As a professional in Systems Engineering with a Master in Software Development, I have gotten a broad experience in all the stages of software development process, as well as in the development team coordination. I have abilities in leadership, problems solving and commitment to work in team.


  • Technical Architect

    en Prodigious Brand Logistics

    Noviembre 2013 - Junio 2015

    Bogotá D.E.

    Razorfish - TE Connectivity: - Review of user stories and estimation. - Design and development of REST services on the base of Spring framework in integration with Endeca system for faceted search. - Development of servlets, services and JSPs on bundles of CMS Adobe AEM CQ5. - Bug fixing, support in the stabilization sprint for the first production release. - Scrum Methodology. Razorfish - Churchill Owners KIA US: - Review functional specifications and ensure that all technical requirements were covered, estimate user stories, and keep effective communication with the Onshore Team. - Follow up the development process for each sprint, hand-offs to QA, testing and bug fixing. - Technical design and software construction on the base of Spring framework, Rest services with JSON representation, and CMS TeamSite. - Guarantee the availability of the different environments and run builds when is required. - Scrum Methodology.

  • Java Architect, West Bank Project

    en Tata Consultancy Services

    Diciembre 2011 - Enero 2013

    Bogotá D.E.

    - Requirements gathering and analysis, software design and implementation on JEE platform, Application Server WebLogic, framework Oracle ADF. - Specification of requirements for the services developed under Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Message Broker. - Follow up and audit the outsourcing project Business Rules Management System, developed under JBoss Drools and Guvnor. - Design and development of Store Procedures and Database Packages with Oracle PL/SQL.

  • Senior Software Developer

    en Millenium Phone Center

    Abril 2011 - Diciembre 2011

    Bogotá D.E.

    - Requirements gathering and analysis, software design and implementation on JEE platform in technology for Call Center. - Instruction in the used technologies to the development team. - Application Server JBoss, web framework GWT, database Postgresql. - Development of IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) using Asterisk Dialplan language and Java. - Design and implementation of a Graphical IVR Editor on GWT to produce the corresponding Dialplan code and deploy it to the Asterisk server. - Use of ETL tool Talend to load Excel data into the Postgresql database with the required transformations for medical appointments scheduling.

  • Software Architect

    en Ingenian Software

    Febrero 2010 - Noviembre 2010

    Bogotá D.E.

    - Design of architecture baseline on JEE platform for the intelligence area in the institution. - Instruction in the used technologies to the development team. - Initial assembly of the application with the tool Apache Maven. - Design and implementation of web tier and general graphic interfaces with presentation framework JavaServer Faces, the components library Richfaces and Ajax4JSF. - Development of middle tier components as EJB3 Session Stateless, persistence tier with Hibernate, reports with JasperReports, workflow with jBPM (Java BusinessProcess Management), Oracle database.

  • JEE Senior Analyst and Developer

    en Telematic Services Portel S.A.

    Noviembre 2008 - Junio 2009


    - Design and implementation of the web tier using JavaServer Faces and the components library Richfaces, integration with the middle tier framework to support the port activities (the movement of ships, containers, and other cargo, etc.), security management, templates with Facelets, JSTL functions. - Design and implementation of generic data lists, paging and sorting.

  • JEE Developer Analyst

    en Sanitas International Organization, OSI

    Junio 2007 - Octubre 2008

    Bogotá D.E.

    - Requirements gathering and analysis, use cases definition, design in UML, data model design, functional tests. - Software development on JEE platform for internal projects in the company. - Client for the search and management of LDAP users on Spring-Ldap and JavaServer Faces framework. - Standalone client for massive load of documents. - Web services development with JAX-WS for connecting heterogeneous applications. - Software for sales management on JEE architecture using the application framework JBoss Seam, JPA and jBPM for workflows. - Graphic Interfaces with JavaServer Faces, Facelets and components library RichFaces.

  • J2EE Consultant

    en DIAN (National Tax and Customs Authority)

    Febrero 2005 - Mayo 2007

    Bogotá D.E.

    - Software development on the J2EE platform for the system modules, accounting, virtual presentation of national taxes, massive management, using EJBs, JPA, application server JBoss and Oracle Database. - Implementation of medium tier components in a SOA architecture, database design. Design and implementation of graphical web interfaces in the J2EE framework, JavaServer Faces.

  • Software Developer

    en Sismopetrol S.A.

    Septiembre 2003 - Octubre 2004

    Bogotá D.E.

    - Development of the architecture baseline for seismic services in the petroleum industry. - Software development on J2EE platform. - Analysis, design and implementation using the RUP (Rational Unified Process) method. - Software tools: Application container JBoss, web container Tomcat, web framework JavaServer Faces and for persistence PostreSQL database and Hibernate.


  • Academic English Course

    en Westminster International College

    2013 - 2013 (1 año) Selangor

  • Certificate Course in English Proficiency and IT Skills

    en CMC Ltd.

    2009 - 2010 (1 año) New Delhi - Delhi

  • Master in Systems Engineering and Computation

    en University of the Andes

    2005 - 2009 (3 años) Bogotá D.E.



    2007 - 2007 (1 año)



    2004 - 2004 (1 año)

  • Systems Engineer

    en Francisco José de Caldas District University

    1998 - 2004 (6 años) Bogotá D.E.


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