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  1. ProducerbeBee in English
    The origin of Thanksgiving Day
    The origin of Thanksgiving DayPicture: "The First Thanksgiving 1621", canvas painted by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris in 1899. Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important celebrations in the U.S., sometimes even more than Christmas. It is a moment in which families gather together...
  2. ProducerJim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Internal Customers are Just as Important as External Customers
    Internal Customers are Just as Important as External Customers Internal Customer refers to the interactions between all the employees who support the company and those who work on the front line with โ€œThe Customerโ€.Companies know who their external customers are, every employee is taught to embrace this...


    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    21/11/2017 #6 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #5 Yes they are @Franci ๐Ÿ Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador if only companies management would realize it.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    21/11/2017 #5 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Spot on @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador. Employees can be a company's most important asset.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    21/11/2017 #2 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Many thanks @Harley King. However many companies need a Paradigm shift for culture to change.
    Harley King
    20/11/2017 #1 Harley King
    @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador. In some respects, internal customers are just as important as external customers. People need to work together as a team. If employees are not courteous and friendly with each other, it will ultimately have a negative impact on the external customers. If management does not treat the employees well, they will not treat the external customers with courtesy and respect. If managers want a great customers service culture, they need to treat the employees in the manner they want the employees to treat the customer. Excellent article.
  3. ProducerJim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation
    What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation What to Do in an Active Shooter SituationBrett and Kate McKayItโ€™s a sad fact of life in the 21st century that active shootings have become a regular occurrence in the United States. In other parts of the world, terrorist groups are using active...


    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    22/11/2017 #4 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Thank you for sharing this, Jim. It's important to keep a level head, if possible.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    21/11/2017 #3 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #2 Yes sad however we must be prepared for the worst which happens too often. Many thanks @Harvey Lloyd
    Harvey Lloyd
    21/11/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    Twenty year sago a post like this would have been seen as someone who lost the fruit loops bowl. Today its sage advice. Sadly we do live in the world described. Entertainment venues where large crowds are drawn seem to be the magnet for such events. Choke points and venues that leave folks vulnerable.

    Yellow, relaxed, alert begins in picking venues. A venue i might attend alone is different than with my wife and quite different when i attend with grandchildren.

    The key point made is that active shootings start and finish prior to police arrival. Time is part of your strategy. I need only to survive for the time it takes for professionals to appear. In your scenario you must consider time as part of yes and no to the venue.

    It is sad when freedom is driven from our life by a fellow citizen. I don't believe the founding fathers saw this one coming. Except in providing the second amendment.
    Jerry Fletcher
    21/11/2017 #1 Jerry Fletcher
    Thanks Jim. Great instructions from the training manual all of us need but did not get issued.
  4. ProducerRay Stasieczko

    Ray Stasieczko

    Thanksgiving Dinner
    Thanksgiving DinnerThe table dressed in the linen tablecloth handed down from grandmaโ€™s grandma. The centerpiece came from grandmaโ€™s attic. The millennialsโ€™ dinner contributions come in deli containers. The baby boomers deliver theirs in Tupperware. The...
  5. ProducerJim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    My Thoughts On Trump
    My Thoughts On Trump Iโ€™ve never been one to keep my mouth shut so this buzz is no exception, but my writing hopefully is thought provoking and slides to the edge of controversy and this buzz will make my case. This is okay, I can live with this as I always have.I voted...


    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    21/11/2017 #43 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Hillary the genius.
    Hillary spoke about how difficult the process was to obtain peace in Northern Ireland during Billโ€™s first term and she bragged about Billโ€™s ability to stay off Twitter and get the work done.
    โ€œThere was nothing fast and easy about it,โ€ Hillary said. โ€œHe didnโ€™t Tweet about it, he got to work about it and he actually got it done.โ€
    Bill Clinton served as president of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Twitter was not created until 2006. Many in the first wave of Twitter users didn't sign onto the platform until early 2007, nearly a decade after Clinton left office.
    Pascal Derrien
    20/11/2017 #41 Pascal Derrien
    I rarely comment on US politics but from the outside I sense that a lot of credibility and respect has been lost as a country and it will take quite some time to rebuild that.. At best US politics has always been a circus but it 's pathetic how low it has gone the last two years, nothing of value has been done really which is worth mentioning, populism is always great (and easy) at narrative when in opposition but is always barely able to walk when it comes to execution. A sad state of affair...... I understand why you are disappointed but the writing was on the wall fair play for speaking up though :-)
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    20/11/2017 #40 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #37 Pt 2- My dad did not care and off they went. I'm going to place a bet that if my dad was alive today, he would take in refugees and fight for Mexican's who have lived here for years, contributed to our Society, pay their taxes and have families here. That's the type of person he was and I guess his traits passed down to me and my siblings. We grew up poor but with a LOT of love and my parents took in kids when a crisis was going on in their families as one example. My father, the immigrant and Vet was a true humanitarian. I miss him and I wish he was around to lend his voice because he was a very wise man.

    Another question: What has Trump done for this country other than sign executive orders? Here is a great article to read about the Tax Bill the House/Senate are proposing with a high five from Trump. If they approve this, many of us are screwed and that's an understatement. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/11/how-the-trump-tax-cuts-would-reshape-our-economy.html "5) More Americans dying or going bankrupt for want of affordable health care.
    "In May, House Republicans believed that the medical-expense deduction was an effective and vital means of protecting Americaโ€™s most vulnerable people. Paul Ryan was so passionate about this deduction โ€” which allows severely ill, disabled, and elderly Americans to subtract much of their health-care costs from their taxable income โ€” he called for dramatically expanding its scope in the American Health Care Act.
    Now, heโ€™s trying to end it, entirely." One of 10 points the article focuses on.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    20/11/2017 #39 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #37 Pt 1-Hi Terry, I'm just curious why you feel the MSM is to blame for Trump's tweets? We are all responsible for our own behavior. I'm also curious if you and others who support Trump (and I am not judging), I'm just trying to understand this... I'm curious if you watch all the Media outlets to see first hand what is being said and if you find something odd, do you fact check it? I sure do. :) I'm not inferring you don't, again just a question. Trump has made so many claims about "Fake News," especially pertaining to CNN and I fear people are taking him at his word instead of fact checking what they do report? I watch and read multiple sources just so I can get a grip on what is really going on. My dad was an immigrant and Vet as well and I bet he's rolling over in his grave because he believed everyone deserved a chance. My parents were the first in our smaller town to invite a black couple to go on a trip with them to Columbus Ohio back in the 60's. They had people telling them that they shouldn't be seen with a black couple and worse.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    20/11/2017 #38 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Many thanks to everyone who made comments. With my eyes open I can see both sides of the spectrum yet it doesnโ€™t change my mind.
    I always like to have both sides pipe in which gives a chance for all to view.
    terry ruvo
    20/11/2017 #37 terry ruvo
    hi all, first I'd like to thank Jim Cody for his write up - A great one indeed, and thank you for being honest. Anyway, I did vote for Trump and honestly, I did not want another Clinton in the White House, I lived through that whole Monica Lewinsky scandal and Hillary is just evil in all her ways. Just as she said when those boys were killed in Benghazi " What does it matter, anyway." My dad was a veteran, and and her words hit home to me. Hillary is just cold- hearted and ONLY CARES about herself. Every life matters in this country, people that are fighting for this country should never be disrespected. We Can't have a person like Hillary running this country and allowing illegals to prey on my money and law-abiding citizens, and forget the hard working individuals that made this country what it is. Do I think Trump is "prefect" no way! Do you think that I like the way he spews on twitter, no way! But let's face it - the MSM is all to blame for it. As an American looking in, and the daughter of an Immigrant and vet, My father would be laughing in his grave and saying: "Well, it's all show business" It is NOT the News that gives us factual information anymore, it all about who can get viewers, and hits on their Instagram! It is sickening, we are all being played by the Media.... They never talk about anything Good that Trump did so far, and let's face it....does he have congress or the senate on his side...NO...who's fault is that???? No one anywhere whats to "DO THE WRITE THING" for this country....at least Trump is trying....or that is what it looks like. I guess we will see what other clowns are up for election in 2020 as scary thought. Enough said.... thank you for letting me rant....lol
    Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    19/11/2017 #36 Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    And yet the Trump does seem to act like nothing will stick to him, and the Congressional leaders continue to throw their support at him, so much so that last night I had a chill run over me as a thought went through my gray matter; What could Trump do to stop the election next year and in 2020 other than some kind of sick attempt to takeover of the country. A far fetched idea but then I found a CRS document "Executive Branch Power to Postpone Elections". What was scary was it was requested by Congress just prior to the 2004 election as Congress sensed and eventually did lose control.
    Before anyone freaks out like I almost did, read the document at https://fas.org/sgp/crs/RL32471.pdf.
    No he doesn't have the power now, but Congress has the power to give it to him or they have the power themselves. Let's face it, they are getting away with a lot because of a weak leader.
    Consider it; despite the polls, despite the protests, despite the investigation, despite it all, he continues to act in a way that seems to be the antithesis to a party facing major challenges for their seats next year. It is this confidence that bothers me the most, just as his confidence that "he knew how to win" bothered me during the election. So my fellow Americans; watch for actions that could motivate our leaders to use their power to postpone the election. A nuclear attack on Korea and imminent danger of retaliation, another 'unexpected' terrorist attack. Because this man is so unstable I don't put anything past him. He won't take losing any power easily and he's proven he cares nothing about our country or it's people.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    19/11/2017 #35 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #32 @Harley King, When I wrote I was no fan of Hillary's, I guess it was a personal thing. I never cared for her much. But, I voted for her because I believed she would make a MUCH better President than Trump. I hate even putting Trump into the "Presidential" Category. I didn't care for her personality but I was able to over look that and vote for her based on her record. I don't disagree with anything you say and I completely agree that we should elect people with International experience along with having a Political record that backs up their resume. Thanks for the book suggestions. I had high regard for Condaleezza Rice.
    Antoinette Capasso-Backdahl
    19/11/2017 #34 Antoinette Capasso-Backdahl
    At the risk of being Captain Obvious here... there was circulating the rumor that electors will be sued if they do not do the will of the constituents in their states. That being said, the constituents cannot prove their vote was counted and the electors cannot prove those elected have a mandate.

    Which would mean it's all theater? So why complain at all?
    Brook Massey
    19/11/2017 #33 Brook Massey
    A woman from our church had a wonderful bumper sticker that, to me, summed up the election (you need to be a Harry Potter fan to get this): "Voldemort for President 2016 - the lesser of 3 evils." To me Hillary is/was a criminal and Donald is/was a butthole. I voted for Gary Johnson, who kind've looks like Voldemort.
    Harley King
    19/11/2017 #32 Harley King
    @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher, I agree with much of what you say. I, though, was a fan of Hillary in the 2016 election. She brought more political experience to the table than almost any male candidate in the last 50 years. Only Lyndon Johnson had more political experience. She saw the workings of the presidency up close and personal as the First Lady. No one has ever come into the White House with that background. She had experience as a senator and was able to work with both Republicans and Democrats. She spent four years as Secretary of State which gave her international experience that few Presidential candidates have. I believe Hillary was more qualified to be president then Obama, George.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter were when they took office. In today's world, I believe that we should only elect candidates who have experience in the international arena. I would have loved it if the 2016 race had been between Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. Both women were better qualified than any other candidates that appeared on the debate stage. I strongly recommend two books: No Higher Honor by Condoleezza Rice and Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton. I read both books in 2015 and they changed my views on what it takes to be President of the United States.
    Harley King
    19/11/2017 #31 Harley King
    @Jim Murray, I agree that people forget what Obama faced when he came into office. The economy had collapsed and only with the joint effort of Bush, Obama and congress were we able to recover as fast as we did. The mistake the Democrats made is the same one the Republicans are making now. They failed to make health care a joint effort instead of a one party effort. Was the country better off after 8 years of Obama than after 8 years of Bush. I think history will give us a resounding YES. Did Obama make mistakes? Of course, we all do. Only the person who has never made a mistake has the right to throw stones.
    Jim Murray
    19/11/2017 #30 Jim Murray
    #19 Is this the administration that had to spend 75% of its term dealing with an obstructionist congress and senate, but still managed to pull the economy out of the fire?
    I often wonder what your country would be life it Trump had been elected in 2008.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    19/11/2017 #29 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Pt 2- Trump has stoked so many fires both here and abroad, I seriously worry for not just our country but the world. I was no fan of Hillary's but I can say with a good conscience that we would not be worrying about WW lll and I believe she would have worked across the aisle because she's not the liberal people have made her out to be. She's been a moderate for years. If Trump is not removed from Office, I pray we have a few good candidates by 2018 who are serious about the welfare of our Country and all it's citizens. I pray we have a candidate who has a much broader world view and one who can appeal to both sides of Congress. Personally, I love Trudeau and I'd love to see someone like him. I hope this debacle has been a wake up call for everyone... even those who did not vote for Trump. We deserve so much better. We all have much more in common than differences and I believe most people are good- so I don't judge a person based on who they voted for. I am stumped by people who are still defending Trump 110%, it really blows my mind. Thanks for this Jim!
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    19/11/2017 #28 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Pt 1-I appreciate your honest candor @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador. I consider myself an Independent because I vote based on the person's record not party affiliation. I have to admit, I vote for more Democrats now, than in the past because the Republican's have extremely disappointed me with their agenda. And many things did not happen during Obama's administration because the Republican's obstructed just about everything. I miss the days when our Senate & House of Rep's tried much harder to put together bills on a bipartisan level. The Democrats are now the party of 'no votes,' but I believe for good reasons. The tax bill is going to screw anyone making 20K-75K per year as one example of many.

    As for Trump, I have followed his antics for years and that's why I could never vote for him. I knew he would not change if he won the Presidency and I knew it would go to his head. He is a reactionary with those who don't agree with him, his US businesses failed and he began building hotels over seas. He has no respect for women, his comments about women are vile. He's a loose canon and that was apparent long before he ran. I understand why people voted for him, many thought he was just putting on an act while Campaigning and he would 'become Presidential' after in office. I never felt he would become Presidential and/or change. He's opened up a hornets nest with his rabid, juvenile tweets. He calls the news fake if they don't agree with him, that's dangerous too. His vocabulary is limited, very limited and that also shows the intellect he lacks. My feelings are this: I would not have a manicurist perform foot surgery on me (obviously lol) anymore than a person who is business person without any political experience should be working in Government.
    Nick Mlatchkov
    19/11/2017 #27 Anonymous
    #26 That's great! Just like the phrase on Keith & the cockroaches!!
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    19/11/2017 #26 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #25 Yes we will survive. If we can survive though Obama we will survive anything.
    Harley King
    19/11/2017 #25 Harley King
    @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador, I have read through every comment so far and I find this one of the most civil discussions of this topic that I have found. I never liked Trump when he was on the Apprentice and still don't. His leadership style is the antithesis of what I have spent decades practicing and teaching. He should never have been elected. As an independent, I believe both parties have made major mistakes through the years, but I also believe we will survive the current stupidity that inhabits Washington D. C. and many parts of this country. While some think that the world is going to hell, I do not. History will show that this is a small blip on the scale of time. We have survived most of our mistakes in the past and will do so again.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    18/11/2017 #24 Lisa Vanderburg
    Bravo for sticking to your beliefs and intelligently stating why @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador. IMHO (which doesn't count for much in the political arena), I think 'socialism' is the least of your worries! #13 mentions racism growing; in truth, America has always been a tad more racist than it's other 1st-world comrades.#12 @Jim Murray says 'I can totally see the desire to shake up the status quo....but I can't for the life of me see how people came to the conclusion that this was the best way to do that'
    I didn't vote this time - crap candidates all 'round - that seems to be a constant refrain. But anyone who could turn to a bunch of 4-star generals & say how much he loves them on his 2nd day? It's a soap-opera :)
    Igor Meirelles
    18/11/2017 #23 Igor Meirelles
    #GOTRUMP! #TRUMPHERO #ILOVETRUMP You dont like Donald Trump? Okay...let's change Trump 4 Lula?! And please...if you don't like D.Trump...don't cry...cz u don't know who is Luiz Inรกcio Lula da Silva! FKOFF!
  6. ProducerDeborah Levine

    Deborah Levine

    Going Southern - Regional Diversity
    Going Southern - Regional DiversityWe often think of diversity as race, ethnicity, gender, and religion. Sometimes we add generational diversity, but rarely do add our diverse geography. Yet, our regional differences account for much of the controversies, culture clashes, and...


    Yang Hwang Jinn
    22/11/2017 #20 Yang Hwang Jinn
    #18 @ Deborah Hello my name is Hwang Jinn, i have a Business proposal of $14.5M for you. Reply me on my private email address for more details. hwangjinn818@gmail.com


    Hwang Jinn.
    Deborah Levine
    17/11/2017 #19 Deborah Levine
    #17 Yes, @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher our history is full of immigrant stories that need to be told and retold. I didn't know about the Finnish contribution in Ohio - amazing. I wonder where the laborers went when they left Ashtabula. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could track down some of their descendants!
    Deborah Levine
    17/11/2017 #18 Deborah Levine
    Thanks for bringing up the Civil war. We need to understand our history in order to understand the present and plan for the future. Regional diversity is a very old reality, not a new concept. #16
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/11/2017 #17 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I love how descriptive your video is @Deborah Levine. Enjoyed learning of your own journey from Bermuda to the South and why you chose that region. I grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio, a large port City long ago. We had many Finnish and Italian settlers who lived among each other within neighborhoods.

    "As early as 1872 one of the Finnish section gangs had been at work in Ashtabula Harbor laying track for the Ashtabula, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh Railroad.6 This labor crew was composed of twenty-five men and a female cook; among their number were Andrew Bloom and Kalle Kotka. The latter, a lad of about twenty, was killed by a train in the gravel pit of the A. Y. & P. Railroad on November 8, 1872, and thus became the first Finn to find his final resting place in Ashtabula.7 The Finnish laborers remained in the Harbor for only a short time but their presence did evoke the following comment from the Ashtabula Telegraph:" - http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/art/article222e.htm Interesting article!

    Thank you for sharing this, I will now share it with others :)
    Brook Massey
    17/11/2017 #16 Brook Massey
    #11 @Deborah Levine, in general, I do believe that the two cultures are distinct. Genetically, many Appalachian folk are of poor Scottish or Ulster-Scot descent. Historically, in the Civil War, obviously, most southern residents sided with the south. While, most Appalachian residents sided with the north: West Virginia splitting from Virginia and NE Tennessee trying to breakaway from Tennessee.
    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    16/11/2017 #15 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #14 your very welcome Deborah!
    Deborah Levine
    16/11/2017 #14 Deborah Levine
    Thanks for sharing on Twitter @Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador#13
    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    16/11/2017 #13 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Love โค๏ธ the buzz here & love the book!!!!
    Deborah Levine
    16/11/2017 #12 Deborah Levine
    #10 Yes, @David B. Grinberg, today's overlap of demographics, history, and geography is a vital part of understanding what is happening not only in a region but in national shifts both culturally and politically. I make the combination and confluence a basic element of my diversity training. How can I not?
    Deborah Levine
    16/11/2017 #11 Deborah Levine
    Thanks for the feedback @Brook Massey#9 Appalachian culture is indeed one-of-a-kind. I write about that more in the book, Going Southern. Years ago, when I was studying Appalachia in my urban planning masters, there was a claim that Appalachians are distinct not only in their culture but are a distinct DNA group. Would you agree?
    David B. Grinberg
    16/11/2017 #10 David B. Grinberg
    Nice blogging buzz, Deborah. I also like the video. I think geographic diversity overlaps with demographic diversity, a phenomenon dating back to the Civil War. However, this has become more pronounced today with Hispanics/Latinos and Asians being the fastest growing populations in the USA. In fact, any one group could largely be concentrated in a specific region. Thus, your thesis makes perfect sense!
    Brook Massey
    16/11/2017 #9 Brook Massey
    @Deborah Levine, most of my life has been spent in the hills of Kentucky. I did live a while in Alabama, though. The Appalachian culture of much of Kentucky, is a little different from Southern. You describe our Alabama experience perfectly. Appalachia is a less genteel, a little rougher. People talk fast and move slow.
    Deborah Levine
    15/11/2017 #7 Deborah Levine
    Yup, Turkey in the Straw is one of America's oldest folks songs and probably goes back to Celtic origins in the 1700s. Most folks don't know that my first publications were about dance history. #6
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/11/2017 #6 Harvey Lloyd
    #3 Turkey in the straw, that's taking it back. Had completely forgotten about that one.
    Deborah Levine
    15/11/2017 #5 Deborah Levine
    The e-book is available on Kindle/amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Going-Southern-No-Mess-Guide-Success-ebook/dp/B00D8F287C/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
    Deborah Levine
    15/11/2017 #4 Deborah Levine
    #2 Delighted that you approve @Harvey Lloyd. No small matter!
    Deborah Levine
    15/11/2017 #3 Deborah Levine
    Yes @Harvey Lloyd, playing the music for them is always great fun, but you should see me teaching them to square dance. I learned Turkey in the Straw/Virginia Reel growing up in Bermuda - British roots to contra dance and all that. #1
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/11/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    A bee is discussing the US southern culture and its evolution. The video is not only accurate but adds to the culture.
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/11/2017 #1 Harvey Lloyd
    Wow, can i say wow. For a "come here" as i have heard the label stated in southern states, meaning you ain't from here, with politeness, you really hit some highlights of southern culture. Southern Pride is something that is evolving but hasn't gone anywhere. We take God and country very seriously, not always correctly but very seriously. I added the read to the list. Thanks.

    Ps. i would have loved to have seen the group when you played the music.
  7. ProducerPaul Conley

    Paul Conley

    FitandAliveat105 Australia Life Magazine
    FitandAliveat105 Australia Life Magazine A Historicalย  event has emerged in Australia 61.6% of the Australian people have voted yes to same sex Marriage.ย  It's been a long time debate .The only way to resolve it was that the Government put into the people's hands to vote costing Australia...
  8. ProducerDebasish Majumder
    NUANCES OF SOCIAL MEDIA, LACKING OF WHICH MAY CAUSE DEMENTIA!Interaction, attachment or engagement in social media eventually engender a bonding, primarily designed from exchange, and this exchange is also based on gratitude, and complementing each other. Citing preoccupation is synonymous to...


    David B. Grinberg
    14/11/2017 #8 David B. Grinberg
    Thank you for this profoundly important blogging buzz, Debasish. You make many powerful points worthy of serious consideration. I would note that I've always been impressed by your exemplary social media etiquette and proactive social engagement. Thanks for all YOU do, kind sir!
    Cyndi wilkins
    13/11/2017 #7 Cyndi wilkins
    This is another one of those posts that speaks volumes @Debasish Majumder...The internet is a very powerful tool of influence...but if you behave like a 'tool'...you are less likely to attract any meaningful engagement...That said...some people like the piranha pool...That's cool if you don't mind being eaten alive;-)
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    12/11/2017 #6 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    #5 @Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris I agree. Social Media is sometimes like a megaphone of someone's character. This is not always true, because it can also be a mask to hide behind. Either way, Social Media is still just a tool. US, I am the one choosing to use it. It has no use, power, or influence without followers. One day, I am sure it will be replace with a new generation of tech. But, it will be in the choice of the user of how it's used.
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    12/11/2017 #5 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    I don't think SM make people rude or arrogant. They merely expose the fact, since people tend to be more reckless when behind a computer / smartphone screen, on their own. Also, just like the Internet can be used for both positive and negative things, so can SM, which are an application of this technology.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    12/11/2017 #4 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Social media is what you make it, and like @Randall Burns, I take interactions on social media with a grain of salt. Used as a tool and in moderation can be advantageous but to misuse can produce negative results for oneself and others. Bullying, etc. will not be my problem, it's their problem. Interesting and timely read @Debasish Majumder.
    Randall Burns
    11/11/2017 #3 Randall Burns
    Interesting post @Debasish Majumder with some very interesting and valid points. I always take interactions on social media with "a grain of salt", to me it is slightly removed from reality in that we can never be 100% sure of the sincerity of the people we are interacting with. Some people may even act out differently on media than in "reality", and some people now may even feel that "social media" is more real than "reality".
    As with anything there are the positive and negative aspects associated with anything, I like to think that i see and interact on the positive side with social media and if someone is acting out negatively, bullying, ignorant, etc. on social media, well that's their problem, I'm completely removed from it.

    Thought provoking post, it's still generating responses in me.
  9. ProducerLada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    An Intriguing Parable of How a Small Town Cleared All Debt
    An Intriguing Parable of How a Small Town Cleared All DebtSeveral years ago I found on the Internet a funny parable about the debt cycle. Lately, I stumbled upon it again and decided to share this humorous tale.ย There are many versions differ in the name of the place where this tale and somewhat a riddle...


    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    12/11/2017 #22 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #21 Gert, thank you for reading and commenting. I also found this tale interesting to discuss.
    We can think of this parable in several ways, and this is what makes it so intriguing. You described the way where $100 is considered as a loan or an actual short-term payment.
    But, I don't think the hoteliersโ€™ book was squared off because there was no actual $100 transaction and for that reason, all debt is not balanced out.
    I'm glad we have different opinions. :-) That makes the thread more interesting.
    Gert Scholtz
    11/11/2017 #21 Gert Scholtz
    @Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic Very interesting parable Lada โ€“ thank you for posting it. To me it illustrates how money introduced into a system, even if only for a short period of time, acts as an exchange instrument and resets the system. The liquidity introduced by the visitor, has the effect of repaying and cancelling out all debts, even though nothing of tangible value was produced, and the local town economy did not grow. I refer to the liquidity introduced by the visitor, as his $100 to the hotelier could have been a loan, or an actual payment for the room which shortly after he reimbursed/refunded when the visitor did not want the room any more. Either way the effect is the same and the final balance in the hoteliersโ€™ book is squared off.
    Sara Jacobovici
    11/11/2017 #20 Sara Jacobovici
    Great share and discussion @Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic. Thank you.
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #19 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #14 I apologize for not commenting on time, but I'm trying to find some time between cooking, ironing and vacuum cleaning. :-)
    I would like we look at some facts a little more closely.
    A.) The hotel owner has a debt to the butcher.
    B.) The prostitute owes him the cost of the room.
    By the "borrowed" $100 bill, the hotel owner cleared his debt to the butcher, as everyone else in the circle did with the same bill changing hands. Every debtor was just passing money to their creditor.
    When the prostitute gave the hotel owner $100, it seemed that all debt cleared.
    BUT, in fact, he is out $100 because he gave the money back to the tourist and didn't actually charge the cost of the room. The fact that he owed and claimed the same amount of money is not relevant to this argument.
    Can we agree on the tricky part of the tale?
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #18 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #15 Not tainted, just "borrowed." :-))
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #17 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #13 Thanks for sharing, Debasish and @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. Manjit, hope your hands are getting better.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/11/2017 #16 Harvey Lloyd
    #1 I believe the story to be viable. Especially if we can start our economic viewpoint from this simple story.

    Economist all to often look at complex theory of dealing with your story here at the 320 million level. (Approx. Pop. USA). By starting from this very fundamental end we can begin to understand if we assume the pig farmer filed for bankruptcy protection and broke the chain.

    Realizing that the breakdown would stop the machine we call the economy, now enter the Federal reserve and treasury. By adding features to the story we can begin to see better how various institutions intergrated into the economy.

    For me the key is credit. From consumer to commercial and even federal debt. Understanding the debt cycle will blow your mind. Do a search on google for, โ€œMonitary Policy Documentaryโ€. There both left and right videos avaible.

    Great post and discussion starter.
    Ken Boddie
    11/11/2017 #15 Ken Boddie
    Interesting tale, Lada, but you realise that the $100 is tainted.
    'Taint the hotelier's, 'taint the butcher's, .......
    Phil Friedman
    11/11/2017 #14 Phil Friedman
    #9 Yes, the cycle would have ended with the hotel owner having $100 in equity. But the paradoxical flavor is introduced precisely because the $100 that starts the cycle of debt retirement is borrowed and then repaid. โ€” thereby retiring all the debt without adding any real value.
    Debasish Majumder
    11/11/2017 #13 Debasish Majumder
    lovely buzz @Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #12 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #8 It sounds nicer. :-)
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #11 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #6 Thank you for reading and commenting, Robert. Like your town, the small town in the tale represents a closed economy.
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #10 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #5 Thanks for sharing and commenting @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. I'm sure you see the paradox in this tale.
    Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    11/11/2017 #9 Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    #3 Yes, all debt could have been zeroed by the residents, but it didn't. Would it be the difference for the hotel owner if he started clearing debt with earned $100?
    Brian McKenzie
    11/11/2017 #8 Brian McKenzie
    Is the difference between a Night Butterfly and a Prostitute only 100.oo ?
    Brian McKenzie
    11/11/2017 #7 Brian McKenzie
    Economies of scale do not run on production, fabrication, logistics or communication as they do on CHURN. When you finally see that, you will realize the whole grand affair is nothing more than a cheap cheesy game show.
    Robert Cormack
    10/11/2017 #6 Robert Cormack
    Cute tale, @Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic, and probably not far off the mark. Since moving to a small town, I'm amazed how everyone is everyone's customer. It's a self-contained unit with a similar cycle. The next town over has the usual Walmart, Canadian Tire, Winners, etc., but we all shop locally whenever we can, especially during the warm months when we can buy fruits and vegetables. I'm not quite sure how Walmarts turn main streets in small towns into ghost towns. The locals here build loyalty with good service and reasonable prices. I guess if you don't, your customers end up at Walmart. Another parable. Thanks for the post.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    10/11/2017 #5 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Back to square 1, but but deceptively every person circulated the money and at keast showed seriousness in paying off the debt. Nice sharing @Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic
    Phil Friedman
    10/11/2017 #3 Phil Friedman
    #1 and @Lada ๐Ÿก Prkic, I would say that this is not a silly story at all, but a way of understanding the nature of credit and currency. Each member of the circular chain has advanced goods or services to the "prior" member of the chain. This includes the tourist who, in effect, advances the hotel owner a loan. And when the prostitute pays her debt to the hotel owner, he has the cash to repay what was effectively a loan from the tourist. But because each member of the chain owes to someone exactly what he or she is owed by someone, it is a zero-sum game. If you listed each payable as a liability on a balance sheet for the entire group and each receivable as an asset, the balance sheet would show a zero balance. And the entire village economy should have been zeroed out prior to the arrival of the tourist and his $100 bill. Cheers!
  10. ProducerJim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    Tomb of the Unknown SoldierFascinating Facts about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldierโ€œ1. How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of theย Unknowns and why? 21 steps : It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute whichย is the highest honor given any military...


    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    15/11/2017 #17 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #16 Exactly @javer ๐Ÿ beBee we often take our freedom for granted, but must never forget the price that was paid by lives lost.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    15/11/2017 #16 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    The entry serves as a grim reminder that freedom is not free, and that the freedoms we enjoy every day should not be taken for granted. Many thanks @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador .

    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    11/11/2017 #15 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #11 @Pascal Derrien thank for the interesting read about other parts of the world.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    11/11/2017 #14 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #10 You are welcome @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher. Many thanks for reading.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    11/11/2017 #13 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #9 Many of is are fortunate to make it home safe.
    Pascal Derrien
    11/11/2017 #11 Pascal Derrien
    In France the unknown soldier is under the Arc de Triomphe on the top of Champs Elysees with the symbol of a flame, the story says that originally 8 or 9 individuals were selected but one member of the colonial forces was discarded due the colour of his skin, different times I suppose. In Ireland there is no such things as the country is neutral and was in the middle of the war of Independence in 1916, there was a big schism in society and mistrust towards those who had enrolled in the English army. for decades their sacrifice was not recognised at state level but things have changed the last 10 years especially with the Queen of England visit there is now an acknowledgement.
    Gloria ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ’ซ โ˜• (Glo) Ochoa
    11/11/2017 #10 Anonymous
    Thank you Jim.
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #9 Jerry Fletcher
    Jim, As one of those lucky enough to get back home I give thanks for their service.
    Sonia ๐Ÿ Quiles Espinosa
    10/11/2017 #7 Sonia ๐Ÿ Quiles Espinosa
    guardians of those who gave their lives to guarantee freedom, Jim. they deserve honor and respect
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #6 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    #4 So true, and yes one of the many reasons we are on beBee.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #5 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #3 Many thanks. @Franci ๐Ÿ Eugenia Hoffman
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #4 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #2 You are welcome. We can always learn from each other. One of the reasons we are on beBee.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #3 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    This is a wonderful and commendable share of U.S. history, @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Lisa Vanderburg
    10/11/2017 #2 Lisa Vanderburg
    A fascinating lesson of the deepest respect and so much I for sure, didn't know! Thanks for your service @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    10/11/2017 #1 Lisa Vanderburg
    With dignity and reverence, you teach us all such valued history and I applaud you for it, @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador. 'Lest we forget'.
  11. ProducerJim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    What Color is your World?
    What Color is your World? We choose the color of our world by choosing our friends, environment and those that we hang out with. Most of us seek to become a better person. Throughout our lives the color of our world changes hopefully for the better.Life is too short and will...


    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    16/11/2017 #12 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #11 Chlorophyll Breaks Down. But in the fall, because of changes in the length of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    11/11/2017 #11 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Colors have emotional meanings. I wonder why autumn has variety of colors.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    11/11/2017 #10 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #9 it takes all colors to be s diverse world.
    Kevin Baker
    10/11/2017 #9 Kevin Baker
    I enjoy the full spectrum of colors constantly inter changing and intensities.
    Kevin Baker
    10/11/2017 #8 Kevin Baker
    #5 Blue is in the center of the emotion spectrum. Like all colors, the effect becomes the opposite after an amount of time.
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    10/11/2017 #7 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    #4 So, all this talk about making the world greener doesn't have to do with making our lifestyle more eco-friendly? Darn, I got it wrong!
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #6 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #1 Not sure Iโ€™m worthy of your honor but Many thanks.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #5 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #2 According to psychologists blue is the most calming color in our universe. I find the blue sky and ocean and lakes tranquil.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #4 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #3 Ha! Green is the color of envy. I wrote this story to reflect my thoughts on my lifeโ€™s experiences.
    Many other colors could be included.
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    10/11/2017 #3 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    What, no green? :-)
    Pascal Derrien
    10/11/2017 #2 Pascal Derrien
    Hummm I don't see colours very well I see stuff but I am not sure my blue is your blue and so on sometimes I see a complete different colour or I don't see it at all :-) Not sure where does this leave me now :-)
    mohammed khalaf
    10/11/2017 #1 mohammed khalaf
    @Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador gives sage advice on writing in many of his posts.
  12. ProducerLianne Rhymes

    Lianne Rhymes

    Five Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Your Brand Stand Out
    Five Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Your Brand Stand OutNine out of every ten businesses is using social media for marketing purposes. On Facebook alone, there are more than 50 million business pages. Social media marketing used to be something that put you ahead of the competition in and of itself but...


    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    10/11/2017 #1 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Some great points you bring up. Large and medium size companies cannot compete with using social media to market this company.
    Many thanks, for your post.
  13. ProducerAli ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    The Spontaneous Writer
    The Spontaneous WriterMy experience on beBee certainly changed me. I feel I have matured to understand the reasons why I write. I am kind of more matured now than any time before. When I have an idea that I enjoy I feel the spontaneity in writing it. I am doing this...


    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    13/11/2017 #90 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #89 "The only way to cultivate responsible choice is to nourish the needs of your soul...". I couldn't agree more @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. This what feedback is expected to do. It is sort of ideas colliding and the product of which could be unimagined sometimes.
    Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    13/11/2017 #89 Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    The goal of writing critiques (this includes comments to articles and posts), says Karen Hertsberg managing editor of the spelling software Grammarly, is to help the writer expand their potential. The best feedback is that, she says, which leaves the writer feeling theyโ€™ve had an awakening. Your comments about Sara Jacoboviciโ€™s recent response, to a post you wrote, seems as if it did just that. Her comment not only encouraged you but awakened you to new thoughts and ideas. Not to mention inspired you to write on a new - related - topic. My belief is comments to posts should encourage further conversation - even debate. Not beat other commenters down in order to quell the conversation and/or to turn it in their direction. As always, we should agree to disagree.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    11/11/2017 #88 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #87 I am so sorry my friend @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. I do hope you shall recover soon. You are precious to all of us.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    11/11/2017 #87 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Spontaneity is a huge part of my natural order (being), right now it is a physical disorder (pain) that actually curbs (informs) my natural spontaneity.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    10/11/2017 #86 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #82 then please keep my dreams vivid dear @Lisa Vanderburg
    Lisa Vanderburg
    10/11/2017 #85 Lisa Vanderburg
    #65 Beautifully and intelligently said @Yolanda รvila Mรกrquez...I would expect no less from you. The conflict and confrontation is always within us too; I think that's where writing meets life within our internal battle.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    10/11/2017 #84 Lisa Vanderburg
    #59 Excellent advice from Harmonious Harvey
    Lisa Vanderburg
    10/11/2017 #83 Lisa Vanderburg
    #56 It is sheer joy to be you @Cyndi wilkins...I think it might be catching....
    'That opens the inner door to the infinite'; beautiful promise sweetheart!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    10/11/2017 #82 Lisa Vanderburg
    #54 Now that's brilliant because you often say your ideas come in your sleep! If I were to record my waking thoughts or dreams, it wouldn't be publishable :)
    So happy I made a 'hugely-important point', my friend @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee View more
    #54 Now that's brilliant because you often say your ideas come in your sleep! If I were to record my waking thoughts or dreams, it wouldn't be publishable :)
    So happy I made a 'hugely-important point', my friend @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee...I assure you, it was quite by accident! Close
    Randall Burns
    09/11/2017 #80 Randall Burns
    Agreed! @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, Great Post!
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    09/11/2017 #79 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #78 thank you @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven. We are on the same wavelength
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    09/11/2017 #78 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    #75 Your right. When I was reading your buzz, I viewed myself working at my job, and "Just like that, have that need to write". My manner just usually begins with planted from reading or listening to audios. Then it does spontaneously grow fast like a bamboo tree.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    09/11/2017 #77 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #76 In simple words your comment @Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal brought purity in my heart. Thank you
    Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    09/11/2017 #76 Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    I agree with you completely, @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Just like in everything else in life, giving without expecting to receive anything, doing without expecting to have anything done for us, and so and so forth. That will bring in the purity in our actions and thoughts thus reflected through our writings.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    09/11/2017 #75 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #72 Great and I enjoy the different styles with which we write @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven. However; is not this a type of spontaneous writing "When I realize that my comment is going to be to long, I usually add a tab. I "cut and paste" what I was going to say and create a post"?
    I do appreciate your contribution to the discussions.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    09/11/2017 #74 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #71 I also answered your question on LI and I enjoyed your explanation and redirecting the question at me @James Olcott
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    09/11/2017 #73 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #70 What a lovely way to put your 'mechanism of writing". Go natural even in writing is a great way. I hope you find more rabbits along the way @James Olcott
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    09/11/2017 #72 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    I don't find myself feeling like "The Spontaneous Writer". I just love to read a lot of book and share my input. When I realize that my comment is going to be to long, I usually add a tab. I "cut and paste" what I was going to say and create a post.
    I will try to give credit to whomever gave me the spark of the idea, yet it usually wasn't spontaneous. I just love to promote other writers and sometimes it gives me ideas to write about.
    James Olcott
    09/11/2017 #71 James Olcott
    #39 And he asked me a great question! (As I expected).
  14. ProducerDeborah Levine

    Deborah Levine

    Who Owns History? The Fight over Monuments Ramps Up
    Who Owns History? The Fight over Monuments Ramps Up Any discussion of monuments and cultural symbols tends to be highly emotional, regardless of which side of the controversy youโ€™re on. Here in Chattanooga, the controversy features the statue of General A.P. Stewart at the county court house. For...


    Deborah Levine
    01/11/2017 #13 Deborah Levine
    #12 I appreciate your perspective @Cyndi Docy. Do keep in mind that there is a question of whose historical version is being preserved. Perhaps we can add rather than subtract.
    Cyndi Docy
    31/10/2017 #12 Cyndi Docy
    Thank you very much for your article. It is so sad that such division is so prevalent now in our country. It is very sad that in many places there is an attempt to erase history. We should be proud of our history and what it taught us; not take it away as if to deny it ever existed. Thank you again and God bless.
    Harvey Lloyd
    31/10/2017 #11 Harvey Lloyd
    #9 Watching the Charlottesville, VA debacle did me in. I watched two opposing sides, each with valid points, try and intimidate each other in dress and action. A civil authority left useless by interpretations of current media positions. Also with the knowledge that third parties had orchestrated the match up. Again under the watchful eye of those placed in charge to maintain law and order.

    If this is enlightened people, regardless of cause, then we have transferred back to Dodge city. He who slings fastest lives longest.

    The real unfortunate piece is that many people are only trying to earn a living and raise their families. In the grand scheme of things we have 10 % at one end and 10% at other. The 80% are trying to find a side that doesn't piss the other two off, so they can get on with life. Again if this enlightenment, count me out.

    You have presented a great forum of discussion and debate surrounding current day symbolism and IMHO abused. Thanks and Godspeed.
    Harvey Lloyd
    31/10/2017 #10 Harvey Lloyd
    #9 Unfortunately i only have thoughts, not facts, along with history as a guide. Symbolism that divides any group creates more than one. I have seen this when we expanded to more than one office we had three across the country. I have read numerous history composites that gave the same eulogy of a society that was once thriving. I'm ashamed that this eulogy has been shown in our lifetime with various countries and we still can't see the parallels.

    Somehow an evil, thought process or paradigm seems to grow on a society as if almost on cue. That crossroads where we leave mere survival and begin to grow into enlighten periods whereby we crash and burn due to outside influences, or from within through this paradigm of enlightenment gone wild. Sarcastically, almost to the Gods of the greek era.

    There are just certain things that make a society solid and in moving forward. The absolutes that the society chooses to rule within and their ability to maintain law and order around these absolutes. Its when these absolutes begin to break down on social pressure as we secure our enlightenment of human thought that the paradigm begins.

    Fifteen years ago i would have laughed at language as i am using now. Now i am moving back to independence as opposed to interdependence. I believe we should have an eye towards survival yet again. Who says Wal-Mart will be there tomorrow?
    Deborah Levine
    31/10/2017 #9 Deborah Levine
    Good question @Harvey Lloyd#8 Will humanity survive? Will life as we know it? Hard to tell if this is a blip or the new normal but I suspect that not only is it par for the course we're on, but it's more benign than what we'll see in the future. The tribalism that the fight over symbols represents is increasing. A more common response than dialogue is an authoritarian coup of one tribe over the others. The fight over symbols is an attempt to legitimize the authoritarian power.
    Unfortunately, in the end, nobody really wins but I suspect it will several generations for that to sink in. Your thoughts?
    Harvey Lloyd
    31/10/2017 #8 Harvey Lloyd
    #6 #7 Awesome thoughts on the current political wrangling of the symbols of history.

    I would suspect that even if the statues were down, or never erected we would just see a different symbol in its place with extremist groups.

    Symbology is very inciting as we look at past civil, national and international unrest. The symbols became the voice of the people who decried the positions.

    Branding has not just been cornered to commercial and personal enterprise. It works or is working well for these two groups, and every form of communication is now using the methodology.

    Regardless of group and its thoughts, they are branding historical elements as their own. For me this is sad. By branding these things we desecrate hard won victories of understanding the human condition.. Most importantly we lose sight of the absolutes that we drew from these tragic lessons.

    In this we are destined to repeat the lessons again. The question is within each repetition having even deeper depravity in its arsenal....Will the Human race survive, either physically or life as we know it?

    Pray and prepare.
    Deborah Levine
    30/10/2017 #7 Deborah Levine
    Yes, I believe the Confederate statues have become more offensive because of a new President @David B. Grinberg#6 Deep political shifts empower different societal faction which were present but less relevant. Like you, I don't agree with removing statues, but I'm not surprised that they've become a centerpiece of conflicts.
    David B. Grinberg
    30/10/2017 #6 David B. Grinberg
    Taking down historical monuments or statues of any kind for any reason reminds me of Orwellian โ€œBig Brotherโ€ trying to erase or rewrite history. Taking down historical monuments or statues because one group of people find it offensive strikes me as violating First Amendment protections for free expression. Moreover, this is a so-called โ€œslippery slopeโ€ because removing statues one groups is offended by today might result in the same actions against the that group tomorrow, and so on and so on. Lastly, it puzzles me why the confederate statues at issue were not taken down by President Obama if deemed so offensive? Where was the outcry against these statues during those eight years? Did the same statues become more offensive because of a new President? I donโ€™t recall any outcry by whites when Obama officially changed the name of historic Mt. McKinley to Denali mountain per the indigenous people of that area. It makes a lot more sense to educate people about history than engage in historic revisionism.
    Deborah Levine
    29/10/2017 #5 Deborah Levine
    Your thoughts? @David B. Grinberg
    Deborah Levine
    29/10/2017 #4 Deborah Levine
    Thank you @Harvey Lloyd for your thoughtful response. In the past few years I've spoken out more frequently on this topic. There's a fine line between approaching it wisely and inciting emotional aggression. I'm looking forward to getting the evaluations back from the university where I recently gave this presentation. I'll see how it was received there soon.#3
    Harvey Lloyd
    29/10/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    This is a hotbed topic that you approached very wisely. I believe that history is part of evolving into greater humans. Some of this history is dark and the learning came at great cost.

    With each major conflict of scale we learned something about ourselves. Avoiding the discussion of right and wrong, but ensuring that we keep what was learned...monuments, symbols and written text helps us remember the learning.

    But they can also be attached to emotional manipulation. Media and special interest can manipulate the darkness to open up new dimensions of emotional context. This is neither good or bad unless we do not pass on what we learned. Emotional context alone leaves the individaul with an unmet need of understanding. The individual can also now take this emotional context and overlay it over current scenarios, again without having the unmet need satsitfied.

    This is a recipe for disaster as those who are manipulating the emotional context on the extremes are attempting to insite aggressive behavours.

    History is our reminder over time to hold true to what we learned.
    Deborah Levine
    29/10/2017 #2 Deborah Levine
    Thank you @Harley King#1 This one was tough to write and I wasn't sure how it would be received.
    Harley King
    29/10/2017 #1 Harley King
    Very powerful and well-written article, @Deborah Levine!
  15. ProducerBrook Massey

    Brook Massey

    Unique Experiences in North Alabama
    Unique Experiences in North AlabamaUnique Experiences in North AlabamaMost travelers zip through North Alabama along I-65 on their way to the beaches of the gulf coast. ย Anglers enjoy fishing the Tennessee River or Lake Guntersville. ย Golfers play the local Robert Trent Jones golf...


    Brook Massey
    27/10/2017 #6 Brook Massey
    #5 @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador The Shoals (Florence, Tuscumbia, Sheffield, and Muscle Shoals) is just few miles off of the Natchez Trace, which is great drive.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    26/10/2017 #5 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Thank you sharing. The next time we take a road trip, we'll add Alabama to our list of places to see.
    Brook Massey
    26/10/2017 #4 Brook Massey
    #3 @Harvey Lloyd , the gulf beaches are fantastic. We especially love Destin. You and your grandkids would like the Space and Rocket Center.
    Harvey Lloyd
    25/10/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    Been through Alabama several times but never stopped to visit. Its on the radar for grandkids and beaches next year. Thanks we may pause now and see the space center.
    Brook Massey
    25/10/2017 #2 Brook Massey
    #1 @syed tutul for such a rural area, there are interesting places.
    syed tutul
    25/10/2017 #1 syed tutul
    Fantastic place
  16. ProducerDave Worthen

    Dave Worthen

    Your Sixth Sense: Why Itโ€™s Important in Your Business
    Your Sixth Sense: Why Itโ€™s Important in Your BusinessI know. Your eyeballs probably rolled upwards thinking what kind of woo-woo article is this going to be, right?Except itโ€™s not woo-woo at all. In fact, I find most people I work with have this sixth sense. CEOโ€™s, executives, entrepreneurs, marketing...


    Dave Worthen
    29/10/2017 #22 Dave Worthen
    #21Thannks very much, @Gert Scholtz! And thanks for stopping by and contributing to the conversation!
    Gert Scholtz
    28/10/2017 #21 Gert Scholtz
    Great post @Dave Worthen. I find that intuitive decisions often come from repeated experience in a certain field; where the answer to a question or the action to take is not so much a conscious weighing of facts and alternatives, but more an intuitive knowing from having seen a similar set of circumstances before.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    26/10/2017 #20 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #16 haha, good one!
    Dave Worthen
    26/10/2017 #19 Dave Worthen
    Do you know what the "sixth sense," is?

    Executive's and entrepreneur's are answering they do.

    What about you?
    Dave Worthen
    25/10/2017 #18 Dave Worthen
    #17 Thank you very much, @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian! Yes, I just found out about sharing it to Twitter from my good friend @John White, MBA. I didnโ€™t go over 20 Relevants until a couple of hours ago. So thank you for encouraging me to do this! And โ€œyour gutโ€ is still good with me!
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/10/2017 #17 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Nice one, @Dave Worthen. You may want to consider sharing it to Twitter using hashtag #buzzBeBee so that it can get promoted on beBee's extensive social presence. Any post with over 20 relevants AND 5 comments is eligible.

    BTW: In my day, we called that sixth sense "our gut." We ignored it at our peril. The subconscious sees much more than the conscious.
    Dave Worthen
    25/10/2017 #16 Dave Worthen
    #12 @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher ESPNOBIWANKENOBI.
    Dave Worthen
    25/10/2017 #15 Dave Worthen
    #11 Hi @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher! Wow, thanks! And you're a real life "Eileen!" Soooooo glad to hear it! If people would look at it as a dormant ability----something that's always been there---but not exercised, they will have the first door in. People tend to suspect it, rather than say, "Well, what if I'm right?" And really, if you follow your sixth sense or intuition or whatever you want to call it, there is no downside, really. The upside is you can get down to the real situation sooner than later. And for any business or relationship, sooner is always better. Thanks again, Lisa!
    Dave Worthen
    25/10/2017 #14 Dave Worthen
    #10 Thanks very much, @David B. Grinberg! Wow, it's great to hear your own personal experiences with this. This is great! This is what I try to get other executives to just acknowledge that it's there and run with it. Even if you're in error, there's really "no harm, no foul." You're funny. I'm a BIG ESPN fan too. I grew up in California. Saw Sandy Koufax pitch his perfect game. I knew the Dodgers would win last night behind Kershaw. Okay, well sorry all you Houston fans. You get another chance tonight and although I love Dodger Blue, I love Verlander too!
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    25/10/2017 #12 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #10 @David B. Grinberg I like ESPNOPE haha.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    25/10/2017 #11 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    My jellybeans work great! Nice buzz @Dave Worthen. Most moms sure do have kick ass perception. I'd say those who don't aren't listening well. My sixth sense has always been strong. It's a gift and a curse. I know after meeting someone for the first time (usually) if I can trust them and if I am going to like them. That sounds snooty, I don't mean it to. We have an employee who takes advantage of a lot when it comes to his boss (my husband). My husband's sixth sense is on the back burner until it's almost directly in his face. Many things I've been able to pick up on and tell my husband, well... let's just say, he would tell me I was over analyzing. However, give it a few months or more and then he will come back to me and say, "I need to listen to you more, I guess!" Again, I love your style Dave, your writing really captures me and makes me laugh- great mix.
    David B. Grinberg
    25/10/2017 #10 David B. Grinberg
    Nice blogging buzz, Dave. I can definitely relate because I tend to have strong ESP. Sometimes I'm literally typing out an email or text and the person calls me. Other times I'm thinking exactly what a person says the next second, or thinking about a person and they contact me. These are just two examples of why I strongly believe in the power of ESP. Moreover, FYI, I also like ESPN!
    Dave Worthen
    24/10/2017 #9 Dave Worthen
    #8 Thank you very much@Kathryn Landers! Yes, Iโ€™m hoping people realize they need to act on their knowingness more. Usually that is spot on. Good on you for seeing this!
    Dave Worthen
    23/10/2017 #6 Dave Worthen
    #4 Thanks very much, @Kevin Baker! I agree. People have been somewhat disabused to listening to it. They just have to give it some room to breathe and follow it.
    Dave Worthen
    23/10/2017 #5 Dave Worthen
    #3 Hey @Jerry Fletcher! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, most consultants and executives have it. It's a matter of not ignoring it and using it. It's an ability like any other ability. It has to be exercised!
    Kevin Baker
    23/10/2017 #4 Kevin Baker
    Awesome article. I agree the more we listen to instinct, the more clarity in objectivity is mirrored
    Jerry Fletcher
    23/10/2017 #3 Jerry Fletcher
    Dave, This, in my experience, is the one skill most great consultants have but they are loathe to mention it. Often they make comments like "I know the solution within five minutes of conversation with the CEO/President/Owner of a company. Seldom do they identify this skill as intuition.
    Dave Worthen
    23/10/2017 #2 Dave Worthen
    #1 Thanks for stopping by and commenting, @Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris! Yes, it's become more and more a part of the landscape. The main thing I teach is to how to go down the extra layer to get what is really blocking production. You always have the answer for real when production opens up!
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    23/10/2017 #1 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    Indeed, intuition is a great asset to have, be it in the business world or in the scientific one. I wrote a post on my blog about it once and have seen it everywhere, even in highly technical places like the data science realm.
  17. ProducerFrancisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez

    A Brief History of Global Warming (From Bloomberg), New Edition.
    A Brief History of Global Warming (From Bloomberg), New Edition.Global warming turns 125 ... sort of. Next year will be the 125th anniversary of the first time we figured out that human activity could be causing climate change. Since then, the science has gotten firmer and the politics have gotten murkier, but...


    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    20/10/2017 #6 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    I have seen people suddenly negate Global warming with persistent counter arguments but none could deny the destruction of water bodies due to manmade causes.

    Water allows the planet to heal itself and reduces all pollution causing triggers that escalate in a viscious cycle of human greed.

    Perhaps, we ought to define ecosystems around the world across every inch of the planet and implement economically progressive ideas. I have a few of them.
    Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    20/10/2017 #5 Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    I really do hope we're able to leave the planet in decent shape for the generations to come, but ... thanks for an excellent post, @Francisco Lopez!
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    19/10/2017 #4 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Very interesting points. Many thanks for sharing.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    19/10/2017 #2 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Great buzz and extremely important these days...

    Estรกn quemando Espaรฑa
    https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jose-carlos-arnau-garcia/estan-quemando-espana View more
    Robert Cormack
    19/10/2017 #1 Robert Cormack
    Great piece and extremely relevant right now.
  18. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    The Perfect Mix for Empowering your Personal Brand
    The Perfect Mix for Empowering your Personal BrandEnjoy building your Personal Brand on beBee ! beBee changed our SEO platform, so Google is falling in LOVE with our Most Active Bees - those who are meeting all requirements below. ย We are expecting to reach top positions with all active profiles...


    Paul Walters
    18/11/2017 #49 Paul Walters
    Ignacio Orna
    08/09/2017 #48 Ignacio Orna
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    5.- Puedes comunicarte a travรฉs de Live Buzz.

    Algunos ejemplos:
    Ali Anani https://www.google.es/#q=ali+anani&;
    Carlos D. Sarmiento
    29/07/2017 #46 Carlos D. Sarmiento
    It's good to know these tips @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee. I also use Twitter and I feel quite comfortable using BeBee. Have a great weekend.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    28/06/2017 #45 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Remember this:
    1.- Your content is delivered to all of your network.
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    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
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    Enjoy beBee and Reach 100% of your followers !
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
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    Benefits of becoming a beBee blogger

    - Instant reach through hives.
    - Instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your content.
    - 100% Organic Reach.
    - Anybody can be a blogger.
    - Anybody is already an "influencer".
    - Reach your followers through email.
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    25/03/2017 #42 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    #39 Great Idea
    Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/03/2017 #41 Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    #39 @David B. Grinberg - keep up your good work and you'll appear at the top without the quotes! Getting to the top by just typing in your name as we know you is an important part of social branding, but it takes time.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    15/03/2017 #40 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #39 There are Lisa Gallagher's that show up in my case, much more accomplished than me.
    David B. Grinberg
    15/03/2017 #39 David B. Grinberg
    Just an FYI that to Google me correctly, one needs to use my full name in quotation marks, including my middle initial: "David B. Grinberg" -- that's because there are other people named "David Grinberg" out there who will also show up otherwise. That's why I use my middle initial to help me stand out from others with the same name. Others may want to do consider this as well.
    That's why blogs I wrote years ago still appear in a Google search of my complete name -- including blogs posts on multiple platforms from 2012 onward. And yes, beBee shows up prominently on the first page of my search. So think about using your middle initial if you have a common name, or even an uncommon one like me, and don't want people to confuse you with someone else of the same name.
    Lance  ๐Ÿ Scoular
    15/03/2017 #37 Lance ๐Ÿ Scoular
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    15/03/2017 #36 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #33 So true @Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess, I've often felt the same! No wonder he's a power user!! John, can I share some of your candy lol? Maybe he takes really good vitamins... I want some if @John White, MBA has the secret formula lol
    Francisco Lopez
    13/03/2017 #35 Francisco Lopez
    It would be better if the /#q= direct directly to the Google+ profile instead to the home page. Anyway is a good idea. Is time to take advantage of MS attempt to make LinkedIn better for the overall low bandwidth Indian Market and screwing their interface and adding half-backed features, instead of making a lite interface.
    Francisco Lopez
    13/03/2017 #34 Francisco Lopez
    Is time to create a sharer for beBee, so we can post directly from content providers.
    Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    13/03/2017 #33 Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    #5 @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee, @John White, MBA makes the rest of us look like we're sleeping. I don't know how he manages to get so much done with the same 24 hours a day the rest of us have!
    Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    13/03/2017 #32 Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    Many thanks as always for including me in one of your lists, @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee!
    Aleta Curry
    13/03/2017 #31 Aleta Curry
    #30 Can't come too soon for me, @John White, MBA. If a better editor for buzzes is in the works, I'll be delighted!
    John White, MBA
    11/03/2017 #30 John White, MBA
    #28 I totally agree, @Aleta Curry! When beBee 2.0 launches we will be putting people on notice. ;) Thanks for all your most excellent contributions to the site.
    Aleta Curry
    10/03/2017 #29 Aleta Curry
    #25 You're really one of the great producers, @David B. Grinberg. Such intelligent writing!
    Aleta Curry
    10/03/2017 #28 Aleta Curry
    Thanks very much for the mention, @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee. It's no secret that I love this platform, and when the blogging tools are improved - look out!
  19. ProducerNathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    11 Reasons Why To Build Your Personal Brand?
    11 Reasons Why To Build Your Personal Brand?There are many reasons to build your personal brandย Of course there are the obvious ones, directly related to income levels and standard of living. There are also the less obvious self-esteem boosting reasons and more fulfillment at work can mean...


    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    18/10/2017 #19 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    Haha thanks Jim but isnโ€™t that what encompasses all 11 reasons...#16
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    17/10/2017 #18 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    #12 It was not easy at first, but like anything if you invest enough time and effort it can be something extremely worthwhile...
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    17/10/2017 #17 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    #11 I am always interested in having a conversation if it is mutually beneficial, adds value to the audience and my current schedule allows it! Thank you for thinking of me @stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/10/2017 #16 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Reason number 12. Marketing.
    Jerry Fletcher
    17/10/2017 #15 Jerry Fletcher
    #11 Stephan, I'm game.
    stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    16/10/2017 #14 stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    @Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer get on FB, so I can see You. ABM server detected this: https://anchor.fm/nathaniel-schooler?at=952861 quite cool.
    Do we do a short 10-15 minutes format today to keep audience entertained and aware of what is coming next (so FB events planning to do)
    stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    16/10/2017 #13 stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    quoting: " Do not become just another carbon copy of someone else you have seen online who you think looks good! Be yourself and donโ€™t be afraid to move forward and grow into the person that you would like to be and in many cases already are.".....in other words for twitter 140 char. BeBee #Yourself because everyone else is taken.
    Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    16/10/2017 #12 Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    #9 That sounds amazing. I am glad I am getting to learn from you and in some way from him, as well.
    stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    16/10/2017 #11 stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    One of the greatest MybeBeeTV interview, or should I say : Conversation should be one with @Jerry Fletcher & @Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer, if they agree of course.
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    16/10/2017 #10 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    #8 I agree completely Jerry it amazes me too how they find so many words to confuse people...a wise man said keep it simple stupid...unfortunately many specialists still donโ€™t understand their best sourf of referrals could be people who have no clue as to what they actually do...lol
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    16/10/2017 #9 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    Ahh thank you Proma , I was very lucky to have such an amazing teacher. He was responsible for rebranding a number of very high profile business brands, personal brands and speech writing to fit with the initial communications documents #7
    Jerry Fletcher
    16/10/2017 #8 Jerry Fletcher
    Nathaniel, Good points all. Many times I find that people just beginning this work are baffled by the difficulty in finding a simple answer to the question "What do you do?" The piece of advice they seem to reflect back from my talks most often is that the answer should be conversation, not a commercial.
    Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    16/10/2017 #7 Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    #4 That's great advice, @Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer. I read your post "Personal branding or not" that talks about these points and a lot more. I will definitely keep these in mind the next time I approach the topic (which is almost always). Thank you!
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    16/10/2017 #6 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    I agree repositioning of your brand and changing direction in your career is not easy. It is certainly possible with some time and effort. The main issue is not with society but actually being able to explain what you do in words that not only explain the key fundamentals but in fact engages the audience long enough so their goldfish brains listen to what you are saying long enough to take action...#5
    Ana-Marรญa Llรกcer Sรกnchez
    16/10/2017 #5 Anonymous
    Well if you are right, it is very important to create a brand but what they do not tell you is how difficult it is to change the course of your professional life.
    Society has changed so much and is changing so rapidly that you sometimes think you are losing your way.
    Best regards.
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    16/10/2017 #4 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    #1 Hi @Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal I did see your blog, but rather than addressing the very good points you make in it decided to share this as it addresses most of the reasons people need to brand themselves. Building your personal brand is something that is achieved through hard work and taking the time to share with the world a few different elements.
    1) What do you do (in words people understand)
    2) What gives you authority and credibility in your marketplace
    3) Why are you different and or better than anyone else
    If you can answer these elements in enough detail then you will be at the beginning of building a personal brand as you now need to put them into words that resonate with your audience and add some magic sauce ;-)
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    16/10/2017 #3 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    #2 Hello Devesh, what is your question?
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    16/10/2017 #2 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    I seek an answer. I have a few inputs , positive inputs. Thanks
    Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    16/10/2017 #1 Proma ๐Ÿ Nautiyal
    What an empowering buzz on personal branding, @Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer! I really like reading your buzzes and following your live videos. I am often asked "Why Personal Branding?" This buzz will be an excellent share to help address their questions regarding personal branding.

    I recently wrote a buzz on "Why Embracing Personal Branding Seems So Difficult To Many? (And How to Overcome it)", it would be great if you could give it a read and let me know what you think of it and if there is anything that I have missed and should address to build on my personal branding efforts. Tagging you on my buzz. Thank you!
  20. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    How to be more successful
    How to be more successfulWe know that success comes withย a lot of challenges and complicationsย at every stage.Here are hard things you will have to do if you want to be successful:1. You have to be able to foresee the future but stay focused on the present.2. You have to...


    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    12/11/2017 #29 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    #24 Thanks @Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador. Great visual of that story. I am going to take this book back off my shelf and read it again.
    Adela Pascual Pascual
    11/11/2017 #28 Adela Pascual Pascual
    Never give up on your dreams
    Candice ๐Ÿ Galek
    25/10/2017 #27 Candice ๐Ÿ Galek
    @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee number 2 really resonates with me. As an entrepreneur you need to always keep yourself in a position that challenges you!
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    24/10/2017 #26 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #25 @Pedro J. Estรฉbanez it is about enhancing your image , well groomed... you don't need expensive clothes.
    Pedro J. Estรฉbanez
    23/10/2017 #25 Pedro J. Estรฉbanez
    I really like these pieces of advice.
    I already do some of them, but have to improve in some others.
    Regarding 10, do you mean 'objectively well, elegant' or dressing consciously, knowing your clothes are something important in your 'avatar', so you can boost through them those personal features you want to?
    Well, I guess that for some individuals those are the same, but for other people?
    Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    18/10/2017 #24 Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    One of my favorites is the story of persistence. Greg S. Reid shares Napoleon Hill's story of RU Darby in this video: https://vimeo.com/40665216 View more
    One of my favorites is the story of persistence. Greg S. Reid shares Napoleon Hill's story of RU Darby in this video: https://vimeo.com/40665216 . Don't give up 3 feet from gold! Close
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    17/10/2017 #23 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    I wanted to add one that I heard at a conference this week. I felt it was worth mentioning. The speaker said the only words he every lived by were those said by his mother, "Do your Best, and Make sure your Having Fun doing it."
    He said that if he wasn't having fun, he was in the wrong vehicle of work and looked for another.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    17/10/2017 #22 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    A question that has a fulfilling answer by the thoughtful @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Tausif Mundrawala
    17/10/2017 #21 Tausif Mundrawala
    I agree with all the aspects in it's entirety. We have to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. Well said because these testing times helps us realize the importance of ourselves. Jewellery couldn't be form unless and until gold is not melt and the diamond not being cut and shaped.

    Thanks for this buzz, @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    17/10/2017 #20 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Precepts to progress properly!
    Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    17/10/2017 #19 Nathaniel Schooler ๐Ÿ›ฉ Brand Marketer
    Agree with all of this @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee thanks for sharing
    Debesh Choudhury
    17/10/2017 #18 Debesh Choudhury
    You are inspiring with your "Never give up your dream: spirit" @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    17/10/2017 #17 Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    #11 "which readers should consider printing out and and reviewing regularly" completely agree to print the listing.
    About the feeling of being uncomfortable being uncomfortable, my ideas are different from those of the rest therefore perhaps undervalued, respectful, that is why I defend them and I go on, I am walking against the current, therefore uncomfortable perhaps, to the rest that wants to make me change my mind (I hope the translator behaves well)
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    17/10/2017 #16 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    If this is the case, then Bebee has such contributors who can turn the negative into positive, provided one has patience :)
    Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    17/10/2017 #15 Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    Great list.
    12 of course. do we not strive to touch it? are not we self-critical of what we do? sure that yes, although there is know to detect when it becomes obsession. We should not fear failure, learn and take momentum again until we reach our goal.
    Jerry Fletcher
    17/10/2017 #14 Jerry Fletcher
    Javier, Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Don't overlook taking time out on occasion just to "smell the roses."
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/10/2017 #13 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee a Great snyopysis on how to be successful. Attitude is everything
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/10/2017 #12 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee Hreat points. Itโ€™s a lot about your mental attitude, staying positive will keep your team upbeat.
    David B. Grinberg
    17/10/2017 #11 David B. Grinberg
    Thank you, Javier, for such an uplifting and inspirational blogging buzz filled with awesome advice! This post is a like a success "cheat sheet" per se, which readers should consider printing out and and reviewing regularly. You include so many powerful points for serious consideration and implementation. In fact, many studies show that positive people are not only happier, but healthier too!
    Personally, I think the most challenging point -- at least for me -- is #2 "You have to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable." Well, one might ask, how does that work? I would say the more one adopts and repeats an initially uncomfortable behavior, habit or trait, the more comfortable one incrementally becomes with it. However, it's the initial adoption and repetition which strikes me as the hardest part. I would welcome any further advice you might have on mastering this principle.
    Lastly, I've always prided myself on being a positive thinker -- especially during challenging times. I would note that it's just as easy to think positively as negatively, to see the proverbial glass half full rather than half empty. Yet this is an "acquired taste" for many people. Therefore, I suggest reading the late Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, informally known as the godfather of positive thinking. His timeless words of wisdom can help anyone become less negative and more positive. Check him out:
    Andrew Young
    17/10/2017 #10 Andrew Young
    Nice article @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee!
  21. Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador


  22. Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
  23. Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
  24. Jim Cody ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
  25. David B. Grinberg
    Please #PrayForLasVegas - No deranged gunman can ever break the American spirit. As the USA grieves for those affected by the massacre in Las Vegas, let's also remember this: Good triumphs over evil. Love triumphs over hate. Unity triumphs over division. God Bless America, home of free and the brave!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’ช https://twitter.com/i/moments/914727306199003136 David B. Grinberg


    Harvey Lloyd
    05/10/2017 #21 Harvey Lloyd
    #19 It is difficult to express the support of direction without hours of research.

    But in the end it comes to one thing. The citizenry needs the ability to protect itself while securing the community form disastrous events such as these.

    Our government's tendency to want to move closer to what we left in jolly ole England is a little scary for me.

    No arms is a great idea as is no nuclear arms. But we are where we are. So the answer must be found somewhere else.

    There is but one key question in this debate and it's not weapons. How can we identify the individuals who are not responsible enough to be a citizen and work within the confines of established law?

    The question is no better than the slippery slope of removing the right to bare arms. But we are facing a challenge to the fundamental elements of our Constitution. Tyranny was always assumed to come from government or foreign lands, not our own society. Our constitution made the assumption that the pursuit of happiness was enough to maintain a balance.

    Over the next few years we will be giving up freedoms for safety. I just want to make sure we are giving up the right freedoms that will increase safety and not agendas.
    Harvey Lloyd
    05/10/2017 #20 Harvey Lloyd
    #19 The founding fathers were deep in discussions of the governmental tyranny of England.. The people of England had no recourse. This sets the stage for the debate of armed citizenry.

    Brought up during these debates was England's presumed right to bare arms that was removed during a period of over lords expanding, eventually the parliament returned the rights back to the people. But their discussion was more towards removing a law not giving people rights. Again laying the ground work of our Constitutional Congress.

    The discussion caused a deadlock of signatures needed. The signatures were gained on the Constitution by the promise that the language as suggested by those seeking the right would be installed in the Bill of Rights. This is why it's the second amendment and not lower.

    In brief arms were given as a right so that the people could rise up against tyranny.

    Needless to say they were considering warfare of their time. I would agree even they would have written them differently had firearms progressed as they have today.
    Bernard Poulin
    05/10/2017 #19 Bernard Poulin
    #18 Though I may be mistaken , the second amendment ( amendment meaning it can be changed) seems to imply from the very hearts of the founders of your nation that arms can be taken up if and when the government (or outside threat) in its (their) idiocy dares take up arms against its (the) people. Is my thinking incorrect on this matter. If so I would honestly appreciate clarification to stop me from being in error. .
    Harvey Lloyd
    04/10/2017 #18 Harvey Lloyd
    #16 I would have to "assume" what "misinterpretation" means in the context it was presented. But i can state that English history coupled with the Constitutional debate leading up to signing and the production of the Bill of Rights are quite clear on what it means.

    There is but one group that is bringing subterfuge those who want something else and those who would have it without understanding the history of the amendment

    We are free to debate a change to this amendment but not a reinterpretation. Because i believe we could reinterpret many of them, a slippery slope.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    04/10/2017 #17 Susan Singer, SCPM
    As of this incident, there were 273 mass shootings in 274 days. Just this year.
    What we need is proactive solutions to cure a sick society.
    Bernard Poulin
    04/10/2017 #16 Bernard Poulin
    As a "fureigner" who holds dear the many American friends he has and who finds the American people some of the most endearing, engaging and wondrous peoples in the world, I am amazed at how misinterpreted and divisive this beloved second amendment is and how fearful I am of the results of such a divisiveness can be to any nation. If anything, this would be the focus of my prayers.
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    03/10/2017 #15 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    #8 Making something illegal will never get rid of a problem. An example of this is drugs. They are illegal, yet more accessible around I live than ever. Indecent people will always find a way to the tools they need.
    I feel the solution is in proper education. I am not taking about public or college, yet at our homes.
    The home is starting foundation of the country. Sadly, many of these are broken. This is where we need to begin to start fixing our problems. It will have a Butterfly effect to every area of the nation. If people only focus at the top, without fixing the foundation, the structure will always break. My duty is as a Husband and Father first. After my children are raised well, then they will be ready for the challenges of their generation.
    Cyndi Docy
    03/10/2017 #14 Cyndi Docy
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    03/10/2017 #13 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    Instead of focusing on one deranged person wreaking havoc in one of the states, let's focus on the remaining 49 ones that enjoy a relative peace and be grateful for that.
    Alanea Kowalski
    03/10/2017 #12 Alanea Kowalski
    Truly horrible and my heart goes out to Vegas. However gun control would go a long way to stopping incidents like this....time America united over banning guns.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    03/10/2017 #11 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    We do love the USA. Best wishes from Madrid
    Harvey Lloyd
    03/10/2017 #10 Harvey Lloyd
    Heavenly Father,
    We come to your dismayed and challenged as we search for answers to how such a thing could happen. We ask that you comfort those who have been affected and that the Holy Spirit will be upon them.

    We ask Lord that this can be brought into perspective and that honor is found so that those left behind can move on.

    Guide those who are bringing comfort and aid. Be with our politicians as they try and find ways to maintain the peace and order.

    We ask all of this in Jesus name.

    Harvey Lloyd
    03/10/2017 #9 Harvey Lloyd
    #8 In a perfect world where law and order were respected i couldn't agree more. Where i struggle is that these "black guns" made illegal will only produce a black market where gunman such as the Las Vegas shooter will have it anyway.

    I am fine with not being able to own one but this will not change the fact that they are still available. We are dealing with people who have removed themselves from humanity and for some reason want to bring great harm to many. They don't have any respect for the law so banning anything is not an impediment. The war on drugs is an example of my thoughts here.

    While we focus on what type of weapon though we are not discussing the real issues. How can people get to a place where they are ok with mass destruction.

    The answer to the question really attacks our civil rights and i myself don't like the answers.

    Guns are out of the proverbial bag. We cant get them back in anymore, we now must deal with the cause of use in commission of crimes. But the political system gets a lot of weight from this argument, meanwhile not having to answer the distasteful question of dealing with the real issues.
    David B. Grinberg
    03/10/2017 #8 David B. Grinberg
    #6 @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven Kudos on your cogent argument in support of the Second Amendment, with which I agree. However, I'm not sure the Founding Fathers would approve of today's modern military-style assault weapons being openly accessible to the general public. The purpose of assault weapons is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible, which is why I believe a federal ban is a prudent measure.
    In fact, when I worked for President Bill Clinton in 1994, the Congress passed -- and the President swiftly signed -- a strict federal ban on assault weapons.
    Unfortunately, when this effective ban expired in 2004, Congress let it lapse and ultimately failed to renew it. This was a wrong-headed move IMHO because assault weapons serve no practical purpose except in the hands of the Armed Forces and law enforcement. That's why now would be an opportune time for Congress to pass similar legislation once again.
    Although advocates of "gun rights" and "gun control" might not agree on much, renewing the prohibition on importing, manufacturing and openly selling military-style assault weapons to the general public would at least be an initial step forward on which to build consensus. Do you agree, kind sir?
    David B. Grinberg
    03/10/2017 #7 David B. Grinberg
    Many thanks for your valuable comments, which are always most appreciated, @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador @@Julio Angel ๐ŸLopez Lopez @Erroll -EL- Warner and @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven. Let's keep all of those impacted by this tragedy in our thoughts and prayers, from the victims to their families and friends. This type of senseless violence against innocent civilians must end!
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    03/10/2017 #6 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    #5 The Founding Fathers, having just broken away from Great Britain, understood the new federal government they were ratifying might one day become just as tyrannical. If it had the authority to control citizen access to firearms, then it could disarm them, just as the British attempted to do. This would make any attempts to restore liberties futile.
    The Second Amendment was specifically included in the Bill of Rights to prevent this.
    James Madison, the father of the Constitution, said in 1789 that โ€œA well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.โ€
    The Founders made it very clear what the Second Amendment means. But if we do not fight against any and all attempts by the feds to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms, then it loses all relevant meaning.
    Yes, there are those who use these tools against the country. This indecent people attack using cars, planes, knifes, chemicals, computers, and more. These methods like guns are just tools. The tools are not the enemy. The indecent people using the tools in that manner are.
    Erroll -EL- Warner
    03/10/2017 #5 Erroll -EL- Warner
    In Europe there are no second amendment. Introduce a referendum to amend the constitution. Get rid of those guns.
    @Julio Angel ๐ŸLopez Lopez
    03/10/2017 #4 @Julio Angel ๐ŸLopez Lopez
    My support for the United States
    @David B. Grinberg
    David B. Grinberg
    03/10/2017 #3 David B. Grinberg
    My view: USA must strike appropriate balance between preserving sacred Second Amendment rights for citizens of goodwill, while also banning military-style assault weapons which have no place in civilized society except with law enforcement and Armed Services ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’ช WHAT'S YOUR TAKE???
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    03/10/2017 #2 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    RT-done! This is a very sad day. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.
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