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  1. ProducerAndre Vondran

    Andre Vondran

    Project Management at a glance
    Project Management at a glancePerhaps most important amongst all skills as a project manager is the ability to lead and demonstrate leadership, particularly authentic leadership. A good project manager manages a project; a great project manager leads a project. Failing to...


    Andre Vondran
    09/06/2016 #4 Andre Vondran
    #1 #3 Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to read my Post. Best Regards, André
    Trudy Dyer
    08/06/2016 #2 Trudy Dyer
    Such an insightful and captivating post @Andre-Vondran especially the distinction in authority vs leadership skills. Quite a thought provoking statement is your opening paragraph. Thank you for sharing.
    Lisa Lee
    08/06/2016 #1 Lisa Lee
    Really fascinating post Andre @Andre Vondran. So often can the status of 'manager' or 'supervisor' blur the importance of good people skills. I especially like your comments on the fluidity of a project. Thanks for sharing these inspiring words.
  2. ProducerAndre Vondran

    Andre Vondran

    Consider the impact of the project, not the size of the project.
    Consider the impact of the project, not the size of the project.A software architect might do ad hoc developing, or write up a limited test plan based on the risk analysis when project is not big enough to justify extensive coding.Consider the impact of the project errors, not the size of the project.Software...
  3. ProducerJim Taggart

    Jim Taggart

    Are You a Smarty Pants?
    Are You a Smarty Pants?Fill in the blank in the following quotation to see if you correctly identify the decade in question: Any company that aspires to succeed in the tougher business environment of the ______ must first resolve a basic dilemma: success in the...


    Brian McKenzie
    23/05/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    Enjoying the last 8 years of 'Defensive reasoning, therefore, helps us as individuals to keep our assumptions and beliefs private from others as we go about our daily activities.' ie - Blame Bush. (not that the guy is a saint - by any means or measure -but it is beyond time to Own your OWN Fail) ps - the housing mortgage crisis built upon unfunded fraction derivatives in toxic asset bundling never ended - they simply changed the name from 'Sub Prime' to 'Non-Prime" and have continued the exact same game.
  4. ProducerDonald Retreage

    Donald Retreage

    12 Tips for Successful Team Building
    12 Tips for Successful Team BuildingIn every workplace, people talk about building teams, working successfully as teams and “my” team. Few people actually realize how to go about building an effective team. It is a challenge to build a cohesive team.Essentially, team building begins...


    Donald Retreage
    02/06/2016 #3 Donald Retreage
    #1 Hey there mark,
    Thank you for the Like on my post "12 Tips for Successful Team Building". Sometimes I am able to find appropriate relevant content to match a particular alphabet. Does not work all the time..
    Was there any part of each article that you liked in particular?

    Glad to have you here, and hope to make it worth your time.

    Mark Blevins
    01/06/2016 #1 Mark Blevins
    I like the article. All your points start with the letter C. Do you go in alphabetical order?