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buyer personas

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Buyer personas are a composite sketch of a target segment your products serve and are used to inform the relevance of content used to build profitable relationships.
  1. Ardath Albee

    Ardath Albee

    I chat with Tequia Burt at B2B Marketing about the benefits of buyer personas, the impact of technology and how personas have changed over the last few years...
    Ardath Albee
    Dust off those buyer personas and actually use them, says Albee | B2B Marketing
    www.b2bmarketing.net B2B Marketing USA’s Tequia Burt chats with Marketing Interactions’ Ardath Albee about how B2B persona marketing has evolved in the past few years and how buyer personas are being used...
  2. Ardath Albee

    Ardath Albee

    Building buyer personas takes a lot of effort. Most B2B marketers say they've done so. But applying them consistently to create relevant content marketing strategies is still a bit of a challenge. Here are 3 tips for giving your buyer personas a makeover.
    Ardath Albee
    Give Your B2B Buyer Personas a Makeover - Marketing Interactions
    marketinginteractions.com If you're having trouble applying your B2B Buyer Personas strategically to your content marketing strategy, maybe it's time to give them a...