Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Düsseldorf


Job Description

- Radio planning check including BNetzA, Capacity etc.;
- Site survey and site solution design;
- Radio access network solution design
- Planning check incl. Redline drawings / draft planning (EP) / final planning (AP)
- RAN equipment planning and order proposal.
- Service item clarification and order proposal to Telefonica
- Service item clarification and Purchase order to subcontractor. Radio Planner Responsibility

- Partner 56 check, according to 56 checklist and guideline
- Output Service op according to site design, set Plan 59k
- Output Equipment OP according to site design, set Plan 59
- Update ISDP for 56_check…
- Planning PO complete rule understanding
- 2MS/3MS definition understanding. Input

- Partner design, AP/EP/RL/,Ist56
- Netsite planning data Output

- 56 checklist confirmation, rejection
- Update ISDP 56_Check status
- Service OP, Plan 59
- Equipment OP include 1 Euro item list, Plan 59k

  • access