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We women know the truth, Everyday we face situations that test our confidence and our patience. We're smart and we know our stuff. Yet they still question our skills. While we're dealing with conflict, diversity, resistance to change and less than motivated employees, we're still fighting that prehistoric male/female bias. BAH.

The Breakout Women Hive is for women who are ready to Take Control and Kickass in Business and in Life!

We'll share insights, experience and lessons. We'll laugh, share ideas and listen to each others' stories. We'll learn to be Queen Bees together:)

Most of all, we'll support each other to be the Breakout Women we were born to be!

Let's Kickass together!

When you join the Hive - please BUZZ with a lesson you've learned from your kick ass life! We can all get to know each other while we support each other too!

  1. ProducerCharlene Burke

    Charlene Burke

    5 Reasons Why a Mastermind Group Might Be Right For You
    5 Reasons Why a Mastermind Group Might Be Right For YouNapoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”The mastermind groups that I facilitate are designed to help...
  2. Dunja Radosavljevic
    Belgrade holiday season Dunja Radosavljevic
  3. ProducerKathy Marcino

    Kathy Marcino

    10 Ways That Squirrels Are Hurting Your Sales
    10 Ways That Squirrels Are Hurting Your Sales❝ How many times have you found yourself starting one project and ended up with 10 more unfinished ones? Truth be told, I sat down to write this article over a month ago and “Squirrel!”  That was the end of that.Shiny Object Syndrome is defined...


    Giampiero Vilardi
    23/11/2016 #7 Giampiero Vilardi
    #6 @Sophie Perrin: we know it works!
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    23/11/2016 #5 Mohammed A. Jawad
    An excellent post that teaches how to abstain from deviations and focus on priorities.
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    23/11/2016 #4 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Good strategies, Kathy. I agree with Sarah Elkins - Chocolate? Yes!
    Sarah Elkins
    22/11/2016 #3 Sarah Elkins
    I have a real problem with Shiny Object Syndrome these days. Kathy Marcino offers some good strategies here:
    Sarah Elkins
    22/11/2016 #2 Sarah Elkins
    Good post here, Kathy. That SOS is a hard one to battle, especially when shiny things are what you really want RIGHT NOW. I like these strategies, so I'll... oh! Chocolate!
    Frank Greenwood
    22/11/2016 #1 Anonymous
    So true! Great read!
  4. Dunja Radosavljevic
    The worst thing a woman can do is betray herself. Awareness helps us not to do that, awareness of our heart and soul and its potentials and desires. Are you willing to live your life knowing there was a dormant life force within you that you never took advantage of, never expressed it, the world never experienced you in your full magnificent power? I wasn’t willing. Even if the journey that I am on, my entrepreneurial journey is not all milk and honey as they say, even though there are moments when I doubt myself and feel I am a total failure and there is no God and I will never make it how I planned it, even then, I would never go back. I would never erase this exquisite growth and discovery I have been on for the last 2 years. And it all started when I realized that coaching might be my Zone of Genius.

    That moment became my new birth, at that moment I felt deeply, and for the first time in my life, that all the aspects of my being finally aligned to its true purpose and way of expressing they were always meant for. All the trauma and hardship became the learning I needed to have in order to understand and have complete compassion with the clients I work with. Had I never experienced it, I wouldn’t be able to provide help and support that people now need. Knowing that I am not afraid of any human emotion makes me stable and calm in the face of my client’s storms and it makes them feel deeply secure and held in a safe space to experience the depth of their souls and come up on the other glorious side – the side only they have, the side of their Genius. And boy, what a humbling and magnificent experience that is!

    Never give up even when it feels damn hard, cos help is always on the way. Believe me, it is.
  5. Dunja Radosavljevic
    Have you always wanted to find your Zone of Genius but didn’t know how, and to be perfectly honest you kind of didn’t really believe that you had it in you.

    Listen up, no matter what you are thinking at the moment, know this, you HAVE a zone of genius! Every single being on this planet has a zone of genius which only they are good at.

    I am launching a brand new course on Nov 28 that will help you find your Zone of Genius in just 4 weeks. And if you are one of the first 5 people to sign up, you will get an amazing bonus of 30 min 1:1 laser coaching with me. Get all the details here -
    Dunja Radosavljevic
    Find Your Zone of Genius Course | 60minutecoach.com
  6. Irene Hackett

    Irene Hackett

    Irene Hackett
  7. ProducerAmy Blaschka

    Amy Blaschka

    Is Your House in Order?
    Is Your House in Order?Last week I awoke from a strange dream. In it, I was barefoot and walking on rich, coffee-colored soil. I entered the home of my "neighbor," a well-known and respected writer whom I admire a great deal. The house was clean and tidy but in...


    CityVP Manjit
    15/11/2016 #3 CityVP Manjit
    #2 Only one major proviso Amy, "made our life truly ours" - the home is a rather special thing, far more than the statement "no place like home". I am no longer an answer to the question "what do you do?" my home is the answer to "what do you love?". Work took meaning away from home, now in the 21st Century, home must take meaning away from work - if this does not happen, then the technological advancements we make in this century is simply an exponential extension of the industrial age.
    Amy Blaschka
    15/11/2016 #2 Amy Blaschka
    #1 Wow, @CityVP Manjit, thank you for sharing your story and for your kind words — I'm so glad my post resonated with you! Sounds like you've listened to your heart and made your life truly yours. Well done!
    CityVP Manjit
    14/11/2016 #1 CityVP Manjit
    Loved the post! One thing I have done well over the last two decades is to focus on foundation first and while that focus means I give up some "greater glories" - much of that thing we like to call "success" simply takes us to other places, working on other plans. I have not tried to "simplify" my life, but ensure home is the place I return to often, if not a lot. I also ensure I appreciate that which is utterly priceless in my home, which is my family.

    What I have given up is living out of a suitcase, moving from airport and hotel, to airport and hotel - for sure I am not directly involved with meeting high-flyers and people at the top of their professional game - but even after the lovely hugs and welcomes, everyone departs back to their respective homes. Half my kids have graduated, the other half are still working their way through university and all of them will have graduated by 2019 - so this time I have with them is ever so important and ever so precious.

    One day all of them will be moving along their respective careers, some will marry and move to new homes, some will still be around, but ALL are committed to remain connected no matter where they are, and with modern technologies, everyone is just one Face-time away. It is a good age to live in - and then there is the arrival of the next generation - another one this year in the form of a second grandson, and that part of the family tree will over time spread its branches also.

    That is why I love this post - I am reading the writings of a true kindred spirit and I dig that - nup scratch that, I love that !
  8. Sarah Elkins

    Sarah Elkins

    I've had this in my head all day today. I'll be singing this song with my band, Spare Change, on NYE in the oldest city in Montana, at one of the most beautiful restored historic hotels in the state:
    Pink Martini Live at Stern Grove Festival
    Pink Martini Live at Stern Grove Festival Pink Martini performing "Hang On, Little Tomato" live at Stern Grove Festival, August 11,...
  9. ProducerDeb Helfrich

    Deb Helfrich

    The Downward Search for Nuance
    The Downward Search for NuanceLooking down on it, as I so often do, the room seems alive. A bit dark, but that's only because the man who lives there has went out to get dinner and has shut all the windows and doors, save mine, so as to guard against burglary. Normally it is...


    Deb Helfrich
    13/11/2016 #32 Deb Helfrich
    #31 Thanks for that spot-on comment, @Praveen Raj Gullepalli. It was indeed a story about many stories floating around simultaneously as I was in that turbulent transition to adulthood.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    13/11/2016 #31 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    That's a lot of stories in there dear Deb. You do make us look through your eyes in such clear detail! Great share!
    Fatima Williams
    10/11/2016 #30 Fatima Williams
    #16 Thank you Deb I should say your attention to detail is spectacular. And its proven with this buzz you quote "Where what unfolds is tidy and planned and deeply full of meaning." It's up to us to unfold the meaning that opens up a different world than what we are accustomed to.
    jesse kaellis
    10/11/2016 #29 jesse kaellis
    Yeah, it lit me up. Did I wonder, why? A dog. So what? But they were kids. Just playing. I like kids -- lots of energy. Thanks, Deb.
    Deb Helfrich
    10/11/2016 #28 Deb Helfrich
    #27 Electric is a good word for the feeling when those first few words auto-translate in your brain? I've never studied Spanish. I just went to Madrid based on a friend, worked in an International Development Bank where 90% of the work going on around me was in Spanish, and now I copy and paste buzzes and increase my vocab daily....
    jesse kaellis
    10/11/2016 #27 jesse kaellis
    I've never been anywhere Deb. Just the USA and Canada. Going to Mexico will be my first time in a country where the native tongue is not English. I was taking Spanish lessons when I lived in LA, for a little while. I lived in a Hispanic neighborhood. I walked by an alley where kids were playing in the back of a house. One kid -- "Perro!" Dog. I was electrified, illuminated. A jumble of Spanish and a word came through. I'm committed to learning Spanish when I get back. Finally. I like the language.
    Deb Helfrich
    10/11/2016 #26 Deb Helfrich
    #24 #25 An intricate non-American....those words really make me smile! In both France and Spain, on my first trip out of the country, I was comically thought to be Irish on a few occasions... the red hair does tend to create the illusion, but I am quite proud to not sound like an American when it comes to an openness of mind and willingness to observe how to be as local as feasible....and lately the Hondurans and Brazilians have also been a bit confused as to my origins since I wield a great copy and paste!

    It's all down to books - to reading giving me the gift of being a citizen of the world.
    Dean Owen
    10/11/2016 #25 Dean Owen
    I thought you were American, but the writing suggests a bit of England and Australia for some reason. HE sure sounds a bit like Mark Rothko....
    jesse kaellis
    10/11/2016 #24 jesse kaellis
    Your piece was intricate, Deb. Totally different than what I do but I appreciated it just the same. It was good and you are a very good writer.
    Deb Helfrich
    09/11/2016 #23 Deb Helfrich
    #22 It is great to know that construction grabbed you, @jesse kaellis. I meant to force a sense of dislocation and blur the vantage point. Was she dreaming, lying, writing, watching - perhaps all at the same time.
    jesse kaellis
    09/11/2016 #22 jesse kaellis
    I like this, Deb. "I decided it needed a name besides 'there,' so I started calling it home." That's a surprise that grounds the reader.
    From my interview: "I’m looking for that payoff, and it could be one sentence or even a word."
    See the genius there, Deb? It can be something simple, the right word in the right place.
    Deb Helfrich
    09/11/2016 #21 Deb Helfrich
    #19 Thanks so much, @David B. Grinberg. One never knows what might be lurking in mementos of the past...
    Deb Helfrich
    09/11/2016 #20 Deb Helfrich
    #18 Timing! Ohhh, I dwell in that saying. Most especially because I was trying to highlight the life that occurs in the process of a painting on a wall or a book on a shelf or a career in the making. But then certain works transcend their own time... life is so many things all at the same time.
    David B. Grinberg
    09/11/2016 #19 David B. Grinberg
    Very interesting and well written, Deb. Why am I not surprised? Buzzing onward and upward!
    Laura Mikolaitis
    09/11/2016 #18 Laura Mikolaitis
    #7 @Deb Helfrich, thank you for the mention and your kind words. They say that timing is everything so I am glad that my most recent pieces evoked emotion in you; and brought you here with this beautiful piece of artistry. The imagery and narration is captivating and you transport the reader to another place in time. There's magic in selecting just the right colors for your palette and then mixing them together to bring a canvas to life. The richness of the pigment - and sometimes the dullness of it - can combine together to create something completely different than the artist may have intended. That's the beauty in pigments, and in life, the mediums that we can add to it to create a tapestry that we come to know as life. Thank you, Deb. This piece brought me to a special place today. One that was much needed.
    Deb Helfrich
    09/11/2016 #17 Deb Helfrich
    #15 Much obliged, @Sarah Elkins. It is about trying on various ways of taking part in the world, especially from the vantage point of someone with the opportunity to reflect on the jumble of things going on around us.
    Deb Helfrich
    09/11/2016 #16 Deb Helfrich
    #13 It is incredible to hear, @Fatima Williams, that I was able to transport you to another time in your life. Most of us have had those transitions where we felt an outsider, a watcher and not a participator. And in my case, being a spectator invokes that sense of being in the cheap seats watching a magnificent performance spread out below, where what unfolds is tidy and planned and deeply full of meaning.
    Sarah Elkins
    09/11/2016 #15 Sarah Elkins
    I felt like I was right there with the narrator, @Deb Helfrich, I fell deeply into her fantasty! Great story.
    Irene Hackett
    09/11/2016 #14 Anonymous
    #11 Yes, Art is like that. The one who views it perceives something quite meaningful, sometimes worlds apart from its original expression, and yet deep in feeling. I am SO looking forward to that Paris piece!!!
    Fatima Williams
    09/11/2016 #13 Fatima Williams
    I second Irene's comment This is almost a masterpiece. I felt like the girl in the balcony and I was transported to another time in my life. Thank you @Deb Helfrich Keep them coming . I need to reread this again These memories we have are treasures and we all have something to learn from every place that created the memory.
  10. ProducerLaura Mikolaitis
    No Longer A Visitor
    No Longer A Visitor“Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, it’s understanding the necessity of both; it’s engaging. It’s being all in.”  ~ Brene BrownSigns are everywhere and late this summer as I was nearing the last half mile of my evening workout, I came...


    Shubhanshu Garg
    15/11/2016 #20 Shubhanshu Garg
    #17 Laura Milko;aitis. I am available to speak anytime you are available. Please let me know your availability and then we can speak.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    10/11/2016 #19 Laura Mikolaitis
    #16 Thanks @Don Kerr. Not always easy to do, but I find that there is no harm in trying. And usually, I am glad that I did. It's especially hard when the world around you is filled with negative vibes, but I fight awfully hard to find the positive because I hate when I let myself get sucked into that vortex. I appreciate you stopping by.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    10/11/2016 #18 Laura Mikolaitis
    #15 @Graham Edwards 🐝, thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it. Wishing you a good day!
    Laura Mikolaitis
    10/11/2016 #17 Laura Mikolaitis
    #14 Yes, we should do that one of these days @Shubhanshu Garg. Have a great rest of the week!
    Don Kerr
    09/11/2016 #16 Don Kerr
    "Today I can tell you that I have experienced victory and defeat and I do understand the necessity of both - there are lessons in each. Some are easier to comprehend then others. It's important to feel both, to know both, to appreciate both. Some of my greatest successes have come from my worst defeats."
    Too right. Live for the present moment, turn toward adversity, acknowledge your self worth. Good on 'ya @Laura Mikolaitis
    Graham Edwards 🐝
    09/11/2016 #15 Graham Edwards 🐝
    Today I can tell you I really liked reading this @Laura Mikolaitis. Thank you!
    Shubhanshu Garg
    09/11/2016 #14 Shubhanshu Garg
    #13 I am doing very well Laura. Hope the same for you. Let's connect sometime and speak for a while. Kindly suggest.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    08/11/2016 #13 Laura Mikolaitis
    #8 @Shubhanshu Garg, thank you! How are you? It's good to see you here in the comments, and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Wishing you well!
    Laura Mikolaitis
    08/11/2016 #12 Laura Mikolaitis
    #7 @debasish majumder, thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this buzz.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    08/11/2016 #11 Laura Mikolaitis
    #6 @Irene Hackett, thank you! You made my day. I'm learning that when the words flow, just go with it. I'm feeling really inspired too which certainly helps, and I believe I am becoming more comfortable with my writer self. And that makes me happy.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    08/11/2016 #10 Laura Mikolaitis
    #5 @Ken Boddie, thank you for such a thoughtful comment and kind words. You made me smile and put a skip in my step. Writing is cathartic for me but it's also what I enjoy doing and would love to do full time (or even part time) some day. My day job is challenging to say the least, but there are parts of it that I enjoy so writing for me is a good balance; and it's an opportunity to do what I love.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    08/11/2016 #9 Laura Mikolaitis
    #4 Thank you @Pascal Derrien 🐝, I'm ever a work in progress, but proud of the changes that I've made and how far I've come.
    Shubhanshu Garg
    08/11/2016 #8 Shubhanshu Garg
    Good to read..
    debasish majumder
    08/11/2016 #7 debasish majumder
    lovely insight @Laura Mikolaitis! enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post.
    Irene Hackett
    08/11/2016 #6 Anonymous
    I enjoy the way you walk us through your life. Your writing is as close to being face-to-face that writing can be!
    Ken Boddie
    08/11/2016 #5 Ken Boddie
    The best buzzes for me, Laura, are the ones like this that are effortless to read, hook me in and won't let me stop till the end. The ones written without pretence or to impress. The ones I come away from thinking "I know this person a little bit better now". Thanks for opening a window on your day, Laura, and on yourself.
    Pascal Derrien 🐝
    08/11/2016 #4 Pascal Derrien 🐝
    being strongly vulnerable is an asset in life when one decides to go past the initial inhibitions blocks... :-) well done YOU
    Deb Helfrich
    08/11/2016 #3 Deb Helfrich
    #2 I resisted coming online for so long and it is still a little strange how quickly I found a way to contribute just by being me. I definitely thought I'd be a visitor to social media.... but maybe it was that lack of expectations that freed me up to not just do what others were doing. It is quite a zen practice to respond to what arrives in the feed. Seeing the ebb and flow of people and ideas and not staying attached to any one, so that the meaningful can ripen and bloom into.... lessons.

    Ironically, that is what happened with my book. Random snippets started to add up to themes and patterns and chapters and ultimately a tale.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    08/11/2016 #2 Laura Mikolaitis
    "Life is nothing but lessons" - how true @Deb Helfrich! The interesting thing is that ever since I saw that sign and took the picture of it, it's been on my mind. I knew that there was a post in there but I didn't connect the dots at first. But the more I thought about it, the clearer it became. I believe that I needed to open my mind too -get rid of the inhibition and free myself to write. Many nights I come upon little things that I think "hey, I should write about that" and then I dismiss it. But I'm learning (slowly) that some things shouldn't be dismissed - they should be written about. i"m also finding that there is connectivity everywhere. We just need to stop and take the time to see it through. Thanks for your comments and your support. I truly appreciate it. You are one of the reasons I started becoming an active engager - so thank you. You've helped lead me to here.
    Deb Helfrich
    07/11/2016 #1 Deb Helfrich
    This is a big, juicy, meaningful post, @Laura Mikolaitis, started by a tiny sign. Life is nothing but lessons. The obvious thing that we struggle to understand is that they aren't presented in nice little packages prepared to tick off the next module in the lesson plan. Each lesson in life is dynamic and changeable, just as the conditions of life. We are the choosers of our own life lessons.
  11. Dunja Radosavljevic
    50% OFF FLASH SALE FOR COACHES ONLY: If you have been following me for a while and feeling my messages and videos resonate within the depth of your soul, and you wanted to get a taste of what’s it like to work with me and experience the fast transformation I am able to facilitate for you in your business, today is your lucky day. Get my signature 60 minute breakthrough session for 50% off, so instead of $450, you pay only $225. This flash sale is valid until Monday Nov 7 midnight EST. https://www.facebook.com/60minutecoachdunjaradosavljevic/posts/1268496773193832
  12. Chris Dixon

    Chris Dixon

    Too much homework and not enough beBee can spur this chick into bold comunity endeavors. Feel free to take a peek at a the beginnings of something wonderful. Questions and comments are welcome, thanks!
    Reinvention Welcome to Reinvention, a beBee community hive for members seeking information and support. We welcome people from all walks of life, and and from all stages of personal and professional growth. Sometimes in life, one is faced with circumstances


    Chris Dixon
    12/11/2016 #4 Chris Dixon
    #3 Lifestyle, too? @Lisa Gallagher, I cannot thank you enough. ::humbled::
    Lisa Gallagher
    12/11/2016 #3 Lisa Gallagher
    Reposted to my followers first, then the lifestyle hive!
    Aurorasa Sima
    06/11/2016 #2 Aurorasa Sima
    #1 You can still share it after you posted.
    Chris Dixon
    06/11/2016 #1 Chris Dixon
    In my enthsiasm, I mistakenly shared this to only one hive. Please note that Reinvention hive is open to men and women equally. Cheers!
  13. ProducerAmy Blaschka

    Amy Blaschka

    A Friendly Reminder: Use Your Time Wisely and Intentionally
    A Friendly Reminder: Use Your Time Wisely and IntentionallyImage via https://www.su.edu/blog/2014/04/22/the-institute-for-entrepreneurship-drawing-a-line-in-the-sand/ Earlier this week I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with a good friend whom I...


    Amy Blaschka
    04/11/2016 #3 Amy Blaschka
    Thanks for the share, @Javier beBee!
    Amy Blaschka
    04/11/2016 #2 Amy Blaschka
    #1 Well said, @mohammed khalaf!
    mohammed khalaf
    04/11/2016 #1 mohammed khalaf
    Treat your guests with genuine care, anticipate their needs, shower them with generosity, go out of your way for them, respect them regardless and always celebrate them! True hospitality will crate "craving" fans of your LIFE who will never leave you.
  14. Dunja Radosavljevic
    the best violinist ever Maxim Vengerov whom I met and spent a day visiting refugee camps in Serbia in 2001 when I used to work for UNICEF and he was the UN Good Will Ambassador and I heard him rehearse and perform live in Belgrade. He is a divine and beautiful soul and an amazing performer. Just listen to this - and tell me that this melody is not the epithomy of transformation of dark into light. It brings tears to my eyes. What music moves your soul?
    Saint-Saens - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (Maxim Vengerov)
    Saint-Saens - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (Maxim Vengerov) Camille Saint-Saëns "Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso" in A minor for violin & orchestra, Op. 28 interpreted by Maxim...
  15. Antoinette Capasso-Backdahl
    Griffin House - The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind (Bing Lounge)
    Griffin House - The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind (Bing Lounge) August 16, 2012 - Griffin House with "The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind" in the Bing Lounge at 101.9 KINK.FM. Portland, OR. Presented by...
  16. ProducerAurorasa Sima

    Aurorasa Sima

    Women In Trees - A Mystery?
    Women In Trees - A Mystery?Tickling your phantasyI came across a photo series, published in the German magazine "Stern". Of women in trees (in Germany). Yes, women in trees. The pictures below are part of a photo book by Jochen Raiß with over 100 pictures (Publisher: Hatje...


    Paul Walters
    27/11/2016 #18 Paul Walters
    @Aurorasa Sima have to agree with david, me thinks it was a way of avoiding suitors or simply attracting men ...its just a 'phantasy" of mine !!!
    Aurorasa Sima
    14/11/2016 #17 Aurorasa Sima
    #16 You might be right, dear Prav but we will never know. That is what I find so exciting about this mystery (:
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    13/11/2016 #16 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    What is it with the trees dear Aura!? You will not see a single Indian movie without a song and dance of the leading pair gamboling around trees
    trunks and trees! ;) A lady up a tree probably is a kind of a hint for a he....? mebbe jus mebbe? ;)
    Aurorasa Sima
    11/11/2016 #15 Aurorasa Sima
    #14 Thank you for sharing your idea, Gert. Maybe it´s as simple as that. Phil mentioned that the old-fashioned clothing might add to the mystery.
    Gert Scholtz
    10/11/2016 #14 Gert Scholtz
    @Aurorasa Sima Intriguing post Aurorasa. Maybe the act of getting into a tree was an escape from the mundane, or quest for excitement. I really don't know but I do find this a fun post. Thank you.
    Aurorasa Sima
    09/11/2016 #13 Aurorasa Sima
    #11 Maybe that is the explanation. After 30 years the trend seems to have stopped. But even during World War women continued to make those pictures and one wonders if they somehow communicated about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this, Ali, I am very interested in them.
    Aurorasa Sima
    09/11/2016 #12 Aurorasa Sima
    #10 Looking forward to it, @Sarah Elkins. @Irene Hackett has also promised to contribute an Irene in the Tree pic
    Ali Anani
    09/11/2016 #11 Ali Anani
    May be women wanted to feel it before they reach the tree heights. SItting high was their source of joy. May be!
    Sarah Elkins
    09/11/2016 #10 Sarah Elkins
    Love this, Aurorasa! I've been climbing trees my entire life, so it's no surprise to me that other women find joy and entertainment there. I'll see if I can find a picture!
    Aurorasa Sima
    04/11/2016 #9 Aurorasa Sima
    #4 You will be featured in my blog. Can´t wait for my Irene in the tree pic (:
    Aurorasa Sima
    04/11/2016 #8 Aurorasa Sima
    #5 Hahaha, well that would explain the baby boom back then and why the number of children has gone down. (:
    Aurorasa Sima
    04/11/2016 #7 Aurorasa Sima
    #6 I also think hey were goofing around and that we are witnessing the first flashmob. No idea how they communicated. The pictures have not been features in newspapers.
    Phil Friedman
    03/11/2016 #6 Phil Friedman
    I would not want to read what Freud might have said about women climbing trees with their names written on their backsides. Maybe we should ask @Candice Galek. Seriously, I think that it was the different style of clothing that obscures from us the humor in their actions. Chances are they were just goofing off for the camera, but we don't see that because of expectations based on fashion.
    David B. Grinberg
    03/11/2016 #5 David B. Grinberg
    Nice photos and interesting question, Aurorasa. My first guess is that the women in trees were trying to hide or flee from their male suitors (lol).
    Irene Hackett
    03/11/2016 #4 Anonymous
    Wow - I gotta get climbing and get my husband to take a picture of me to share on beBee! I love it!! 😁😁
    Aurorasa Sima
    03/11/2016 #3 Aurorasa Sima
    #2 Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Or it was just the world´s first flash mob. It would be interesting to know how they communicated about this. If one person found 100 pictures on flea markets there must be thousands.
    debasish majumder
    03/11/2016 #2 debasish majumder
    i guess, women and trees both are pristine source of our very existence. nice share @Aurorasa Sima. enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post which bears the eloquence significance of women and their symbolic gesture of the progress of humanity.
  17. ProducerLaura Mikolaitis
    The Relevance of Numbers
    The Relevance of Numbers15, 30, 30, 50000. It's not a math quiz, an equation, a code or the combination to the safe housing a secret fortune. It's not the winning lottery numbers either. I suppose they could be any of these things but a) I'm not psychic and b) I'm no...


    Laura Mikolaitis
    07/11/2016 #16 Laura Mikolaitis
    #13 @Ken Boddie, thank you! I took your advice, by the way. I read your comment and thought "he's right." So when I sat down to write on Saturday and then again on Sunday, I just wrote. And I exceeded my goal both nights. I'm 7 days into this journey and I'm learning to just give in to the words and write. If nothing else, I'm building a spring board for something else. Like I mentioned to Lisa in my reply to her, at the end of this I will have clay to mold. It's my first time doing something like this, but if I don't try then I've already surrendered. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement - it is greatly appreciated!
    Laura Mikolaitis
    07/11/2016 #15 Laura Mikolaitis
    #12 Thank you, @Lisa Gallagher. I can relate to having that fuzzy feeling in your head. I've let many distractions impede me from writing: bad days, bad moods, not enough time, feeling tired - and the list goes on. But this exercise is teaching me a habit and you know what, I am beginning to feel like it's a normal part of my day. I have no outline for what I am writing, it really is stream of consciousness. I don't even know if it makes sense. But, as my friend so aptly pointed out to me today, at least at the end of this chapter I will have clay to mold; which is more than I had when I started. And for me, that's what it is about. Creating the habit, learning the discipline, expending the time. Thank you, always, for your support.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    07/11/2016 #14 Laura Mikolaitis
    #11 Thank you @debasish majumder, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.
    Ken Boddie
    05/11/2016 #13 Ken Boddie
    I don't know you, Laura, but one thing I've concluded in a short time is that YOU CAN WRITE, lady! If I may be so bold as to offer advice ..... I would stop counting words and minutes and just commit to daily writing. This reduces the hurdle to removing distraction and just doing it. Personally, when I'm on a mission I'm in the zone and I keep going for as long as the real world allows. I wish you focus and no distractions. Get on and break a leg.
    Lisa Gallagher
    05/11/2016 #12 Lisa Gallagher
    Good for you @Laura Mikolaitis! Your an excellent writer, I've always enjoyed reading your pieces. You've got this! I don't plan to write a novel but I do need to set a goal to write more frequently. My mind has been a bit numb lately and it's hard to draw out thoughts when it's so foggy up there. I love how you broke apart the numbers, you DO see this as attainable. One day at time! I will be cheering for you.
    debasish majumder
    05/11/2016 #11 debasish majumder
    lovely insight! enjoyed read. thank you @Laura Mikolaitis for the share.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    04/11/2016 #10 Laura Mikolaitis
    #9 Indeed it is @Graham Edwards 🐝! I love that book by Brene Brown. It's one of the reasons I've been able to accept my vulnerabilities and take those leaps forward. Thanks for your comments. I just put Day 3 of the challenge in the books. It is such a fun experience to just write. I'm trying to keep my inhibitions at bay and enjoy each moment that I get to sit and write.
    Graham Edwards 🐝
    04/11/2016 #9 Graham Edwards 🐝
    It's all about daring greatly @Laura Mikolaitis.... ENJOY !!!
    Laura Mikolaitis
    04/11/2016 #8 Laura Mikolaitis
    #7 Thanks @Don Kerr! Day 3 and good so far. Almost to my word count for the day.
    Don Kerr
    04/11/2016 #7 Don Kerr
    Deb Helfrich
    03/11/2016 #5 Deb Helfrich
    Are you taking the write a novel challenge in November? @Laura Mikolaitis is going for it. We'd love to see who else is.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    03/11/2016 #4 Laura Mikolaitis
    Thanks @Deb Helfrich! I'm really writing by stream of consciousness and honestly, I'm not sure if any of it makes sense but I had an idea awhile back that I used as my spring board. I'm definitely weaving a tale and, if nothing else, at the end of November I will have something. From there, I can start editing and see how it ends up. It's definitely a worth while exercise to keep the brain stimulated. Thanks for reading and sharing with me in the comments. I feel like my last couple of posts have gotten a bit lost on here, but you seem to be finding them - so thank you!
    Deb Helfrich
    02/11/2016 #3 Deb Helfrich
    Yay, yay, yay! I know I am excited to see what transpires over this month of your commitment, @Laura Mikolaitis.

    One thing I know from writing my memoir is that I had to give up my thoughts on linearity. It was a story, it happened to me. I wasn't writing some confusing mystery with all sorts of time jumps. YET. Some days what arose for me to write about was something completely out of sequence. I remember the day when I opened the document - it was around 50 pages. Getting too big to navigate by memory and I thought I was failing..... but I stuck with it, and soon the time to cut and paste and get things in order and develop the narrative arose. Always believe. And don't knock research. Since my book was about my dogs, I had a rationale for wanting to add in some facts. A burst of writing always came after research. That whole fresh perspective thing.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    02/11/2016 #2 Laura Mikolaitis
    #1 @Deb Helfrich, I'm not sure where the words are coming from lately, but I'm going with it. I've had much on my mind of late and I suspect that is feeding into my inspiration. I've also tried to let my inhibitions go and simply write. And that has made a world of difference. Of course, that also means peeling back those layers a little more each time. But that's part of growing and evolving as a person and, dare I say, writer.
    Deb Helfrich
    02/11/2016 #1 Deb Helfrich
    It must be me, but almost every time you post, I seem to refresh my browser and your buzzes say Now! I am still living with the soup pot, unable to say anything only feel.
  18. ProducerDavid B. Grinberg
    Daylight Saving Time: Early Birds vs. Night Owls
    Daylight Saving Time: Early Birds vs. Night OwlsWe've all heard the famous 17th century English phrase, "The early bird catches the worm." But this is not necessarily true for everyone, especially in today's high-tech modern world. Therefore, I pose these questions:Are you an early...


    Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    07/11/2016 #50 Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    Hola Mr David,

    you talk me not know what are the problem with Karen Anne kramer.

    Hmmm she are good lady, maybe beBee delete profile.

    She will help me plus contact with me hmmm
    Thanks very much
    David B. Grinberg
    07/11/2016 #49 David B. Grinberg
    #48 Thanks for your message @Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes. I think @John White, MBA or @Federico Álvarez San Martín can best explain what the issue was with Karen Anne Kramer, as I'm not up to date on that situation. I think it was a fake profile.
    Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    07/11/2016 #48 Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    Hi Mr David B,
    You know because Mrs Karen Anne Kamer, are not more on beBee?.

    She are one Super really friends, she will me help with bad inglés.

    Can you talk me yes or not know what are the problem with Mrs Karen Anne Kramer.

    I am missing she.

    Thanks and blessings
    Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    07/11/2016 #47 Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    Hello Mr David B,

    I'm like now to much this hour a clock, and talk again to you ja ja ja ja ja, with humor Bing.

    Tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac .
    plus have you one Powerful energetic vibrations and to much existing / Éxitos.

    You are very Simpatiche tipo.

    From Spain Alicante, blessing.
    Javier beBee
    07/11/2016 #46 Javier beBee
    #42 @David B. Grinberg beBee will have a powerful tool to make collaborative stories & articles soon :-)
    Aurorasa Sima
    07/11/2016 #45 Aurorasa Sima
    #44 In Germany they made studies and discovered that after a change the number of accidents is higher on the next day. Our biorhythm does not embrace this kind of change.

    Because working hours are not 9 - 5pm for many anymore, it also does not save money.
    Jan Barbosa
    07/11/2016 #44 Jan Barbosa
    Im NOT fan of Daylight Saving Time... Once I set my routine i keep at it.. dislike sudden changes... ( Guess That Makes Me An Old Person ??? ) :D
    David B. Grinberg
    07/11/2016 #43 David B. Grinberg
    @Elizabeth Bailey, brilliant thinking about the "little message" - cheers! @Karin Sebelin @Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes always great to hear from you. @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira what an amazing idea of "building a small power generator by means of magnetism." That would be great. @Ali Anani, hope you're feeling better. I love your buzz, "Is Time Fractal?" @CityVP Manjit: yes, more light has positive health benefits. May the sun shine brightly on all bees!
    David B. Grinberg
    07/11/2016 #42 David B. Grinberg
    Many thanks for all of the awesome feedback, which is very much appreciated! @Alexa Steele: that video is hilarious. I love John Oliver's show. @Pamela L. Williams, I like your idea to "customize the sun to each person's wishes." I'm on it...@David Navarro López, this post was inspired by what @Javier beBee wrote about Spain. @Sushmita Thakare Jain, glad to know I'm in good company.
    Pamela L. Williams
    06/11/2016 #41 Pamela L. Williams
    I asked myself this question this week. Since my latest contract started I have been driving to work in the dark, with few on the road. Since I use mainly back roads to get there it can be pretty dark. But now the alternative; I'm will be driving home in the dark with a lot of other cars on the road. I'm a morning person, love the light in the morning, but considering some of the crazy drivers I encounter, I'm thinking; maybe this year I would rather not drive home in the dark. :-) Too bad we can't customize the sun to each person's wishes :-)
    Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    05/11/2016 #40 Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    Upssss Angay come on, Tic tac tic tac tic tac.

    Ja ja ja ja

    David Navarro López
    05/11/2016 #39 Anonymous
    I was a night owl some years ago, but I feel much better since 4 years or so when I realized that I was much more productive in the early morning hours when I am fresh than at the end of the day when I am quite tired. I really enjoy getting up really early, sometimes earlier in my free days than in working days. It works for me, and it does not mean it is this way in all cases.
    Concerning to the DST thing, I am sure that if experts can come with numbers to demonstrate the energy savings, better productivity, and health, it is very likely going to be like they say. In the case of Spain, some time ago @Javier beBee wrote a buzz about what we do in Spain with it, which is completely wrong since the times of Franco and his German mate, because we should be in time with greenwich and not one hour later like Germany or Italy. So we miss the benefits of the DST thing, but oh, we are european (or they say so)
    Sushmita Thakare Jain
    05/11/2016 #38 Sushmita Thakare Jain
    @David B. Grinberg I must confess of being an night owl, but when it is necessary to wake up early I manage it out! Was a thought provoking post with inspiring pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    Elizabeth Bailey
    04/11/2016 #37 Elizabeth Bailey
    Thought provoking article and very topical. Here in North Wales, UK by the time the clocks "fall back" it's dark when I get up at 6am regardless of the change and it's really only those few weeks each side of the summer solstice that it's still light when I go to bed. Whilst I do miss the daylight generally during the winter months, the clock changes seem to make little difference to me, I just run round the house changing the ones that don't do it themselves and try to carry on like nothing's happened wondering why I'm hungry earlier than usual for a day or 2. The one thing I would change is having a little message on my phone that says "Yes, your clock has been adjusted to BST (or GMT) " to save that split second panic when I wonder "has it? hasn't it?" and rush downstairs to turn on the TV just to check.
    Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes
    04/11/2016 #35 Maria Teresa Redondo Infantes

    Tic tac tic tac.
    Energetic end week
    Mohammed Sultan
    03/11/2016 #34 Mohammed Sultan
    O Summer Sun ,what an hour shall fate? only human noise and busy glittering street or what delights ever to equal these ;only to taste the warmth ,the light and moving trees.With an hour more or an hour less ,only to be a live and feel that life is sweet.You shouldn't run counter your creator's own will because HE has given us the choice to live well.Nature is the real master of time management,dear @ David B.Grinberg.You either be an early bee or a late owl.whatever the joys of long hours sleep ,they vanish with the day light.
    Flávio Rodrigues Vieira
    03/11/2016 #33 Flávio Rodrigues Vieira
    @David B. Grinberg liked your article in a general scope, but do not agree with the summer time, it's only to save energy, but do not believe anything anyone talk about energy, after what happened to Tesla, in my country, power wires are placed in towers, my brother is an electrical engineer, working on a major international power company, the only reason not to put the wires on the floor out, what would generate major savings for the company and for the people, the answer? many earn tuition fee with the purchase of material, as soon as a system that generates maintenance is not feasible, I am building a small power generator by means of magnetism, if you can, never pay for energy in my life!
    Ali Anani
    03/11/2016 #32 Ali Anani
    @David B. Grinberg- great buzz and I agree with it and your previous comment. I share same views as symbolized by my buzz titled :Is Time Fractal? This means the spacetime is one unit and time alone without reference to the space is a reductionist approach. Shared
    David B. Grinberg
    03/11/2016 #31 David B. Grinberg
    #8 @Chas Wyatt Thanks for your valuable comments. I agree with your astute observation that, "Our measurement of time is abstract and illusional..." -- that's a great point to explore further. This is particularly relevant when considering "time" from the vantage point of cosmic time and Einstein's space-time continuum, in which both space and time are one unit forming the fabric of the universe. But perhaps that's for another blog post. I recall reading about a primitive culture somewhere that doesn't even believe in time, much less act upon it. I think the bottom line is that time is relative depending on the person making the observation and considering the larger context. cc: @Ali Anani @Milos Djukic @Aurorasa Sima @Irene Hackett @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira
    David B. Grinberg
    03/11/2016 #29 David B. Grinberg
    #9 I agree with you about a shorter work day and work week @Phil Friedman, like many countries across Europe have adopted. But that's an issue for another blog post. I wrote something previously here about work-life balance (maybe you read it). I wish you calm seas, captain!
  19. ProducerNoah Carmichael, MBA
    5 Reasons You're Not Making Progress
    5 Reasons You're Not Making ProgressLife can be frustrating, especially when you know you could be doing much better. You might be intelligent, friendly, and talented, but still fail to make significant progress in your life. Avoid confusing potential with results. No matter how...


    Tausif Mundrawala
    21/11/2016 #8 Tausif Mundrawala
    Unless and until we are not self aware we can't achieve anything. Even if we are self-aware we need to define ourselves. We waste lot of time eavesdropping and taking interest in others life in the form of gossip, jealously etc. We need to be disciplined enough to use out time fruitfully and by not taking ourselves granted. Welcome to this wonderful world of bees, Noah.
    Kevin Pashuk
    31/10/2016 #7 Kevin Pashuk
    Some sage advice Noah.
    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #6 Sarah Elkins
    I suffer from #3 more than the others. How about you?
    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #5 Sarah Elkins
    #3 is always tricky for me, Noah. Thanks for this article.
    Fatima Williams
    31/10/2016 #4 Fatima Williams
    Welcome to beBee land Noah
    Deb Helfrich
    31/10/2016 #3 Deb Helfrich
    @Noah Carmichael, MBA is a New bee who has some great thoughts and useful tips about Why Progress is Difficult.
    Deb Helfrich
    29/10/2016 #1 Deb Helfrich
    Really useful article, @Noah Carmichael, MBA. Welcome to beBee.
  20. ProducerSarah Elkins

    Sarah Elkins

    Opportunities Lost and Found
    Opportunities Lost and FoundOur global community is at a major crossroads. Thanks to our communication network and social media platforms, we are more connected than we've ever been. And yet, we seem to be more desperate for real, solid, valuable relationships.Suicide rates...


    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #7 Sarah Elkins
    #5 And to answer your question (oops), it's most of what you mention, but I'm not convinced of #3. Self-absorbed, yes, but I think given an opportunity, most of us care passionately about things that impact our lives. I also think the pendulum on that behavior is starting to swing the other direction, based on the reading I've been doing about the growth of business models that include sustainability, employee engagement, and personal responsibility strategies. Yes, I'm an optimist, I own that!
    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #6 Sarah Elkins
    #5 I'm not so sure it's age related, @David B. Grinberg, my neighbor is my age. I think it has more to do with our lack of self control when it comes to our electronic devices. The more we get sucked into them, the less we practice our in-person social skills. As a parent, it's something I've been working on for years. It recently occurred to me that I can persuade and guide other adults about this, too. We have to be good ambassadors. I'm really enjoying Melissa Hughes' book, Happy Hour with Einstein. Her book offers a high level description of how certain interactions, activities, and messages impact the actual structure and chemical make-up of our brains. It's given me a lot of ideas to implement at work and at home.
    David B. Grinberg
    31/10/2016 #5 David B. Grinberg
    I really like your tips for more effective in-person communication, Sarah. It's troubling when members of younger generations, Millennials and Gen Z, appear like the proverbial "deer caught in a headlight" when it comes to in-person communication -- even over the phone. However, who's really to blame here:
    1) Parents and/or schools for not teaching conventional communications?
    2) The tech-industy, parents and schools who have made it possible for kids to be born with smart devices as veritable appendages?
    3) A society that has become so distracted in today's frenetic mobile, digital and virtual world that too many people just don't care enough?
    4) Or all of the above?
    What do YOU think?
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    31/10/2016 #4 Mohammed A. Jawad
    #3 Perhaps, we living in a virtual world, and in person we fall into oblivion.
    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #3 Sarah Elkins
    #1 Thank you, @Deb Helfrich and @debasish majumder, for your comments. It's just so puzzling to me how people can be so supportive and eager online, and then be completely the opposite person face-to-face. Strange.
    debasish majumder
    31/10/2016 #2 debasish majumder
    lovely insightful post @Sarah Elkins! enjoyed read. thank you very much for sharing the post.
    Deb Helfrich
    31/10/2016 #1 Deb Helfrich
    My smile is so wide right now. This story ripples with actionable advice on how to get back to the old-fashioned art of giving people the benefit of the doubt. The world is populated with people who can be reasoned with and quite a few of them are willing to help.

    Thank you for writing this buzz, @Sarah Elkins, and just for being you.
  21. Dunja Radosavljevic
    Find out why you are having difficulty hearing your feminine and trusting your intuition. It has a lot to do with your first experience of the feminine - your mother. I share some vulnerable personal learnings in this video and invite you to a new program I have, called Feminine Business Owner. It is a unique program that helps you release any obstacles to hearing your feminine and your intuition, and integrating it with your masculine, in order to have a business that thrives and is authentically YOU. If it calls on your soul, then PM me - would love to speak with you. For anyone who signs up by Monday Oct 31st, you get an amazing $750 off. https://www.facebook.com/dunja.radosavljevic.90/posts/10154797563042518?pnref=story
  22. Amy Blaschka

    Amy Blaschka

    Dug out my old Flo (from Progressive) wig, wondering what other brunettes I could be for Halloween? 🎃 #dontsaybluesteel Amy Blaschka


    Gerald Hecht
    30/10/2016 #17 Gerald Hecht
    #16 @Lisa Gallagher well we can pretend we do...I use this one (I think it's supposed to be rain --but as Stevie Ray Vaughn once said "see my 💦Come down like 💦"
    Lisa Gallagher
    30/10/2016 #16 Lisa Gallagher
    #13 It sure did @Gerald Hecht :)) I don't have the cool emoticons to add *tear drop*
    Gerald Hecht
    30/10/2016 #15 Gerald Hecht
    #12 @Chas Wyatt I think you've got it so far...it even fits Amy's "tagline" perfectly: "bad ass writer!" Yeah!
    Gerald Hecht
    30/10/2016 #14 Gerald Hecht
    #12 @Chas Wyatt YES!! Awesome! The creative juices are collectively flowing now!!!
    Gerald Hecht
    30/10/2016 #13 Gerald Hecht
    #10 @Lisa Gallagher @Amy Blaschka To make double sure my "I like this on many levels" comes across correctly:
    "I LIKE THIS ON MANY LEVELS"💎💡🎆🌠🎸✨💫🎶🚀👌🏻🎯🎤⬇️✅💋💋
    Chas Wyatt
    30/10/2016 #12 Chas Wyatt
    I was thinking more of a Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders). They are out on tour right now.
    Gerald Hecht
    30/10/2016 #11 Gerald Hecht
    #10 @Lisa Gallagher Crace Slick!Good 'un!
    Lisa Gallagher
    30/10/2016 #10 Lisa Gallagher
    Love this @Amy Blaschka. Well lets see, I will go from one enf of spectrum to the other since 2 people came to mind, Grace Slick, Katie Perry?!
    Ben Pinto
    28/10/2016 #9 Ben Pinto
    Gerald Hecht
    28/10/2016 #8 Gerald Hecht
    #7 @Amy Blaschka Well --umm; at least you don't forget why you went to the...the...the --whatchamacallit...
    Amy Blaschka
    27/10/2016 #7 Amy Blaschka
    #4 OMG I totally spaced about the Flo connection, @Gerald Hecht! D'oh!
    mohammed khalaf
    27/10/2016 #6 mohammed khalaf
    may God all day is fabulous
    Gerald Hecht
    27/10/2016 #5 Gerald Hecht
    #3 *Flo
    Gerald Hecht
    27/10/2016 #4 Gerald Hecht
    #3 @Amy Blaschka Well; you seem to be very knowledgeable about O, Progressive Insurance, the "name your own price thingie"; I can't imagine you would do that without considering all of the implications...
    Amy Blaschka
    27/10/2016 #3 Amy Blaschka
    #2 No, I don't, @Gerald Hecht - what is it? And what does it do?
    Gerald Hecht
    27/10/2016 #2 Gerald Hecht
    @Amy Blaschka do you have one of those "choose your own price" thingies? You should see what happens when you point it at "Trick-Or-Treaters"...I won't spoil it for you...but it's really weird
  23. ProducerJim Murray

    Jim Murray

    Why A Democratic Woman President Could Be A Good Thing For America Right About Now
    Why A Democratic Woman President Could Be A Good Thing For America Right About NowThis post was inspired by my fellow beBee bee, Nicole Chardenet . Thanks for your wisdom and your strong female point of view.I have spent a lot of time over the past year writing about the potential downside of a Trump presidency. It basically...


    debasish majumder
    29/10/2016 #52 debasish majumder
    women possess truly some wonderful quality for which they are revered across the globe. but, i guess, when woman acts as a statesman, it is her acumen and management quality, which eventually made her famous. however, state, we have noticed accordingly, sometimes appear as a male and sometimes as female, having no such discerning quality what we are obsessed for while considering a female's quality and attributes. so, the traditional out look regarding females have nothing to do with statesmanship. however, nice insightful post sir@Jim Murray. enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post sir.
    Chas Wyatt
    29/10/2016 #51 Chas Wyatt
    Albert Gibel, 2% milk has no flavor and can't sustain any dairy.
    Larry Boyer
    29/10/2016 #48 Larry Boyer
    #47 Sounds good @David B. Grinberg
    David B. Grinberg
    26/10/2016 #47 David B. Grinberg
    #28 Thanks for the question, @Larry Boyer. However, I'm asserting my Fifth Amendment privilege in response to answering your question publicly. Perhaps we can chat offline if you really want my opinion. Thanks for for asking.
    Brian McKenzie
    26/10/2016 #46 Brian McKenzie
    It is a little different for this time in America, never has the Political Charade been so transparent in its' lies, shenanigans, bribes and thuggery. If you want to know how it ends, look to Ukraine. They games my old unit pulled in 2013 are the EXACT same that are being deployed in the US now. Look forward to 'invalidated' elections, martial law, destabilization of currency and a determined dose of armed conflict / ethnic clensing / civil war. Wait and see, watch and learn. And getting it in early - "I told you so"
    Paul Frank Gilbert
    26/10/2016 #45 Paul Frank Gilbert
    Meanwhile in Canada Trudeau faces an ever growing unhappiness with liberal leaning policies on the TPP and CETA programs. Yes ... frustration and political unhappiness are everywhere. While some of us "old folks" adapt and know the lingo and try to be part of the ever present movement of youth ... of change ... all I need to do is look here to see our intolerance and lack of diversity to understand why our lip service is doing little to influence anyone and reminds our youth (just like when we were young!) not to trust us. old folks. Come of everyone... you do realize that the POTUS is not going to improve Canadians lives anymore than the lives of we US citizens ... right? Politics. Money and Power. None of our choices this election are going to make a meaningful difference to the US or the world. Just a lot of scare tactics being used ... because hey ... it has worked for every election since I can remember. Obama, Reagan, GW Bush ... and Trump have all been compared to Hitler. We have all been told how if these men got into office the WORLD WAS DOOMED. Study your history. And please ... don't start with the "BUT THIS TIME" BS. This time is no different than all the other times. Political games, nothing more. Wake up. Read your history know the truth and stop simply being a political sheep. Just my opinion.
    Nicole Chardenet
    26/10/2016 #43 Nicole Chardenet
    #35 If there's one thing Republicans have demonstrated for the last eight years - from the moment they all gathered and agreed to obstruct ANYTHING Obama tried to pass - they've demonstrated that they're the Party of No. I expect President Clinton will Get Shit Done. It may be good or bad, but it will get done. Especially if the Republicans lose the Senate, which may happen the way Trump is painting the party as utterly incompetent and worthy to wear only hats made of tinfoil.
    Paul Frank Gilbert
    26/10/2016 #42 Paul Frank Gilbert
    #22 @Jackie Pantaliano Surveys and Polls (as much as we can believe them) show that a vast majority of Americans who are able to vote have clearly indicated that these two candidates are historically unacceptable for the office. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/americans-distaste-for-both-trump-and-clinton-is-record-breaking/ View more
    #22 @Jackie Pantaliano Surveys and Polls (as much as we can believe them) show that a vast majority of Americans who are able to vote have clearly indicated that these two candidates are historically unacceptable for the office. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/americans-distaste-for-both-trump-and-clinton-is-record-breaking/ and there are many many other such polls by both left and right leaning publications. Yes there are folks who have fully committed to a candidate. That believe. But a huge number of folks are indeed, it seems, prepared to vote against someone. Fear ... the greatest manipulator of them all. I commend everyone who is voting FOR someone. Take full responsibility for your vote. Democracy in action!! Close
    Nicole Chardenet
    26/10/2016 #41 Nicole Chardenet
    Wow! So flattered and honoured to be mentioned here. Jim clearly shares my admiration for Hillary Clinton - yes, I know she's a very flawed individual in many ways - but she's also supremely confident to lead the US and what I like about her is she ain't no victim!
    Nicole Chardenet
    26/10/2016 #40 Nicole Chardenet
    Wow, thanks for the mention and kind words, Jim! I'm honoured to have helped inspire this post. Good to see someone speaking out on what's good about Hillary Clinton...as flawed as she is in other ways...because you're right, she's not only highly qualified to be President, she may well be the most qualified candidate we've ever had. The Republicans have been insulting American intelligence for decades now giving us a stream of incompetent, semi-literate boobs, each worse than the last...Dan Quayle, George Bush, Sarah Palin, and now the Trumpocalypse.

    I like Hillary Clinton because she's a "power feminist" - the opposite of what's still unfortunately too common in feminism, a 'victim feminist'. I'm re-reading Naomi's early '90s Fire With Fire feminist tome which clearly delineates the difference between victim and power feminists. The former still define themselves as victims and refuse to take responsibility for themselves, and fear power, even their own. Power feminists are like Hillary Clinton - they assume they have a right to it, they don't ask for it nicely like a good little girl and hope those all-powerful males will give it to them.

    It's the reason why I've only in the last year or so begun calling myself a 'feminist' again after having taken leave of it twenty years ago like so many women did because the movement was still stuck in the victimhood of the '60s and '70s. It still is, unfortunately, but I suspect this Nasty Woman is going to be as much of a shakeup to victim feminists as she is for overprivileged white males :)
    Chas Wyatt
    26/10/2016 #39 Chas Wyatt
    #38 Jill Stein.
    William Dykstra
    26/10/2016 #38 William Dykstra
    For sure yes to this

    As long as such a women is nothingggggg like clinton

    Paul Walters
    26/10/2016 #37 Paul Walters
    #15 @Jim Murray BRAVO JIM !!!!!!!!
    Brian McKenzie
    26/10/2016 #36 Brian McKenzie
    @Paul Walters Obama is and always has been pure Soviet Cult of Personality shill - from day one. https://youtu.be/9gtfizIbBDI
    Name another President that commissioned children to sing about him. Certainly Stalin did, Certainly Hitler Did - - and had Lenin lived long enough - he surely would have too. Prattling Propaganda right out of the Marxist Revolutionary Handbook. https://youtu.be/tcm0oAcEey0
    'The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.” - tis why I left, tis why I will surrender my citizenship if she is 'elected'. Hillary will be nothing more than the continued march down the Shining Path of Communism for America. PS - America was never penned as a 'democracy', it was founded as a Constitutional Representative Republic - that difference & distinction are lost on America today.
    Paul Walters
    26/10/2016 #35 Paul Walters
    @Jim Murray Outside looking in. America will only realise what an incredible president Mr Obama was once he is gone. For me ( and its personal) Hillary offers a better alternative to the 'other guy' . Bring it on and Jesus, could American politicians get on with the job of actually governing the place. Its an incredible country and every single American should feel privileged and proud to live there !!!
    Brian McKenzie
    26/10/2016 #34 Brian McKenzie
    #33 @Jared Wiese 🐝 ObamaCare enrollment numbers were projected by the CBO to levels of 21 Million, it was downgraded to 13 million while actually only successfully enrolling 11.3 through the 'exchanges' - with a third being signed up for MEDICAID (Not Insurance) http://wapo.st/1TI3TE6

    Additionally, only 13 state exchanges are still active - of the 26 states that set up alignment with the original ObamaCare plan HALF have quit offering exchange program. http://bit.ly/2dUXFEG

    Of the ACO - Affordable Care Organizations - the 'ObamaCare' nom de plume of Pay for Quality vs Pay for Service models - HALF are struggling in market practices, in receivership or and have CLOSED due to cost constraints, provider participation and market realities. Why they fail http://bit.ly/1K0JqdA

    At the time of ObamaCare launch there were 41-44 Million 'Uninsured', by using the same reporting mechanism and body - the number is now 48 Million. Any 'gains' in 'coverage' were actually into Medicaid plans and not commercial plans - ie More Entitlements, no new market directed benefit despite despotic & draconian legislation http://bit.ly/2dH9vUI

    The cost of Premium, at time of lauch was to be controlled and administrated by the IRS - with an estimate of 10,000 per year for a family of 4..... that number is now 16,300 per year. http://bit.ly/2f6aHlt
    That is 163 over ten years (providing costs don't escalate - ha) that you could have PURCHASED a median level house

    I can do this all day - the number NEVER worked.
    Jared Wiese 🐝
    26/10/2016 #33 Jared Wiese 🐝
    #31 links?
    Jared Wiese 🐝
    26/10/2016 #32 Jared Wiese 🐝
    #31 Oddly, Brian, you're making sense... And scaring me
    Brian McKenzie
    26/10/2016 #31 Brian McKenzie
    #15 @Jim Murray that Hillary would continue the failed, flawed and fatal trends of the Obama Soviet is exactly why I would drop citizenship and never darken the country again. I spent a career in the military fighting the Soviet Union.....and y'all blindly elected a Lenin plagairist - his 'National Healthcare Plan' is the exact same set of lies that Lenin told during his 'Land for the Peasants' move that put him in power in the new Soviet. Line for line, lie for lie - copied and shoved down America's throat. You may disagree - but I am betting that you have read neither the PPACA legislation nor the 1908 works of Lenin, specifically "What is to be Done". Y'all elected a confirmed Marxist (by his own admission) and blythly bought the Cult of Personality. It may take two generations for America to unf*ck itself - if Hillary gets in, my bet is that it will never happen. PS - show me the numbers on the recovery and healthcare you are citing, because the series of data sets I have show nothing of an economic rebound nor improvement in healthcare.
    Jim Cody
    26/10/2016 #30 Jim Cody
    @Jim Murray You are correct about women. Just wrong about Hillary being a good candidate. How you can rave about Hillary and still be an BeBee ambassador is beyond my comprehension. Being an ambassador and talking American politics is just wrong.
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    David B. Grinberg
    21/10/2016 #4 David B. Grinberg
    That's an awesome pic, Candice. I assume it's you, right? You're so photogenic and telegenic. I can't wait until you do a Live Buzz to promote your brand.
    Phil Friedman
    18/10/2016 #2 Phil Friedman
    Deep six social media... I'll settle for being against in the companionay of a sailing yacht in the Caribbean. On in the cockpit. Or snoozing on deck .Good photo, @Candice Galek.
    Candice Galek 🐝
    18/10/2016 #1 Candice Galek 🐝
    Thanks for the share @John White, MBA
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