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DepartmentGeneral Description of Class

Under general supervision, ensures necessary compliance with regulations and necessary licenses are in place; ensures safety protocol is adhered to in accordance with regulations and Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Ensures that all lifting devices licensed by the TSSA comply with the government regulations through proper maintenance and repair. Oversees, trains and supervises work of Lead Hand and Elevator Mechanic staff. Where necessary, trains Elevator Mechanic Apprentices assisting in the repair and maintenance work. Performs maintenance and repair work on all lifting devices including elevators, escalators, handicap lifts, dumbwaiters, dock hoists, book lifts, etc., to ensure optimal performance and safety of operation.

Typical Duties

The following illustrative tasks indicate the level of skill required and the extent of the responsibility involved in the job. They in no way limit the incumbent to the tasks indicated.

Flexibility of the employee to perform a wide variety of functions is necessary in successfully fulfilling the requirements of this position. The degree to which each employee performs each of the following tasks listed below will vary according to where and when the employee is scheduled to work.


a) Recommends for hire, trains and supervises lead hand, elevator mechanics and apprentices.

b) Inspects work through regular site visits, ensuring that quality and safety standards are met.

c) Oversees assignment of work and assigns work based on nature of the work, locations, and current workload for each. Frequently participates in work, especially if complex systems are involved.

d) Identifies and recommends training for elevator staff.

e) Investigates and troubleshoots major problems, providing technical assistance in determining best method of approach.

f) Responds to emergency service needs, sometimes past normal hours of work.

g) Determines work priorities based on existing staffing levels, taking into account planned vacations, special leaves of absence, and sick leave use.

h) Recommends appropriate technical and safety training; informs supervisor of any issues relating to performance concerns or work related issues, making recommendations as warranted.

i) Gathers information and facts in relation to elevator incidents; Investigates accidents and prepares reports recommending remedial action.

j) Meets regularly with staff to review workload, policies and procedures, safety and operational issues, and to elicit feedback.

k) Coordinates elevator maintenance and repairs with customers in buildings, to minimize impact. Keeps customers informed of progress and deals with their issues through personal contact.


a) Inspects, maintains and carries out repairs and replacement work on licensed and unlicensed lifting devices including but not limited to elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters in accordance with the regulations of the TSSA Elevating Devices Branch using sound maintenance practice.

b) Acts as main point of contact with the TSSA. Ensures that all installations have valid licenses. Ensures Inspection report deficiencies are promptly corrected within allotted time period.

c) Troubleshoots to determine causes for electrical/electronic/hydraulic malfunctions on lifting device control equipment of varying complexity.

d) Inspects new lifting device installations in new and renovated buildings prior to takeover by the University, prepares deficiency list for submittal to the University of Toronto Project Manager.

e) Makes recommendations on deferred maintenance issues, advising where improvements should be made and providing cost estimates.

f) Maintains secure location for programming tools for elevator control systems. Identification as per building and elevator installation.

g) Performs duties of Elevator Mechanic.


a) Maintains valid elevator licenses and ensures adherence to related government regulations such as posting of licenses, safety protocols in place.

b) Checks all daily timesheets for Lead Hand, Elevator Mechanics and Apprentices.

c) Purchases supplies, parts and equipment as required, standardizing where possible.

d) Reviews and recommends payment of invoices for suppliers, TSSA inspections and licenses, elevator contractors’ maintenance and service etc., ensuring compliance with purchasing guidelines.

e) Retains, records and files relevant information for each building.

f) Participates in budget preparation and monitors throughout the year.

CampusMinimum Requirements for Selection

Education: Minimum Grade 12 technical education in electrical and electronic fields. Ontario Elevating Device Mechanic license Class A or C. Working knowledge of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and WHMIS.

Experience: Minimum 5 years’ related working experience with all types of lifting equipment, including but not limited to elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters. Experience in AC and DC electrical drives and controls, solid state controls, electrical and hydraulic machinery operation, and reading electrical schematics and construction drawings. Must be thoroughly knowledgeable of the CSA Elevator Safety Code B44 for the operation, maintenance and repair of all lifting devices licensed by the TSSA. Demonstrated experience as a lead hand or similar supervisory experience.

Other: Must be able to read electrical schematic, and construction drawings; have good troubleshooting, logic and decision making skills on all types of elevator control systems; and have good working knowledge in the use of various test instruments; strong mechanical and electrical technical skills; ability to lead, direct and train others; strong administrative skills with attention to detail; ability to prioritize; good judgment and analytical skills; excellent organizational skills; ability to work with minimal supervision; excellent interpersonal and customer service skills; demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in English (oral and written); ability to communicate effectively using tools such as cell phone, pager, and radio. Computer skills required. Must be able to climb ladders, lift heavy equipment and physically able to perform required duties.

Department: Facilities & Services
Campus: St. George (downtown Toronto)
Schedule: Full-time
Job Field: Mechanic
Job Posting: Dec 2, 2019
Job Closing: Dec 11, 2019, 11:59:00 PM

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