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I am curious red. Where are the Canadians?

I am curious red. Where are the Canadians?

鈥淯se statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts, for support rather than illumination.鈥滱ndrew LangAndrew LangIf you鈥檙e expecting a thorough and incisive exploration of quantitative data mixed with qualitative projections all built upon a...

jesse kaellis

jesse kaellis

I'm US born but proud and privileged to be Canadian and live here as well. I've spent roughly half my life in either country but not in a linear fashion. Canada has produced some very excellent musicians.

Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

Half Canadian, I do have the citizenship and passport.....and if beBee needs someone in South Korea ...float me the note and vouchers and I will be on a plane! I loved my two years there. .



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