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  1. ProducerLucy Jones

    Lucy Jones

    How does the existence of Drupal Salesforce modules make big data management easier?
    How does the existence of Drupal Salesforce modules make big data management easier?Drupal and Salesforce are finally working together. Although, this is not news for many.Since this collaboration has been going steady for a while. However, the inclusion of new modules and elements might be of interest to any big data patron and...
  2. ProducerRichard Walter

    Richard Walter

    Cloud security services video
    Cloud security services videoCloud has given us the freedom and flexibility to work the way we want. For IT and network administrators the management of cloud environments to deliver a safe and great user experience is vital. We know terms shadow IT, zero day attack, Ddos...
  3. ProducerRichard Walter

    Richard Walter

    Cloud Management Video.
    Cloud Management Video.Cloud is making life easier for developers and end business users both. We use them so often today that we do not feel the difference between on premise and cloud based applications. But when there is a downtime, we do realize it. There is panic and...
  4. ProducerIan Moyse

    Ian Moyse

    Cloudy Matters – All issues Cloud (SaaS. PaaS. IaaS. IOT) & some social……
    Cloudy Matters – All issues Cloud (SaaS. PaaS. IaaS. IOT) & some social……A focused blog with interesting, engaging and thought provoking conversational content on things changing our world rapidly today.Get more familiar and informed quickly by reading the short punchy content here....
  5. John Starmer

    John Starmer

    The US NIST has come up with a solid definition for Cloud Computing that has gained widespread acceptance. Here is a ~5 minute video that breaks down the differences between Public, Private, Hybrid clouds - plus a 4th you've probably not heard of before!
    John Starmer
    Where is your Cloud; who can see it? | Kumulus Technologies
  6. Eggnita Studio

    Eggnita Studio

    Driving Government #Digital Transformation with a Complete, Trusted #Cloud #microsoft
    Eggnita Studio
    Driving Government Digital Transformation with a Complete, Trusted Cloud - Microsoft Enterprise
    enterprise.microsoft.com Today, at the 5th annual Microsoft Government Cloud Forum, we’re bringing together more than 600 customers and partners from across the U.S. federal, state and local government agencies to focus on digital transformation and the possibilities for...