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  1. ProducerPascal Derrien

    Pascal Derrien

    The Perfect Storm
    The Perfect StormSomebody told me the other day that I was becoming very Irish by the day, while my accent is still all over the shop I have become very fluent in enjoying the daily weather conversation and sharing the weekly obsession about the state of the...


    Pascal Derrien
    26/05/2016 #11 Pascal Derrien
    #10 Thank You @Lisa Gallagher :-)
    Lisa Gallagher
    25/05/2016 #10 Lisa Gallagher
    Excellent message @Pascal Derrien!
    Pascal Derrien
    24/05/2016 #9 Pascal Derrien
    #8 thank you @Franci Eugenia Hoffman I feel less lonely foir the time being :-)
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    24/05/2016 #8 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    You're so right, the clock is ticking and for all of us. IMO, there are not enough of us that care to do something about it.
    Pascal Derrien
    24/05/2016 #7 Pascal Derrien
    #6 Yes insularity remains though !! Funny I was told something similar recdently :-)
    Dean Owen
    24/05/2016 #6 Dean Owen
    Ireland is no longer an Island. The nation needs to get with the times! You should run for office!
    Pascal Derrien
    24/05/2016 #5 Pascal Derrien
    #4 yes agree it depends on the severity of the storm :-)
    Ken Boddie
    24/05/2016 #4 Ken Boddie
    The best sunsets come after a storm!
    Cat Gal U.
    24/05/2016 #3 Cat Gal U.
    #2 I would have to listen to those youtube videos that some vloggers or buzzfeed do to notice the difference it sounds interesting and fun!
    Pascal Derrien
    24/05/2016 #2 Pascal Derrien
    #1 there are actually a few accents in the country at least one per county (and more) , they sing, they roll the R like spanish and in the end add a nice melody to the English language, personally I love the Northern Irish accent :-)
    Cat Gal U.
    24/05/2016 #1 Cat Gal U.
    hehe I love Irish accent! It's like woody or I don't know how to describe it properly but I could just listen someone with a smile for hours!
  2. Alberto Alonso Regalado
    Querría enviar este mensaje de repulsa y condena por los atentados de esta mañana en Bruselas y nuestras condolencia a las familias de las víctimas.

    Ninguno estamos a salvo de estos terroristas salvajes que lo que quieren es destrozar nuestra forma de vida y nuestra libertad.

    Hoy parte de nosotros está en Bruselas con las víctimas, en un día que siempre recordaremos. DEP
    Alberto Alonso Regalado