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Banana Pro - beBee

Banana Pro

~ 100 buzzes
Banana Pro™ is an updated version of Banana Pi™ designed by the LeMaker Team. Try Banana Pro™ today and take advantage of the many enhanced features.

Banana Pro™ is compatible with many Linux-based operating system and has many distributions specially developed for Banana Pi™ Hardware. Some of these distributions include Lubuntu, Android, Debian, Bananian, Berryboot, OpenSuse, Scratch, Fedora, Gentoo, Open MediaVault, OpenWRT. Banana Pro™ also supports the BSD system.

Banana Pro™ has a wide selection of home applications including: Building a low-cost computer, Servers (for Multimedia, Minecraft or other home servers), Video Game Emulators, Home Security Cameras and more.

Banana Pro™ is an excellent educational learning tool that can be used for many projects including: building Multimedia projects,Robots, Arduino applications or Computer Programming with many popular programming languages available including Scratch (a drag and drop programming language for people beginning to learn how to code).

Banana Pro TM and Banana PiTM are trademarks of LeMaker