Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Calgary



The duties may include, but are not limited to:

Communicates with and responds to requests for information from APHIS field veterinarians, staff officers, and scientists at other laboratories.

Responds to needs of the agency and livestock industry through awareness of current literature and new techniques, anticipating diagnostic needs, and training a self-directed team.

Provides support and oversee contracts with vendors for reagents, equipment and supplies; maintains and supplies various stock or special cultures of microorganisms for reagent production/evaluation.

Prepares antisera in various animal species to microorganisms and other antigenic materials.

Conducts testing to assure the quality (sensitivity, specificity, purity, and sterility) of standard and reference reagents.

Resolves problems regarding Mycobacteria, Brucella, and Hemoparasitic reagents.

Designs and performs independent developmental studies which provide new or improve existing reagents or diagnostic procedures.

  • scientists and researchers

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