reporting by php/perl/shell scripts and PostgreSQL • Jira/Agile development methodologies • Cron job maintenance. • Teradata & data warehouse • Red Hat Linux and Putty environment

  • Programmer Analyst

    at Social Development Department of New Brunswick

    June 2009 - October 2014

    New Brunswick

    • Wrote Micro Focus Cobol, C, K-shell, bash, c-shell, perl, awk, sed, SQL server store procedures, and MS batch job programs for Housing System. • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, SCO Unix5.0.7, RedHat 5/6 and TIP online system, etc. • Language: COBOL, PL/SQL, Unix/Linux Scripts (k-shell, c-shell, bash, awk, sed), syncsort, VB6, VB.net, .Net Framework, Visual Studio, ADO.NET, Teradata, data warehouse etc. • Maintain and trouble-shooting many housing related programs, create cron jobs for nightly batch process. • On-call support for nightly jobs. • Support lean six-Sigma project. • Used PowerShell script to run the jobs. • Database: SQL server, Oracle 11g, MS access, etc. Files system: ISAM, SAM. • Involved in creating Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). • Recent project: system migration from SCO Unix to Linux Red Hat 5 and 6. • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for code management.

  • System Support Analyst

    at Moneris Solutions Inc.

    December 2008 - June 2009


    • Wrote Perl, Batch, VB and K-shell scripts and programs to implement file transfer for Credit Card/ATM/POS system by using Connect Direct. • Operating System: Windows, Red Hat Linux, MVS, OS400 • Language: Schedule tasks, cron jobs, SMTP email system, etc. • MTD Files Transfer System: Transfer day-end files from merchandise to RBC mainframe • Involved in migration upgrade/migration of mainframe COBOL application. • Credit CARDS File Transfer System: Transfer daily files between RBC and merchandise by using ISO 8583, XML and perl. • DR system Jan 09 Set up Disaster Recovery System environment, unit test, SIT and UAT.

  • Programmer Analyst

    at Express Script Inc. (ESI)

    July 2008 - October 2008


    • Rewrote pharmacy and dental claiming system from Micro Focus Cobol to PL/SQL • Database: Oracle 9 • Operating System: HP-UX (HP3000). • Language: Cobol, PL/SQL, shell scripts, cron jobs

  • Programmer/Analyst

    at Scotiabank International

    April 2008 - July 2008


    • Create reconciliation ABM reports including deposit, payment and transfer summary and detail reports by using C, UNIX, Informix, sql and ace reports. • Modify and insert new reconciliation logic into existing online ATM transaction system by using C at AIX platform. • Insert new attributes into existing Informix database table to calculate amount of new ATM transactions. • Create reconciliation ACE reports by using SQL. • Prepare test cases for unit test and user acceptance test. • Run ATM/Credit Card report by End of Day batch job by using C. • Create test report by using excel. • Operating System: HP-UX (HP3000).

  • Programmer Analyst

    at RR Donnelley - Moore Canada

    January 2007 - March 2008


    • As a contractor of Moore Canada, my job is coding, trouble shooting and debugging • Micro Focus Cobol, C and K-Shell scripts, syncsort, for printing programs including Loomis, Rogers Cycle 38, Ajilon and Adecco, Sunlife DRP and TD T5/R3/T3/R16 projects. • Connect: Direct File Transfer Station project using ASP. • Operating System: HP-UX (HP3000) • Ajilon and Adecco project (Jan/07-Feb/07) o Receive input data from customer, create print file and XML file of T4 tax and reports by using Micro Focus Cobol and Shell Scripts. • TD water House project (Feb/07-Mar/07) , (Oct 07-Feb 08) o Receive EBCIDIC file from customer, create T3/R16 and T5/R3 print file, XML file and reports by using Micro Focus Cobol, Shell Scripts. • Connect Direct for File Transfer Station project.(Apr/07) o Use Direct Connect to replace FTP by using ASP including file selection, dividing and transferring to

  • Programmer Analyst

    at Rogers Inc.

    January 2006 - December 2006


    • Rogers Invoice Validation Data Format System Project • Production Revenue Assurance System: Invoices creating, and processing using AMDOCS Bill Formatter, Oracle, Micro Focus Cobol, C, Toad, SQL, HPUX, shell, Awk, sed, sqlplus, php, html, dhtml, java script and C/C++.

  • Programmer Analyst

    at Front Line Technologies Inc.

    October 2005 - December 2005


    • E-Mail archive and search project: Create, update and search email files at Suse • Linux 9.3 and Oracle 10 using shell, Awk, sed, sqlplus, php, html, dhtml, java script and C/C++. • Modules: PHP-OCI, PHP-MimeDecode, imap, Sq l scripts, CSS etc.

  • Programmer Analyst

    at QC Technologies Inc.

    September 2004 - September 2005


    • Market Research Project: Scanned paper into excel files using VBA. • Automatic email sending by using ASP.Net. • SMTP client side program to send e_mail by Base64 encode-decode algorithm using C • Vi editor, FTP, Telnet on unix. • Internet Café Management System: PHP/MySQL/Apache, HTML, DHTML. • Workflow project-Multi language translation program: Translated displayed statement of web system among different languages according to an excel file using C#, excel, xml, asp, VB script, java script and asp.net. • Software Development Change Management Work Flow: ASP, VB scripts, Java Scripts, IIS and SQL Server. • OLAP report experience

  • System Administrator

    at Overseas Union Bank

    August 2000 - August 2001


    • Coded, debugged and trouble shot system modules such as applications for mobile buzz & funds transfer, • Account statement inquiries, change of mailing address and contact number. Developed front-end system using JSP and HTML. • Developed business modules and front end system using C++, JSP, Perl, TOAD and debug tools of SCCS • Created shell scripts of process scheduling using cron-job, c_shell and k_shell. • Controlled version of SIT, UAT and production using the tools of SCCS • OLAP report experience.

  • Programmer

    at Singapore Engineering Software PTE Ltd

    August 1998 - August 2000


    • Coded, debugged and troubleshoot a simulation system using C programming and shell scripts, IRIX (SGI unix system), TCP/IP and debug tools of CVS • Prepared test cases for QA, SIT and UAT • Wrote documents of system modules • Mentored programmers in the development of their skills • Demonstrated systems to customers

  • Programmer/Analyst/Project Manager

    at Unisys China Ltd

    August 1995 - August 1998

    Shanghai Shi

    • Transaction process: received message from front system, updated database (Oracle), sent message back to front system. Technology: C, Pro*C, Oracle, SQL and shell. • Cards Subsystem of PTSB project: Create card info, issue cards transactions, lost card transaction and cancel card transaction, etc. • All reports are in mainframe • All reports received (batch process): daily process, monthly process and annual process and “housekeeping” process could all be accessed through front system • Managed project of a payroll system in 17 cities across China that worth 15.4K US Dollars. • Environment: Unisys A series/U series, Oracle 7.0, AT&T UNIX, SCO Unix, C/C++ programming and SQL, shared memory, message queue and TCP/IP.

  • Software Engineer

    at Bank of China

    July 1990 - August 1995

    Shanghai Shi

    • Developed, coded, tested, maintained and troubleshoot saving system based on SCO Unix environment using C and Micro Focus Cobol. • Developed interest calculating system, printing and display sub-system. • Developed, coded, tested, maintained and troubleshot daily batch process of saving and card accounts using COBOL, DB2, IMS DB/ DC, CICS and IBM 370 Assembler language. • Created report of balance sheet, branch transaction records list. • System migration from 4381 to ES9000. Recompiled source code, backed up database from 4381 and restored to ES9000. • Environment: IBM 4381, ES9000, JCL, DL/I, MVS, VSE/SP, VSE/ESA, IBM 370 Assembly language.


  • Bachelor

    at Computer Science

    1986 - 1990 (4 years) Shanghai Shi


  • English Negotiation

  • Chinese Native

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