📌Helping Entrepreneurs, Leaders and C-Suite executives with Emotional Intelligence and Gestalt techniques 👉 Train your brain to conquer your fears and achieve your goals with a practical and realistic approach


  • Business Owner

    en Branding and Digital Marketing. Emotional Intelligence applied to business. Consulting and Coaching.

    Diciembre 2016 - Actualidad


    I can work with you 1-to-1 to help you with 👍 Managing your Emotions 👍 Empathetic Communication 👍 Achievement Orientation 👍 Adaptability 👍 Conflict Management As of 2019, I have decided to focus more and more on the psychological aspects that directly affect any business outcome. From personal obstacles to external challenges, learning how to ride the roller coaster of any business is a concern for many. Knowing how to manage our emotions and use them effectively to help us work towards our goals is mandatory, but it is not always easy. So here I am, willing to help: as a psychologist who has spent the last 20 years working in the marketing and communications field, I know the challenges, anxieties and fears we face on a daily basis in the business world, and I also know that having the right tools to manage them is the real key to success.

  • Communications and Marketing Manager

    en HUMA3

    Mayo 2006 - Julio 2016


    Branding of HUMA3, international digital magazine dedicated to bring art news to a wide audience, in three languages. Relations with key members of the press as well as stakeholders in the field (including museums, galleries, art critics and writers at international level). Media planning, advertisement, on and off line strategies. Supervision of contents and publications: on /off line, website, social media, Kindle editions.

  • Consultant. Communications. Member of the International Council

    en Art21

    Septiembre 2011 - Diciembre 2014

    New York

    Consultant for a better development of the organization presence in different regions, with particular focus on Italy and Spain. Art 21 International Council was formed by a selected group of individuals invested in bringing increased access to contemporary art. Press releases, events organizations, screening and general communication task. .


  • Cultural Operator and Communication

    en Dante Alighieri Institute

    1999 - 2003 (3 años) Buenos Aires

  • Gestalt Master

    en Center of Gestalt Studies

    1996 - 1998 (2 años) Buenos Aires

  • Licenciado en Psicología

    en Universidad de Belgrano

    1987 - 1992 (4 años) Buenos Aires

Servicios ofrecidos

  • Strategy Session (includes assessment) : Emotional Intelligence for Personal & Career success

    Understanding your own emotions and learning how to train your brain to be able to manage your emotions in the best way possible,
    is something that can help us all on a daily basis, as they touch all the spheres of our lives.

    What is this session about?

    👉 Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

    👉 Understanding the dynamics of your work/life scenario

    👉 Identifying required changes

    👉Creating a step-by-step plan of action

    Number of sessions: 1 – Duration: 90 minutes – Where? Over Skype or Zoom

    Languages: in English, Spanish or Italian

    How can this help: by the time we have finished working together, you will have a clear picture of yourself and the changes that you can manage and control. Knowing yourself is the key to success.

    The session includes:

    📍 Initial assessment (personality test)

    📍 Role Play exercises

    📍 Action Plan

  • Emotional Self-Control Learn to respond, not react

    You will learn how to

    📍 Recognise your emotions: awareness and acceptance

    📍 Manage your emotions: responding instead of reacting

    📍 Deal with your emotions: remain calm and think clearly

    Number of sessions: 5 Duration: 50 minutes / session – Where? Over Skype or Zoom

    Your achievement: by the time we have finished working together, you will know how to tackle any problematic situation without losing focus or clarity,
    keeping stress and anxiety at bay and feeling balanced instead of overwhelmed.

    What it is included:

    📍 General assessment

    📍 Exercises and Role Play during the session

    📍 Email post-session with recap and guidelines

  • Getting and keeping your clients: Developing your Communication Skills

    You will learn how to

    👉Actively listen and focus in order to understand the needs of your clients/customers/co-workers

    👉 Understand non-verbal communication: gestures, pauses, body language

    👉Deliver your message: avoid misunderstandings and learn how to say NO in a kind but clear way

    Number of sessions: 5 – Duration: 50 minutes / session – Where? Over Skype or Zoom

    Your achievement: by the time we have finished working together, you will know how to express yourself in an open and honest way whilst respecting others; you will learn how to understand the unspoken needs of your clients, customers or co-workers and also, how to set limits and say no when it is appropriate.

    Each session includes:

    📍 Initial assessment

    📍Practical, oral and written exercises

    📍 Role Play

    📍 Email post-session with recap and guidelines


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