Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary CHF100,000.00 - CHF125,000.00 gross per year
  • Kaiseraugst


The company is a pharma firm.

- Evaluate and propose innovative security tools and strategies to keep a cutting-edge cyber defense strategy
- Orchestrate application and infrastructure defense mechanisms to increase prevention, detectability and containment capabilities
- Incorporate defense and hardening mechanisms by design balancing performance and usability
- Deploy defense and hardening mechanisms responding to incidents and adapting to emerging threats
- Develop an effective vulnerability management strategy in collaboration with the Red Team to prioritize patching and mitigation controls

- Extensive experience working with different DevOps and Dev teams to enable cybersecurity features and patch vulnerabilities
- Extensive experience with SIEM tools
- Experience creating meaningful alerts to detect security incidents
- Experience with Red/Blue Team exercises
- Experience with container security (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS/EKS)
- Deep understanding of application security architecture and lifecycle
- Knowledge of OWASP standard
- Experience with threat modeling and risk management
- Extensive experience with code vulnerability management
- Deep understanding of networking and cloud security
- Extensive experience with AWS services, 2+ years
- Understanding of perimeter protection tools: AWS native components/tools, NIDS, Web Application and Network Firewalls
- Extensive experience with cloud provisioning tools CloudFormation and Terraform
- Deep knowledge of operating systems: required Linux, desirable Windows
- Deep knowledge of host protection: file integrity, next-generation antivirus, host intrusion detection, whitelisting
- Deep knowledge of host vulnerability management
- Knowledge of hardening and OS image generation automation
- Knowledge of host forensic
- Knowledge of configuration management tools: Ansible, Salt, Chef, Puppet
- Desirable developing languages: Shell scripting, Python
- Strong communication skills, both written and spoken
- 8+ years experience

  • scientists and researchers