Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • München, Landeshauptstadt


We are seeking a dedicated Benefits Coordinator to join the human resources division of our company. You will be responsible for overseeing and administrating various employee benefits, including retirement savings, disability cover, life and health insurance, and parental leave.

To be successful as a Benefits Coordinator, you should be very knowledgeable about employee benefits and the various laws and regulations which apply to them. Top candidates will also have great communication skills in order to educate employees about their benefits.

Benefits Coordinator Responsibilities:

Assisting employees with enrollment in benefits programs, such as health insurance and retirement savings.

Conducting presentations and meetings to explain benefits to employees.

Liaising with insurance and savings providers on behalf of employees and the company.

Answering questions or concerns from employees about their benefits.

Keeping employee benefits records up to date.

Accounting the total cost to company of various benefits options.

Assisting with payroll.

Ensuring that the company's benefits policy complies with laws and regulations.

Informing employees of any changes to their benefits.

Benefits Coordinator Requirements:

Degree in human resources or related field.

Prior work in human resources, with benefits experience.

Professional certification (such as CEBS, CMS, or GBA) is favorable.

Familiarity with payroll and benefits software.

Excellent communication skills.

Strong organizational skills.

  • accounting
  • human resources
  • payroll
  • software

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