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Big Ten Conference Athletics

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This hive is dedicated to Big Ten Athletics, including (American) football, basketball, soccer, hockey, wrestling and anything and everything else Big Ten Conference. The Big Ten is one of the premiere college athletic conferences with all member schools of high ranking academic ratings including Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  1. ProducerChristian Menges
    My Response to Recent Joe Pa Hating- Love Trumps Hate; Happy Fathers Day- From My Many Fathers- Dad, Joe Paterno & My Heavenly Father
    My Response to Recent Joe Pa Hating- Love Trumps Hate; Happy Fathers Day- From My Many Fathers- Dad, Joe Paterno & My Heavenly FatherJoe PaternoThe Father of Penn State, 1926-2012 - A Penn State StudentMy Father has had a great impact on my life. He's taught everything many things beginning in my youth from right and wrong, the family sports legacy, the arts and the finer things...


    Christopher Taylor
    20/06/2016 #2 Christopher Taylor
    Sadly, my first comment seem to register here, maybe it will correct itself shortly. Nevertheless, thank you so much for posting this Christian @Christian Menges, it's been a wonderful reminder of all those wisdoms passed down to me from my father - every single one a wealth of experience - some good, some bad... But I'll remember them all. Thank you.
    David Brown
    20/06/2016 #1 David Brown
    I remember my first football games with my father, specially the first one we went to Detroit's Lions game, they were crushed but it is one of the best memories I got from my old man. great share Christian.
  2. Christian Menges
    Not only the best Running Back in the Big Ten but probably in all of college football, Saquon Barkley plays at Penn State.
    Christian Menges
    Most indispensable player: Penn State Nittany Lions
    espn.go.com Saquon Barkley rushed for 1,076 yards and became a crucial late-game presence for the Nittany Lions as a...
  3. Christian Menges
    I'm going to say that Penn State's Saquon Barkley is the most indespensible player in the Big Ten. Penn State has installed a new offensive system this season and with a new QB running the new system they need one of the most amazing Running Backs in the country to rely upon.
    Christian Menges
    Take Two: Who's the Big Ten's best offensive player?
    espn.go.com Ohio State's J.T. Barrett will be the unquestioned starter at Ohio State, but Penn State running back Saquon Barkley impressed in his freshman...