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This is the official business analysis hive on beBee for Business Analysts.

Please post and share anything relevant to Business Analysis, "the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. The set of tasks and techniques that are used to perform business analysis are defined in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®Guide)." -IIBA.
  1. ProducerPreston Vander Ven
    3 Quick Tips to Create Momentum in Your Business and Life
    3 Quick Tips to Create Momentum in Your Business and LifeArticle from Blog FreedomTIP 1 - Never get comfortable with maintaining your current level. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. TIP 2 - Change your environment often. In order to get to the next level you have to become the person that is ready for...
    Strange scenarios in Career Profiles
    Strange scenarios in Career ProfilesLast few months back I have been through some interviews and I have observed these unexpected issues which i am sharing here:Case 1 :- One of IT company Employer  wanted a Business Analyst profile after hearing that on job portal I was pretty...
  3. ProducerElizabeth Muñoz de la Torre
    Startups Are Great, But Scale-ups Matter Too
    Startups Are Great, But Scale-ups Matter TooEndeavor Malaysia Managing Director Anand Krishnan shares the importance of nurturing scale-ups in Malaysia. The original post on Endeavor Malaysia’s blog may be viewed here.While most of Kuala Lumpur is still asleep, the quiet hills of Bandar...


    Devesh Bhatt
    12/01/2017 #4 Devesh Bhatt
    Scalability is a critical competitive advantage.
    Paul Burge
    12/01/2017 #3 Paul Burge
    A great read @Elizabeth Muñoz de la Torre. Refreshing to see more focus on scale-up culture for a change
    Elizabeth Muñoz de la Torre
    12/01/2017 #2 Elizabeth Muñoz de la Torre
    Thanks @Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Ferreira!
    Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Ferreira
    12/01/2017 #1 Anonymous
    Very interesting!
  4. ProducerAlan Culler

    Alan Culler

    Be Curious: The Leadership Art of Good Questions
    Be Curious: The Leadership Art of Good Questions“What’s your latest obsession?”Dr. Denis Pym, Organizational Behaviour Professor at the London Business School, told us eager faced MBA candidates what a great question this was for engaging conversations.“I’ve come to hate cocktail parties, donors...


    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    08/01/2017 #1 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Questions are the answer! ;)
  5. ProducerChristine Braun

    Christine Braun

    Must your Business use Business Analysis
    Must your Business use Business AnalysisDo you wish to set up project requirement, wipe out rework and guarantee that your partners are ready? Perused on to find more about business analysis. In today's focused business world, practically every project is measured by its ROI...


    Javier 🐝 beBee
    15/12/2016 #3 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Business Analysis is a must. Thanks @Christine Braun , welcome to beBee !
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    15/10/2016 #2 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Without proper business analysis, often decisions get laced with assumptions. Guesswork is no good and it only leads to risks, instability and loss.
    Hassan Aman aka Buzzilla
    15/10/2016 #1 Hassan Aman aka Buzzilla
    Really good post there about the significance of Business Analysis, Christine. Really good read.
  6. ProducerPhillip Hubbell

    Phillip Hubbell

    The Professional's Professional
    The Professional's ProfessionalI was having a conversation the other day with the owner of a recruiting company. We were discussing PMP certification for Project Managers. I don’t have such a certification. It never really came up in all my years of being a Professional...


    David B. Grinberg
    29/11/2016 #5 David B. Grinberg
    Nice buzz, Phil. I've shared in three hives, including "Project Managers." Keep buzzing!
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    28/11/2016 #4 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Phillip, great post! I'm know it well, being a BA without any certifications - but with many happy clients.

    Sharing in Project Managers and Business Analysis.
    Kevin Pashuk
    28/11/2016 #3 Kevin Pashuk
    I work in an industry where there are more certifications than one can shake a stick at, and for most of them, the stick has more value. The PMP designation is one that I do give some credibility to based on the level of demonstrated experience and rigor in achieving the certification.

    For someone like you who has been doing the role for year, you are in that unfortunate hell of the HR systems... they look for the buzzwords, and unfortunately they can't filter out valid project management experience without some credentials.

    Unlike 'engineers' (at least here in my province) and 'doctors', anyone can refer to themselves as a 'project manager', a 'consultant' or even a 'writer'.

    The one benefit to the PMP designation is that they are usually administered through a local chapter of the Project Management Institute - which in my experience is an affinity group of professionals that not only put on monthly development sessions, but also track PM work in the region.
    Phil Friedman
    28/11/2016 #2 Phil Friedman
    Phillip > "I have to wonder how the keepers of the certifications became relevant. Who certified them?"

    Nobody did. Such organizations, like the classification societies in the marine industry, are private, for-profit companies or at most private non-profit corporations (not to be confused with charitable organizations). They started themselves up. Bartered with some companies some bootstrapping in terms of credibility, and proceded to market themselves. Sort of like a prototype for establishing oneself as an expert or guru or leader on social media. Cheers!
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    28/11/2016 #1 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    In all honesty, you might just be better off bringing that BCC program into existence. It happened in my software, I had 10 years experience before the certifiers got around to seeing a niche to exploit. All of a sudden recruiters would be on these quests for the holy grail, people having been certified for 10 years. Huh? For the most part, being a good communicator I could point out the fallacy and get the veteran recruiters to see that I was someone willing to have a difficult conversation...which is basically the single greatest indicator of a successful consultant or project manager.

    If you can have difficult conversations all day long, with people who have no reason to do what you ask of them, and the project keeps moving along; you are a success - certificates be damned. Book knowledge never met a single deliverable.
  7. ProducerJacob Molz

    Jacob Molz

    How to Cut Response Times With Incident Management Software
    How to Cut Response Times With Incident Management Software“It takes too long for us to respond to incidents on the other side of the property,” you mumble to yourself.You’re struggling with your operation’s response times to incidents.But, you don’t know how to resolve it.You’re open to asking for help –...
  8. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    How Daily Questions Create a Quality Life
    www.bebee.com This post shows you how the right questions can create a quality life. Benjamin Franklin answered two questions every day. Could it be that easy?...


    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    30/10/2016 #3 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Hello all,

    I felt my article needed to evolve a bit more, so I added the following:
    - more on on Benjamin Franklin's routines
    - a section on The Magic and Value of Questions (Goldsmith)
    - how to get the Goldsmith's 32 questions (see Want All 32 Questions?!)
    - why the 32 might help (although, like you, I'm thinking it is probably overkill ;)
    - WHY each of the questions is important (see Here are the morning questions and their reasoning) - especially the Gratitude one
    - an Example Template with brief prompts
    - a little more on motivation from the likes of Robbins and Oprah
    - A lot more on Making the Routine a Habit

    Enjoy! Now, GO make this a habit :)
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    26/10/2016 #2 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Thought I would share my original post, that pertains to business, as well as many aspects of life.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    24/10/2016 #1 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    CC: my fellow BAs, for something that ties to Agile...

    For more information on agile results, see http://gettingresults.com/agile-results-overview/.

    Also see the following quote from the FREE book sample!
    Getting Results the Agile Way is a simple time management system for achievers.
  9. ProducerJohn Russell

    John Russell

    Three trends Business Analysts must embrace
    Three trends Business Analysts must embraceIt is a truism that the rate of change in business, technology and life in general, is increasing. For business analysts, like every other profession, the main impact of that is that the skills and experiences that made us successful in the past,...


    John Russell
    22/10/2016 #2 John Russell
    #1 Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment Graham. I also get a kick out of mentoring and guiding less experienced BAs, so I can imagine how satisfying it must be for you.
    Graham Smith
    22/10/2016 #1 Graham Smith
    Cracking read and so very true. I have been doing some work in the Caucuses of late where Business Analysis has yet to break ground and i am doing a lot of training on the subject of Business Process Management and Process Mining. Automation in Business processes here is far from the norm as unfortunately there are to many people and not enough jobs. However, it's still a worthwhile exercise to train the younger generation in the tools and techniques of today.
  10. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    What is a Senior BA Made Of?
    By Heather Mylan-Mains, CBAP, MBA

    What do I think a Senior BA is made of? My blog links my article recently published in BA Times. Let me know if you agree on what a senior BA is made of!

    This came from a great conversation from the IIBA LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/92583/92583-6186880118347091973) - already 242 likes and 45 comments!
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    What is a Senior BA Made of? | BAs Without Borders
  11. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    How to Add Business Value with Blueworks Mapping
    www.linkedin.com This post describes what I have learned about process mapping and resulting business value using IBM's Blueworks Live. First I discuss the need to document processes. Then I summarize the benefits...
  12. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    How to Get Business Analysis Requirements Right
    www.bebee.com A great topic came up in the LinkedIn IIBA group, What's your trick to creating a complete requirements package . A great takeaway from that post...
  13. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    How to Bee the Best Business Analyst
    www.bebee.com Let's look at some common definitions and resources that define a Business Analyst (BA). Then we'll cover roles, competencies and diversity...
  14. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    beBee, please remove/delete this hive, per

    https://www.bebee.com/group/business-analysis already exists with proper spelling.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Hive Name Cleanup
    www.bebee.com Hi @Javier beBee , @Juan Imaz , @Federico Álvarez San Martín : Oops! I was sharing some honey and put in the full name of a hive - including the...


    Virginia Silveira
    07/10/2016 #5 Anonymous
    @Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS) We have sent you an email. Please, check it out.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    06/10/2016 #3 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    #1 Hola, @Adriana Bevacqua Garcia. Any update?
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    26/09/2016 #2 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    beBee, please merge this hive, per

    https://www.bebee.com/group/business-analysis already exists with proper spelling.
  15. Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Roxanne Miller launched an online course. It's FREE for a LIMITED TIME! Enjoy!

    Two courses will launch directly from the http://requirementsquest.com website very soon.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Requirements Fundamentals: Process Stages, Levels, Types
    www.udemy.com Learn industry terminology and explore core tasks and activities for developing GOOD requirements. Business Analysis. - Free...
  16. ProducerJared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    How to Be the Best Business Analyst
    How to Be the Best Business AnalystLet's look at some common definitions and resources that define a Business Analyst (BA). Then we'll cover roles, competencies and diversity that exists in the real world. Finally I'll put it all together to try to describe what makes the best...


    Randy Keho
    28/10/2016 #11 Randy Keho
    Excellent presentation and summary @Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS). I have a much greater understanding of your world than I did before, which, for me, was floating aimlessly around galaxy. I'm not familiar with the terminology, but you made it very understandable. Thanks.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    28/10/2016 #10 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    I received some great feedback to this article, asking for a more personal perspective and inner-workings of a project or two.
    I updated the article. Take a look!
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    20/09/2016 #9 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Any Business Analysts out there, buzzing in a hive?!
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    12/09/2016 #8 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Say, what hives are all the BAs in?! If I missed it, please share! Thank you.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    07/09/2016 #7 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    #2 Glad you liked it, @mohammad-azam-khan-khyber-pakhtunkhwa-province.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    07/09/2016 #6 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    #2 Glad you liked it, Mohammad!
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    07/09/2016 #5 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    #3 Great perspectives, @Deb 🐝 Helfrich. Indeed those soft skills are important. Thanks for the comment!
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    07/09/2016 #4 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    #1 Thank you, @Renée 🐝 Cormier! And also thanks for sharing :)
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    07/09/2016 #3 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    Interesting post on the backbone of the skills and characteristics of Business Analysts, @Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS). I agree that there really is a mindset that should be present of being willing to show up and dive into a project from ground zero without preconceived notions apart from the deliverables that one has been entrusted to execute for the project.

    Having spent 18 years doing this work, I also question the 'specialist' roles. Which goes along with my questioning of how useful memorization is - i.e. passing a certification test - when it comes to the complex thinking required to execute most projects in a business. Hiring based on certifications really downplays the human communications part of being a business analyst - and it is huge. Apart from being able to learn on the fly, the bulk of the role is about being able to be the person bouncing back and forth between all sorts of business experts, technical resources, and management sponsors cross-pollinating information, questions, deadlines, issues, show-stoppers, and constant progress updates.

    I always get a chuckle when I trot out my interview metaphor. I am like self-leveling cement on a project, I smooth out all the gaps on the floor of the project to make sure the foundation is solid and level in order to build the completion of the deliverable on time, budget, and with as many features as feasible.
    Mohammad Azam Khan
    07/09/2016 #2 Mohammad Azam Khan
    #1 Thank-you for sharing @Renée 🐝 Cormier.
    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    07/09/2016 #1 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    It's good to have this kind of clarification. Welcome to beBee, @Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)!
  17. ProducerGeorge Mount

    George Mount

    Data Illiterates and the Glenn Gould of Excel
    Data Illiterates and the Glenn Gould of ExcelI just finished reading Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication by Zach and Chris Gemignani.Of all people, this book got me thinking of Glenn Gould. Yes, the eccentric Canadian pianist.You see, Glenn had a...


  18. kwesi selassie

    kwesi selassie

    kwesi selassie
    Pennies From Heaven: How to Select the Right Angel Investors - AlleyWatch
    www.alleywatch.com When you’re building a business, capital and customers are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Because capital is typically needed to generate consumer interest for many (let’s be real: most) businesses, it’s tempting to accept every investment offer...


  19. kwesi selassie

    kwesi selassie

    Ensuring your Security and Compliance in SQL Server 06 28 2016
    Ensuring your Security and Compliance in SQL Server 06 28 2016
  20. kwesi selassie

    kwesi selassie

    kwesi selassie
    Tech Inclusion New York Conference, Career Fair & Startup Showcase at Metropolitan Pavilion | Presented by Google for Entrepreneurs
    ny16.techinclusion.co Tech Inclusion New York Conference, Career Fair & Startup Showcase at Metropolitan Pavilion | Presented by Google for...
  21. ProducerMatthew Walje

    Matthew Walje

    Lies and Statistics. Or, the importance of context and qualitative analysis.
    Lies and Statistics. Or, the importance of context and qualitative analysis.We live in the era of Big Data. Everything is data driven, and quantitative analysis is all the rage. Everyone seems to be  trying to conduct some form of statistical analysis on any and everything. We are effectively inundated in it. Even my...


  22. ProducerJeffrey Strickland
    What Predictive Analytics Consultants Do, Part I
    What Predictive Analytics Consultants Do, Part IIt has been several months since part 3, so I will rehash a little here. The series started when I was asked about the kinds of Analytics I perform as a consultant to address the questions my clients pose. The “real question” behind this is: What...
  23. Elena García Herrera
    A list of seven custom and standard reports you can use right away to get better insight into your marketing performance
    Elena García Herrera
    7 essential Google Analytics reports every marketer must know
    searchengineland.com You may be using Google Analytics, but are you using it to its full potential? Contributor Khalid Saleh lays out 7 key reports with which every marketer should be...
  24. ProducerGeorge Mount

    George Mount

    Data Realism and the Missing Keystrokes
    Data Realism and the Missing KeystrokesApril is over, and so is Oz du Soleil's daily video blog. I am still enjoying these.Tonight I caught up on a look at Oz's Excel work environment.It's fascinating to see others' Excel work habits -- especially those of an Excel master.Data realismI...
  25. ProducerGeorge Mount

    George Mount

    Analyst, Visualized
    Analyst, VisualizedI am a big fan of Drew Conway’s Data Scientist Venn Diagram.I’ve talked about it before, and it’s even featured in my forthcoming course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know,” defining what makes an analyst.Today on LinkedIn I saw a...
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