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Bereavement, Stages of Grief, and Resources - beBee

Bereavement, Stages of Grief, and Resources

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  1. ProducerCyndi wilkins

    Cyndi wilkins

    Frozen In Time
    Frozen In Time"Cut the shit Bill...Wake up! It's Christmas and all your kids are here!"That's my dads favorite nurse Kathy. She knows just how to get a response out of him...however small. I can almost see him smiling and thinking, "Who the hell invited you!"Β The...
  2. Lada 🏑 Prkic
    Help others and doors shall open for you without even expecting them to ever open.

    A gem from the pen of @Ali Anani
    Lada 🏑 Prkic
    The Death of My Brother, but not his great lesson
    www.linkedin.com My brother Eng. Azzam passed away fifteen years ago at the age of 47 suffering from brain cancer. I still remember him walking in my office shortly before his death walking in my office with a...


    Ali Anani
    19/08/2016 #11 Ali Anani
    #9 You shall remain one of my closest brain and heart friends dear @Milos Djukic
    Ali Anani
    19/08/2016 #10 Ali Anani
    #7 A warm heart that doesn't break even if we throw chilled water on it. Yoi are very human @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Milos Djukic
    18/08/2016 #9 Anonymous
    One of my all time favorite posts @Lada 🏑 Prkic. Once again thank you very much dear Ali @Ali Anani for this gem..
    Donald Grandy
    18/08/2016 #8 Donald Grandy
    Great post @Lada 🏑 Prkic. Thank you for sharing this heart felt story, Helping others is the key to many doors..
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    18/08/2016 #7 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    "Help others and doors shall open for you without even expecting them to ever open." ~ This true story truly needs no prose, font, or 'Bold' to make it ring alive. It sinks and sails to the words my father taught us, as he told of giving his jacket off his own back to a homeless man at the railroad track. He just couldn't walk away, or look past. He had to act. "Act." Your brother "Acted" and showed true "Love." And there is nothing that conquers All better than true love. Thank you for sharing such a personal and profound accounting, one that I will share with you every July 5th, as I remember Love that Still lives. For you, your brother, my father, and the anonymous man with big, big eyes.
    Ali Anani
    15/08/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    That is the key wisdom- doors open when most needed and to the point you are @Lada 🏑 Prkic
    Ali Anani
    15/08/2016 #5 Ali Anani
    Thanks dears @Sara Jacobovici and @Deb 🐝 Helfrich. And you are spot on, Deb
    Lada 🏑 Prkic
    15/08/2016 #4 Lada 🏑 Prkic
    #1 I had to share this, @Ali Anani! As Milos Djukic commented, any further words are superfluous.

    I have only to add that my husband did similar thing as your late brother, and the door opened when it was most needed.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    15/08/2016 #3 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    A very touching story about giving and letting the receiving occur when it will, @Ali Anani
    Sara Jacobovici
    15/08/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Great share @Lada 🏑 Prkic. Thank you.
    Ali Anani
    15/08/2016 #1 Ali Anani
    I am deeply grateful for your sharing this particular post dear @Lada 🏑 Prkic. Thank you isn't enough