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  1. ProducerBernard Poulin

    Bernard Poulin

    Better artwork = Art = A Happy Painter?
    Better artwork = Art = A Happy Painter?Picasso, I am sure, was filled with love and happiness when he sketched and painted his children. Those depictions communicate both these emotions and his talent for intense yet subtle lines, shapes and form. Yet, his hand did not rely solely on...


    Bernard Poulin
    27/01/2017 #2 Bernard Poulin
    #1 Merci Pascal. Just something I believe in strongly. The arts have always been a danger to the status quo, the politically correct and to governance. It is a world of watchdogs which tends to say what it sees and shares it with those who, at times, don't .
    Pascal Derrien
    27/01/2017 #1 Pascal Derrien
    Best piece I have read about this in a long......time :-)
  2. Neville Turel

    Neville Turel

    urban diversity
    Streets by VICE: Los Angeles (Sunset Boulevard)
    Streets by VICE: Los Angeles (Sunset Boulevard) Sunset Boulevard has become shorthand for what Los Angeles represents in the collective imagination. Most people do not see Los Angeles themselves, and...