Lisa Lee
28/6/2016 · 2 min read · ~100 · 3
To anti-fraud and 6 more
Dr. Allen Brown
26/6/2016 · 2 min read · +200
To Social Media and 6 more
Social Media Victims

Social Media Victims

A few days ago I wrote a story about internet fraud and what to look out for. Even though I am happy to part of the beBee hive, it does not mean that we drop our guards. I woke up this morning and found in my message box something that I must share...

Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

Margaret, I started a hive beBee'd Words and before I finalized my setup, I wanted to change the name to beBee'd Slang. I could not determine how to get rid of beBee'd Words so I left it alone with the intent to learn how to delete it. Well now I see Diego Quintana Pons is the Administrator. I was confused but now this makes sense. I have not yet encountered Mariana Silva. cc Javier 🐝 beBee.

Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD

Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD

Awesome Beekeeping! Perhaps, if it troubles you not, Diego Quintana Pons can get off my Invisible Illnesses: Mental Health page. I never put him on as Co-Admin, and we are discussing SUICIDE for mental health. . He is fake (with 1,069 "duped" followers). His profile practically says "I worked at "Engineering Company" as an "engineer"/ "I worked at "Computer Inc" as "Computer person." His 1 Recommendation is fake. She volunteers once in a while, making it look as if she's had job positions over time. Fake account, too: (with 658 "duped" Followers). We can't let them weave a web into, around, and amongst us. Thank you so much for anything you can do. Thank you Thank you! 💪🏽



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