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The Journey...

The Journey...

The Journey... About ten years ago and after completing four years at a Pain Clinic, I with my new found freedom and removal of my own self loathing I decided to teach myself some new skills, these were...Write a book...I have written ten...and...


I have often pondered this question Charles David Upchurch and as yet cannot come to a happy solution apart from we all are missing love..and irrespective of how this love comes to us, we all, all miss it when it's gone...with the added knowledge that sadly we cannot change time and go back but we have the memories and the photos which usually make me smile then make me weep, for the aforementioned loss of thats persons or pets love.....

Deb 🐝 Helfrich

Deb 🐝 Helfrich

Very interesting questions, Charles David Upchurch. I know I thought that my first dog, Tangenyika, would be the only dog in my lifetime. I held that thought as truth until five days after her death....and then I decided to cauterize the wound with a replacement puppy. It still remains the single best and worst decision I ever made. Life is complex and I decided to follow the path that promised to yield more love.