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  1. ProducerCharlene Burke

    Charlene Burke

    Vision Alone is Not Enough
    Vision Alone is Not EnoughI founded Search by Burke in 2008 and there are many things I’ve learned about owning a business. One of them is this:The Vision Is Not EnoughJust because I can ‘see’ the end result doesn’t mean it will happen.Just because I can ‘see’ the positive...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    25/07/2016 #5 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #2 #4 I'm finding that especially with doctors, we have our own "specialties" in and of themselves. Many doctors fail at running a successful small business, and gone are the days where one new Specialist "buys in" to an established practice to take over. Most need this insight you offer...we are relentless and have perseverance per se, but many are not insightful to know 'when to ask for help.' I'd like to see things change in this niche, especially for women in medicine who already have a lot on their plates. Thank you for the encouragement and leadership that you provide here. Love to Share it and 'Wear it.'
    Charlene Burke
    05/07/2016 #2 Charlene Burke
    #1 Thanks for the informative comment, @Rebel Brown. In this case, I'm responding to many small business owners and solo business owners who are new to growing a business and who are frustrated with being told that they aren't doing enough to "see their success"...but not given the tools to understand what this means. I give them the tools to use. You've explained it beautifully and I agree. It works if you know how to do it :)
    Rebel Brown
    05/07/2016 #1 Rebel Brown
    Really interesting post @Charlene Burke LOVE it. There's a bullet I'd like to comment on if I may. "Just because I can ‘see’ the end result doesn’t mean it will happen." Based on my studies of the human mind, when we literally "see" what we want, and focus on it, we create a program in our unconscious mind. That program becomes a filter of our reality....driving us to select the data from our input streams that will make that filter (or rather it's focus) come true. I use a number of techniques with clients that focus on creating the picture of what you want, imprinting it into your unconscious in a way that literally makes that picture come true. So, if you know how to do it - you can "see it and make the end result happen." That said, when it comes to other people, who knows what will happen. Right? Thanks for sharing this power here with Breakout Women!