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  1. Saloni Sardana

    Saloni Sardana

    We specialize in creating Applications and Channels for #AmazonFireTV

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    #AmazonLiveStreaming, #AmazonOnlineStreamingServices, #AmazonFireTVStreamingPlayer, #AmazonFireTVAppDevelopers
    Saloni Sardana
    Amazon Fire TV App Development
    www.oodlestechnologies.com We develop Applications that provide online streaming over amazon fire tv streaming...
  2. Ben Fellows

    Ben Fellows

    Ben Fellows
    Automating Governance on AWS | AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog
  3. ProducerBen Fellows

    Ben Fellows

    What does it take to architect on AWS?
    What does it take to architect on AWS?A lot to be fair, but the first steps are hiring an expert and not assuming you know how to design on AWS properly even if you are an expert in Infrastructure or Applications. Several organisations have tried AWS D.I.Y. before coming to see an AWS...


    Thomas Smart
    30/06/2016 #1 Thomas Smart
    Excellent points. AWS' marketing machine does have a tendancy to oversimplify their services a bit in their promotions. I always recommend clients to have a look and get a basic understanding but really leave the architecture design to professionals. And if you need an independent (not dev agency attached) and certified solution architect, please get in touch!