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  1. Serafin Garcia nache
    Serafin Garcia nache
    La biotecnología seduce al capital
    cincodias.com La biotecnología seduce al...
  2. Jose Maria de la Iglesia
    Jose Maria de la Iglesia
    El sector de la biotecnología registra espectaculares subidas en facturación, empleo e inversión en I+D
    prnoticias.com El peso de las empresas biotecnológicas de nuestro país, aumenta. Así lo pone de manifiesto el Informe ASEBIO...
  3. Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

    Biomedical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen,wants to invent the ability to controll technology through a person's eyes. A form of telekinesis. Without touching an object, be able to move an object, be able to turn on an object and be able to control that technology - like a superhuman power.He's not sure if it can work but is going to try, and with the help of Riley - a 13-year-old kid with cerebral palsy.
    Louise Smith
    ABC iview : Catalyst - Episode 15 Becoming Superhuman (Part 1)
    iview.abc.net.au Dr Jordan Nguyen is a biomedical engineer. Riley Saban is a 13-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. Together they develop extraordinary, cutting edge technology that gives young Riley superhuman powers. (Part 1 of...
  4. Jorge Mauricio Gonzalez Campos
    Recurso Genéticos Forestales Jorge Mauricio Gonzalez Campos