Mohamed C. Abbassa
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"Today, tomorrow" The  short film

"Today, tomorrow" The short film

"Today, Tomorrow" is Mustapha benghernaout's first animated short film that he made at the beginning of 2016.He had the idea for this film before making the short film聽"Unsafe water", but he聽didn't have the resources and technical knowledge to do...

nerwein neonin

nerwein neonin

Amazing short film I have ever seen. Now this Short Film is available for free on your Android and iOS devices using Morpheus TV

5d ago
Federico 馃悵 脕lvarez San Mart铆n
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Jackson Ten贸rio Salom茫o

Jackson Ten贸rio Salom茫o

Parabens frederico muito bom

Catalina Serrano
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Dave Parfitt
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Sink or Swim? FINDING DORY Movie Review

Sink or Swim? FINDING DORY Movie Review

Some movies are polished, shiny diamonds聽wrapped up in the perfect package with a neat little bow on top. PIXAR鈥橲 2003 FINDING NEMO聽is one of these perfect little shining gems. FINDING DORY, therefore, had a lot to live up to in my mind. While...


I still have not seen Finding Dory yet, but I have heard that it is very good. I will certainly have to give your review a once-over.

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor

It's important to remember that Finding Dory is in itself - her story within the universe that Disney created, the nature of which will of been personalised to her so must be viewed away from the previous film they same way that each individual avengers film must be allowed to breathe without the group films. I'm really excited for Finding Dory, Disney have a ridiculous team of dedicated thinkers behind them.