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  1. ProducerPhillip Hubbell

    Phillip Hubbell

    The Defining Moment in My Career
    The Defining Moment in My CareerIn 1981, January the 23rd, I was standing on a bridge on the side of Hwy 360 in Texas just south of the town of Krum holding a prism pole for a surveyor who was on the side of the same road about a mile east of me towards Denton. It was windy,...


    Qamar Ali Khan
    28/04/2016 #2 Qamar Ali Khan
    Wonderful story @Phillip Hubbell! What you did first in your story, I followed you on that and skipped the Physics and thoroughly enjoyed the experience that changed your ways. In the second go, I'll focus on the technical terms you used, and then I may be calling you :-). You provided me the opportunity to know a legend like Dr. Nettleton. Thanks for sharing!
    Chris Spurvey
    28/04/2016 #1 Chris Spurvey
    Fantastic Phillip! Amazing how one moment defined your path.