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Drinking Water Industry (Water Is Life) - beBee

Drinking Water Industry (Water Is Life)

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  1. Dimitri Nikoladze
    As you know, our country is rich of high-quality underground reserves of drinking water. Our organization is working on mega project. Our aim is to create Georgian natural drinking water industry and export of finished product in international markets, to get and inculcate its place into markets through strategic partners and make profits. In the initial stage I offer you cooperation in the following areas: I cooperate with water plants. I have active production plant/plants, producing bottled drinking water (branded/not branded, but high quality) ready for export. I am actively seeking distributors and investors that are interested to market our product as their (yours) own or partnership for export in their respective countries. In case you are interested in my proposal, I look forward to working with you. Dimitri Nikoladze