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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary $25.00 - $35.00 gross per hour


TCG is hiring an E-Commerce Search Analyst to work with our client in the music industry located in Hollywood. This person will be central to the ongoing structure of their taxonomies and search analytics, and will help QC and maintain their metadata, with the help of both specialized consultants and tagging resources. They will also lead the effort of ongoing analysis of the customer behavior around search in order to make continual improvements.

Improve Content Findability & Client Shopping Experience

- Develop and Maintain Attribute Sets

- Analyze Web Metrics & Customer Behavior Data

- Optimize navigation structures

- Help build out contextual search UIX based on customer behavior analysis

- Develop browse structures in the web UIX to organize:

- Content Category

- Target Markets

- Content taxonomies for product offerings

- Manage & iterate content attributes that power:

- Ranking models

- Structured content

- Faceted search

- Content comparisons

- Recommendation engines

- Build out categories & custom collections of content (via cultured playlists) that power features like:

- Recommendations

- Similar Items

- Promotional & Merchandising Themes

- Conduct iterative evaluations of taxonomy design based on customer feedback (usability testing, interviews, cognitive walk-through, heuristic reviews)


Make recommendations about ongoing taxonomy management & content strategies/features that rely on taxonomy

- Combine audio similarity with metadata similarity

- Collaborate with stakeholders (including content managers & ML/AI consultants) to ensure taxonomies are build to meet end-user needs

- Work with marketing on targeting the organization of our content and how it is presented based on known customer and industry attributes.

- Analyze new requests from customers, sales and marketing and provide rationale and solution documentation to solve taxonomy and metadata creation strategies

- Lead the effort to enhance and maintain documentation for ingesting, reviewing and managing content creation, taxonomies, and related content data

- Create standards and workflow requirements for content information and champion the adherence to these standards


Maximize the effectiveness of the technology infrastructure that supports item creation, taxonomy and additional content information and work to improve tools and processes

- Research PIM/TIM tools to determine the proper toolset to use at APM in the areas of Taxonomy, Metadata, Ontologies and Analytics

- Create labels and other interface language that are consistent with the customer's voice, content standards, and that can scale appropriately for internationalization needs

- Work with our search engine experts to ensure search formulas and algorithms align with the increasing contextualization and personalization of the search experience

- Work with engineering team to maximize the effectiveness of the infrastructure and tools that support the taxonomy, metadata, and analytics

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