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Highlighting the Caribbean...the most visited Vacation Destination.

Come in and share your favourite Caribbean island (s)
  1. FahmeenaOdetta Moore
    Happy Tuesday!
    The Oscars award show (I saw in the news, but missed on television) reminds me of a different Oscar...

    "Miss Lady where Oscar bite you...It burning, it burning, it burning ouch!"
    -From soca song 'Ouch' by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires

    My Pinterest profiles:

    #Oscar #soca #Caribbean #music

    FahmeenaOdetta Moore
  2. Trudy Dyer

    Trudy Dyer

    Did you know that June is recognized as Caribbean American Heritage Month in the USA?

    The Proclamation was first issued in 2006 by President George Bush in celebration of the contributions of the Caribbean people to the history and culture of the United States. Now in it's 10th year, President Barack Obama's 2016 Proclamation states:

    " The dynamism and diversity of Caribbean Americans have contributed to our Nation's story in extraordinary ways. Millions of people in the United States are connected to our Caribbean neighbors through ties of commerce and family -- a relationship reinforced by the values and history we hold in common. During National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, we celebrate the contributions of our Caribbean-American brothers and sisters, and we reflect on how they have bolstered our country and enriched our traditions."

    Full Proclamation can be viewed here: http://www.caribbeanamericanmonth.org/
    Trudy Dyer
  3. Trudy Dyer

    Trudy Dyer

    Trudy Dyer
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