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Call center in english

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  1. Odile Faludi

    Odile Faludi

    Myth #1: Cold Calling is a Numbers Game

    Fact: False. The callers who are getting great results are not calling large numbers of people. In fact, clever salespeople are creating well targeted lead generation lists and calling prospects who they believe are a good fit for their business. With correct professional training Business Development Managers, Start-up entrepreneurs and anyone with lead generation strategies can achieve four new sales appointments from calling ten qualified leads. Research suggests having four new sales appointments each week over a year can potentially reap 83 new customers per year. That’s certainly something to smile about!

    Check out www.odilefaludi.com.au for more tips on Cold Calling and download your free eBook. Thank you to @John White, MBA, @Milos Djukic, Jim @Jim 🐝 Cody for introducing me to BeBee
    Odile Faludi