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  1. ProducerAurorasa Sima

    Aurorasa Sima

    Did the executive coaching industry fail?
    Did the executive coaching industry fail?The dose makes the poison Currently, terms like authenticity, emotional intelligence, mindfulness are trending. We want to optimize the way we communicate, we want to be mindful, we want to grow and become more efficient and productive. Companies...


    Mohammed Sultan
    15/01/2017 #34 Mohammed Sultan
    #33 The concept has been developed specially for top management who are going to qualify for leadership positions and have no time to deal with everyday routine affairs.The intervention is done to widen the time window of the trainees based on a vision building exercise and how could they relate the current vision with the rapidly changing conditions in the marketplace.
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/01/2017 #33 Aurorasa Sima
    #31 That´s an interesting concept, Mohammed, thank you for sharing details. I will admit that I still did not fully understand - that´s probably owed to my lack of English language skills, or that I am not sure which industry/job roles you work with.
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/01/2017 #32 Aurorasa Sima
    #30 Thanks for clarifying, @Phil Friedman, that makes sense to me and I agree. Also ... often, coaches do things intuitively, but they need formal training to understand how they can make what they do intuitively accessible to others.
    Mohammed Sultan
    13/01/2017 #31 Mohammed Sultan
    #28 In "time leadership" we help the leader investigates h/his relation with "time and decisions" in a different way based on h/his "core interests" not his "core skills".The time horizon of time leadership will be stretched more beyond the traditional leadership tasks of operational visioning to the philosophical part of their org vision which includes its identity and purpose.Time leadership will lead to the emergence of a new set of an organizational "core competences" based on the common interests of its people and rooted in the success moments in which they have done things differently.Time leadership,at the end ,will help create an org "common intuition" and expand the cognitive span of its executives beyond the norm and the logic of the traditional leadership tasks.
    Phil Friedman
    13/01/2017 #30 Phil Friedman
    #29 Aurorasa, not saying that training is completely irrelevant. However, it is well known that practitioners who are successful with one approach in a coaching or clinical counseling field are very often successful using other approaches as well. While some are not successful using the same approaches, no matter what. Leading to the conclusion that the contribution made by the practitioner him- or herself is often the key to success. When it comes to dealing with human needs and frailty, you can't just read a book or take a course, and, wham bang, become good at helping people. In your case, for example, I personally perceive a level of empathy and sympathy that cannot be taught but must be nurtured and developed.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #29 Aurorasa Sima
    #20 Hmmmm .. I think it´s a mix of experience and training you receive.

    After your "coach the coach" class you have to go out there and find clients to gain experience. After a while, what you have learned in theory and praxis will melt together into "your thing".
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #28 Aurorasa Sima
    #22 Could you expand on "time leadership", please? It´s not my area of expertise, but I would like to learn more about the concept.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #27 Aurorasa Sima
    #19 I think I was more aiming at the delivery (including follow-up) than the quality of coaches.

    I have to say that I started coaching only 3 years ago (and not exclusively executives) so that I have definitely not seen it all or know it all.

    What you are saying about prices seems to be a good point. Maybe we should negotiate from the beginning on that follow-ups are necessary.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #26 Aurorasa Sima
    #18 Well, that´s an interesting tax construct.

    I´m not saying that I think the quality of coaches is not good. Often it would help if there would be a follow-up after a training.

    What is difficult, especially if you can´t bill the time, is keeping people motivated to repeat whatever information has been shared until it became a skill or habit.

    Often, we go back to our stressful jobs and forget about the training/coaching right after it ended, even though we felt the content made sense and can help us.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #25 Aurorasa Sima
    #21 Thank you for pointing that out and joining the conversation.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #24 Aurorasa Sima
    #23 Thank you, dear Emilia. Your support and kind words are much appreciated!
    Emilia M. Ludovino
    12/01/2017 #23 Emilia M. Ludovino
    Great article @Aurorasa Sima, with great points and full of insights. It's always a pleasure to read something that I can relate and written based on years of experience. A big thank you for such a refreshing and real post. Best wishes!
    Mohammed Sultan
    12/01/2017 #22 Mohammed Sultan
    @Aurora Sima. The problem with leadership coaching is that many executives are trained on "core skills" not "core interests".Every executive based on his or her core skills wants to be a leader,but the question is ;are they really have deep interests in creative thinking and the instinct of taking risks rather than the ambition and the prestige of being leaders by the title?Nowadays, leadership training should go beyond "time management" to "time leadership" Executives are in a more need to be trained on how they conceive their leadership role for the future and in different boundaries.The more the coach can expand the cognitive power of the trainee ,the more the individual will be able to stretch his or her thinking beyond the norm, and the more the trainee will be able to pay attention to what's left unsaid or what else question? "Time leadership" training will surface the moments when the trainee has made something different.The more you analyze them you will find the themes or the threads that run through them, and the more you can help him/her to shape their core interests.Thank you for your insightful article.
    Robert Bacal
    12/01/2017 #21 Robert Bacal
    #20 Within each of the professional areas you highlight, there exists models and schools of thoughts that are student centred, client centred, and NOT practitioner centred. Of course, you'd have to have more than a passing knowledge about these disciplines to know that.
    Phil Friedman
    12/01/2017 #20 Phil Friedman
    #19 Pascal and Aurorasa, what People have to realize is that coaching -- like teaching, clinical psychology, and counseling -- is practitioner-centric. Methods, schools of thought, techniques all matter less than WHO THE PERSON IS who is doing it. Effective coaches grow organically, not made. And paying to take and complete a course doesn't turn someone into a coach. Of course, neither does standing on a rock and proclaiming oneself the leader of the next evolutionary level of mankind. Caveat emptor. Cheers!
    Pascal Derrien
    12/01/2017 #19 Pascal Derrien
    too many coaches are kill the coaching industry, in Ireland there is an abnormal ratio of coaches, consultants per square meter it is actually frightening. The excellent ones get shafted by the mediocre ones who offer great prices.....and average service delivery, they all worship gurus like Tony Robbins to a point of obsession.

    It is an industry that need to reset itself but is not homogeneous so maybe it is only a phase.... but I am tired and sometimes cynical when I hear the same things form interchangeable consultant. So to your quesiton, has it failed probably not but the edge is not too far either:-)
    Devesh Bhatt
    12/01/2017 #18 Devesh Bhatt
    One shoe doesn't fit all. It's not an excuse to deny core issues.

    It is derived from bad policies, bad processes, bad communication or bad people.

    I don't think it's a failure, it overperformed and is now normalising to the genuine people when people have become aware .

    They may not know your field but they certainly know how to evaluate coaches better.

    Funny thing in India, Hiring Executive coaches can save companies' tax but hiring an operations/business consultant gets both of us taxed. Clients want to hire an executive coach who teaches their manager operations in the guise of leadership. I don't pick up such assignments because the label would be very restrictive unless they mention my scope in the contract.
    Don 🐝 Kerr
    12/01/2017 #17 Don 🐝 Kerr
    @Aurorasa Sima It's great to see you active. Now, I don't know if it's IQ, EQ or FQ (careful pronouncing that last one) but I entered the professional working world in 1977. In the ensuing 40 years technology has made the great leap forward. From what I can see, human resource management (a misnomer if ever there was one) hasn't changed one goddamn bit except for the adoption of new jargon, lingo and buzz. For all of the corporate world's claims to care for the well being of their most valuable asset they continue to give short shrift to supporting the real humans who work for them. Wall Street, Bay Street, or The City - they demand quarterly results and if those are put in jeopardy by the collateral damage of human kind - too bad. Perhaps there are some shining examples that disprove this - Google, Aetna, Apple, Manulife? Not sure. That would be an interesting track to follow and maybe I shall for another day. In the meantime, thanks again for provoking thought in a meaningful way!
    Aurorasa Sima
    11/01/2017 #16 Aurorasa Sima
    #10 Thank you Harvey!
    Aurorasa Sima
    11/01/2017 #15 Aurorasa Sima
    Good point, Ian. Anything that has to do with changing your ressourceful brain is tricky. The approach you suggested would definitely be the way to go.

    I could see smaller companies with wise leaders adopting it. Large corporations, public companies not so much. It´s not easy to show the ROI on gratitude. Respect ends when sales targets are not met.

    And if companies adapt it ... I´m working on an article "mindfuless to go". Some companies ARE adopting mindfulness programs. But it´s more a play on the old game of increasing productivity and helping people who are suffering from too much pressure to endure even more.

    I deliver my EI training over a period of 30 days and then two more components on days 50 and 80. Supporting people after the initial motivations fades is the hard part.
  2. Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    Some positive walk in the forest
    Some positive walk in the forest Weather doesn't...


    Tausif Mundrawala
    04/11/2016 #32 Tausif Mundrawala
    Thanks Andrew for this wonderful detour.
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    01/11/2016 #31 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #28 Very true, @Irene Hackett Thank you!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    01/11/2016 #30 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #27 Thank you, @Paul Walters Yeah, thinking process remains in all conditions)
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    01/11/2016 #29 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #26 Thank you, @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher That was fun!
    Paul Walters
    01/11/2016 #27 Paul Walters
    @Andrew 🐝 Goldman Thanks , a business chat at minus 20!!!!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    31/10/2016 #26 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Beautiful @Andrew 🐝 Goldman. Looks so refreshing and relaxing to take all of the crisp outdoor weather in. Very nice video, thanks for sharing!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #25 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #24 Thank you, @Renée 🐝 Cormier! That was amazing! Have an awesome week!
    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    31/10/2016 #24 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    That is beautiful, Andrew. The first snow falls always seem so magical and they are my favourite. Beautiful message in a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing.
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #23 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #15 Thank you, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman Let's focus on the rain for your region! I'm sure it will come!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #22 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #14 Thank you, Ashley! That was awesome! Have a great week!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #21 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #12 Thank you, @John White, MBA Coverage is not always perfect, but I'm lucky when do live buzz) Have an awesome week!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #20 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #9 Thank you, @Deb 🐝 Helfrich I enjoy every single moment together with the world! The flow of the positive energy never stops)
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #19 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #7 Thank you, @Tifany Rodio That was beautiful! Only positive thoughts all the way! Have an awesome week!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #18 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #5 Thank you, @Froilán Pérez Awaiting for some beautiful snowfall to share! Life is amazing! have a great week!
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #17 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #2 Thank you, @Javier 🐝 beBee Winter is amazing! I learned it was so cold that my phone turned off after the live buzz))
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    31/10/2016 #16 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    #6 Thank you, @Paul Burge That was an awesome walk! Have a great week!
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    31/10/2016 #15 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    This is fabulous. I'm still traveling and saw this in my email - so glad I didn't miss it. The area where we are staying is hazy and smoky from the fires. Please do a beBee rain dance as we our desperate for rain in Georgia. 🌂
    Ashley Marie Taylor
    31/10/2016 #14 Ashley Marie Taylor
    beBeeing in a forest...yes!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    31/10/2016 #13 Javier 🐝 beBee
    #12 @John White, MBA my experience is that all Europe has a great 4G coverage !
    John White, MBA
    31/10/2016 #12 John White, MBA
    A most excellent Live Buzz, Andrew! I am impressed that the 4G coverage reached the forest and you were able to do a Live Buzz from there. Thanks so much for the piece of inspiration.
  3. ProducerDavid B. Grinberg
    Aurorasa Coaching Articles
    Aurorasa Coaching ArticlesMastering The Art Of GratitudeNew Article about Empathy MisconceptionsThe Myth Of MultitaskingInfographic HappinessInterview with Don KerrNeuroGym 5th annual Live Brain-A-Thon100 Day Challenge Review Ryan BlairDifferences Between Changemaker and...


    Aurorasa Sima
    26/10/2016 #5 Aurorasa Sima
    #1 I´d be grateful if you could say "hi" on the one I just posted on LI (with the purple background ... not the Python) (;
    David B. Grinberg
    26/10/2016 #2 David B. Grinberg
    Aurorasa, that's quite an impressive reading list there. Kudos on all of your "sweet honey" and other blog posts which always offer important advice. I shared this in the following hives, "beBee in English" and "Publishers & Bloggers" and "Leadership." Buzz on, my friend...
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    26/10/2016 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Wow !!! A great list to read . Thanks
  4. ProducerSimon Gray

    Simon Gray

    Take your passion and make it happen!
    Take your passion and make it happen!This blog post is about three things many people struggle with in life, and especially when it comes to successful job search:1) Focusing on and following their passion.2) The application of acquired knowledge to achieve their goal.3) The continued...


    Simon Gray
    31/10/2016 #9 Simon Gray
    #6 Thank you for your kind comment Ali, it's much appreciated. I'll be sure to take a look at your buzz. As they say – great minds...! Best wishes, Simon
    Simon Gray
    31/10/2016 #8 Simon Gray
    #7 Thank you Tausif – procrastination is the enemy and the excuse many fall into the trap of using. Great to connect on here with you. Best wishes, Simon
    Tausif Mundrawala
    24/10/2016 #7 Tausif Mundrawala
    Passion is like a burning desire which should be kept burning keeping it away from an extinguisher known as 'procrastination'. I agree with you on all scores that we need to utilize our knowledge by implementing it practically. Thank you so much for bringing forth this subject.
    Ali Anani
    24/10/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    @Simon Gray- this is a beautiful buzz. I agree with you 100% and I am sure @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher knows this by now. Without being aware of your buzz I published fifteen minutes ago a buzz on unexpected passion migrations and how they resulted in great successes. I agree with you, with Lisa's comment and I am sharing proudly
    Simon Gray
    24/10/2016 #5 Simon Gray
    #4 Hi Lisa, thanks for your kind comment – it's much appreciated. For me passion is everything – if you follow your passion you'll never give up of get bored. As it's what you were meant to do – success is only a matter of time. Best wishes, Simon
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    15/10/2016 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    You're an inspiration @Simon Gray! I'm glad you found your passion because opportunities are limitless once we do. Oddly or coincidently, I found my passion after networking with certain people like @John White, MBA, watching his enthusiasm for something he believed so strongly in. I'm not sure if John realizes he's been a silent mentor of mine. He has WAY more experience than I do but I found my passion is helping others to achieve their goals if I believe in the goal they are trying to attain. That's when I began to promote beBee (and I'm saying this as Lisa, not the Lisa with the label of Ambassador). @Javier 🐝 beBee's energy was also contagious. I grew to respect these men and from that point on, I was on and still am, a mission, to see beBee become all they dream of it being and more! I didn't begin this endeavor with anything selfish in mind at all, and I still don't approach my efforts in a selfish manner. I had fun finding ways to help them promote beBee and my passion has only grown.
    Brian McKenzie
    15/10/2016 #3 Brian McKenzie
    #2 @Simon Gray in this day and age of technology - if a company can't auto skript a form letter rejection - it says volumes about the quality of interaction one should expect from corporate 'leadership' - Their passive aggressive non-response speaks louder than any branded happy story they tell on their 'ABOUT' page.
    Simon Gray
    15/10/2016 #2 Simon Gray
    #1 Hi Brian and thanks for your comment. Rejection is just part of the process and sometimes it's silent (no letter or other form of communication). What's important is to stay disciplined and keep going. Best wishes, Simon
    Brian McKenzie
    11/10/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    Bloody hell - I would be ecstatic with a rejection letter. 6 seconds at the end of the ATS suckhole doesn't even yield those anymore.
  5. ProducerPaul 🐝 Kearley
    You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: How to Coach and Be Coached.
    You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: How to Coach and Be Coached.Behind every mask that we wear, lies another just waiting to be exposed. Dan and I were sitting in his car, just finishing up lunch when we got into one of the most meaningful and productive conversations that I have ever had with a...
  6. ProducerLynsey Heeks

    Lynsey Heeks

    Are you mentally tough?
    Are you mentally tough?Let me introduce myself as some of you may already know me but some of you may not! My name is Lynsey Heeks and I am Trainer and Director of a training company called Professional Futures Ltd. I have been a lecturer/tutor of Leadership, Management...


    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    11/10/2016 #6 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Welcome to beBee @Lynsey Heeks!! Love those 4 areas you talk about, I'll follow your Producers closely. 💫
    Aaron Skogen
    10/10/2016 #5 Aaron Skogen
    Welcome to the hives @Lynsey Heeks. THis is a solid post, well done. In particular, I like that you wrapped it up with using what you learned to improve. After all, I think leadership requires a strong sense of self awareness and an intense willingness to keep improving. That is how we as leaders become able to inspire in order for others to aspire.
    José Ramón  🐝 López
    10/10/2016 #4 José Ramón 🐝 López
    Very interesting article and nice photo! Welcome @Lynsey Heeks
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    10/10/2016 #3 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Great precepts, out of experience and insights, which inspire others to learn something new for successful pathways.
    Cepee Tabibian
    10/10/2016 #2 Cepee Tabibian
    Great article @Lynsey Heeks!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    10/10/2016 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Thanks for sharint it ! @Lynsey Heeks welcome to the hive !
  7. ProducerKevin Pashuk

    Kevin Pashuk

    Work / Life Balance - and other Fallacies
    Work / Life Balance - and other FallaciesThere is much information available today on work / life balance.  I've tried for years to achieve it, and came to the conclusion that sitting in the middle of this continuum is a grand exercise in futility. The problem for me is that there are...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    11/01/2017 #35 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #34 It sure is Kevin, well said!
    Kevin Pashuk
    11/01/2017 #34 Kevin Pashuk
    #33 Thanks for pulling this one up again Lisa. Prioritization of life is an ongoing challenge.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    11/01/2017 #33 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    A buzz worth revisiting! by @Kevin Pashuk
    Kevin Pashuk
    23/11/2016 #32 Kevin Pashuk
    #31 Thanks Sarah for visiting. My brilliant wife has always said, 'If you want to know what's important to a person, take a look at where they spend their time.'

    It is good to know how we spend our time, because it reveals our priorities.
    Sarah Elkins
    18/11/2016 #31 Sarah Elkins
    I missed this one last summer, @Kevin Pashuk, so I'm really glad it popped into my beBee feed this afternoon. This is a good strategy for prioritizing, and I know some people who would love this exercise. I also appreciate the idea of looking at the number of goals related to each segment of our lives; I can't make myself separate into those pieces because they are all so interrelated. It's a good idea to consider where we're spending our time and energy, and make sure that our priorities are conscious, intentional, and help us avoid regret. Good post!
    Kevin Pashuk
    11/11/2016 #30 Kevin Pashuk
    #29 Thanks for visiting, and sharing this post Nikki.
    Nikki Petersen
    11/11/2016 #29 Nikki Petersen
    A good attempt at balance, which still seems futile, but it's much closer to attainable with this.
    Kevin Pashuk
    31/10/2016 #28 Kevin Pashuk
    #27 Thanks Robert. My darling wife is both amazed and frustrated that I am singularly focused in my tasks. When she cooks, she is not only preparing dinner, mopping the floor, talking on the phone with our kids, and counselling someone via text messages. When I'm in the kitchen, it's more like "Get everyone out of the house! Be quiet! Can't you see I'm boiling water here????"

    Actually, it's not (quite) that bad, but like you, I tend to focus on the task at hand. My matrix above is a check point to make sure I'm giving attention to all the areas in my life that will need attention at one point or another.
    Robert Cormack
    31/10/2016 #27 Robert Cormack
    Nice post, Kevin. Life balance is truly the hardest thing to accomplish (even when you've figured out the shortcomings of the Austin Mini). Rather than try to find life's balance, I prefer to separate them out, working on each individually. Some are easier than others, some are a bitch. If we try to accomplish all at once, we tend to fail or give up. Focusing on one at a time gives us hope and confidence. During the writing of a book, for instance, I have no interest in anything else (except health). I'll go months without talking to friends, but if I get the book right, I become a talkative bastard. Dealing singularly gives us a starting point (and, God, we need starting points). With each success, we move on, improving the others. Think of it as a mainframe with lots of slots for more memory. We all want more memory (just in case we actually accomplish something).
    Kevin Pashuk
    18/10/2016 #25 Kevin Pashuk
    Thanks for sharing this again @Tony 🐝 Rossi!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    08/10/2016 #23 Javier 🐝 beBee
    @Kevin Pashuk I really enjoyed this buzz. Thank you. Life is great, and there is only one, that is the reason why we are here to enjoy, and taking easy. I am taking apart negative people from my life.
    debasish majumder
    08/10/2016 #22 debasish majumder
    intriguing post indeed Kevin Pushuk! i guess, we have little to do in terms of controlling our boxes as you describe. our external world used to play they key role and that actually the ingredient which being instilled through fuel injector, determining the induction mechanism to work, mobilizing us to get the momentum. we are forced to act according to the available circumstances, where our personal life and desire have very little significance. besides, our life is not a machine, where the reflection in our faculty used to play a key role. car can be your fancy, but car have no life, neither have at all any ability to make any decision, effecting our decisions, and moreover, along with steering, five wheels are of great significance along with the human effort which is the driving force of world history. however, nice post. enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post.
    Kevin Pashuk
    08/10/2016 #21 Kevin Pashuk
    #20 Thanks Lisa, and thanks for the share.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    08/10/2016 #20 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    The picture of the car is really cool @Kevin Pashuk. I think it's great that your art students drew pictures of the car. Love the matrix boxes and the 6 components of a healthy life. Real goals one can achieve, even if just one goal a day is written in the boxes. My son and daughter both have date nights with their spouses once a month. I wish that concept would have been around when we were younger and raising kids (well even if we weren't raising kids). I see that as a very healthy aspect to a relationship. My daughter is so cute about it- you'd think she was going out on a date with her boyfriend, not her husband! That's how it should be :)) Thanks for this.
    Kevin Pashuk
    08/10/2016 #19 Kevin Pashuk
    #18 Thanks Aleta.
    Aleta Curry
    08/10/2016 #18 Aleta Curry
    Thanks for this, @Kevin Pashuk. Too often, people are thinking laterally or one dimensionally, as if everything works for everyone, or presenting either/or scenarios. The truth is that we are not one trick ponies, and we are complicated, therefore our planned solutions for healthy, balanced living, have to take that into account.
    Kevin Pashuk
    08/10/2016 #17 Kevin Pashuk
    #15 Thanks for the comments and share Karen. The car actually belongs to one of my team. He had it parked in the circle so the art students could draw it. I keep a camera near so was able to get a shot.
    Kevin Pashuk
    16/06/2016 #14 Kevin Pashuk
    #13 Thanks for the compliments @Aaron Skogen. I do tend to agree with you about the listicle - even though a number of my posts have them. I did a fair bit of blogging for a technical magazine and they wanted blogs that had "5 Things..." in the title. I'm not proud, so any newer work will try to avoid it.
    Aaron Skogen
    16/06/2016 #13 Aaron Skogen
    Love the matrix @Kevin Pashuk. I'm not a fan of the listicle commonly found over on LI, and I was concerned this may be one. Thankfully it was not! You have touched on a point about balance that I completely believe in, that there is not "one size fits all" rule. We each find balance in different ways. Your matrix happens to correspond to my approach. Work is but a small part of the complete tapestry of our lives. Thanks for a well articulated and thoughtful post Kevin.
    James McElearney
    16/06/2016 #12 James McElearney
    The original mini is the only mini, there is nothing¨"mini" about BMW´s version! really enjoyed this read @Kevin Pashuk some great little tips and nice and simple to remember
  8. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    Perhaps we ought to read the stars?
    Perhaps we ought to read the stars?The intrinsic fear of insecurity has pervaded the human condition ever since the beginning of recorded time. This fear manifests in the collective defense of the familiar and of the status quo – the comfort zone. Those that have presented...


    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    02/01/2017 #10 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    This was amusing Ian. Okay, so I do believe the alignment of planets influence all animal life. I know this because of the insomnia I suffer at every full moon. I also watch for when they say Mercury is in Retrograde, because I know if I'm depending on an electronic device to complete some task that there is a high chance that something is going to go wrong with that device. Why? In your words "Rather, through resonance, the planets modulated the sun’s electromagnetic field which in turn had a direct influence upon the earth’s magnetic field." and in my experience Mercury in Retrograde seems to be a time when this influence is strong. So I save often, both on my hard drive and a thumb drive I keep plugged into my computer. I've lost too many hours of work to say; coincidence. So there, it's confirmed, Pam watches the stars :-) or at least the Moon and Mercury.
    Ian Weinberg
    08/10/2016 #9 Ian Weinberg
    #8 @Deb 🐝 Helfrich thanks for that. I sincerely believe that we are evolving into a new scientific space as we speak. The old has not provided adequate answers. The substrate for 'legitimate' enquiry has narrowed significantly as more and more concepts have become inconvenient for incorporation into existing models. I would name Rupert Sheldrake and physicist Dean Radin amongst several others, who are birthing a new science.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    08/10/2016 #8 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    Ah, Rupert Sheldrake has done some fascinating science. The easiest to approach is around how dogs know when their owners are coming home. And here is a pertinent quote from his book titled "Morphic Resonance"

    "Although evidence is piling up that cosmology is evolutionary, old habits of thought die hard. Most scientists take eternal Laws of Nature for granted – not because they have thought about them in the context of the Big Bang, but because they haven't.
    Laws anthropomorphize because what are laws in relation to nature, and there is no parallel in nature for monarchs or parliaments or congresses. The legal metaphor is incoherent.
    I suggest a new possibility. The regularities of nature are not imposed on nature from a transcendent realm, but evolve within the universe. What happens depends on what has happened before. Memory is inherent in nature. It is transmitted by a process called morphic resonance, and works through fields called morphic fields."

    This is in parallel with all of the studies about embodied cognition, wherein our senses of very subtle things influence our behavior in very marked ways. Of course, we are in many ways just as invisibly effected by the macro world as the micro world. The age of rational intellect as the supreme force in the universe is all but over.

    It is only human to think about things. It is socialized dogma to find certain things not worth thinking about.

    I am quite eager to surrender to the possibilities that I am so far unable to fathom.
    Chas ✌️ Wyatt
    08/10/2016 #6 Chas ✌️ Wyatt
    @Ian Weinberg, Velikovsky's theories about planetary collisions were laughed at by the scientific community,but, are now regarded seriously by that same community. The theory of floating Tektonic plates on the Earth's magma was once also scoffed at. If it weren't for the moon's pull we would not have tides and the seas would essentially be dead. Astrology is based on a twelve planetary system. Planet x, a tenth planet is becoming more and more accepted by the scientific community as well as a possible 11th planet. Many esoteric teachings and beliefs are beginning to be accepted by science as not just being cloaked in the veil of myth and folktales, but, being rooted in reality.
    Ian Weinberg
    08/10/2016 #5 Ian Weinberg
    #4 @I know very little about it so can't give an opinion.
    Aurorasa Sima
    08/10/2016 #4 Aurorasa Sima
    What is your opinion of vedic astrology?
    Gert Scholtz
    08/10/2016 #1 Gert Scholtz
    @Ian Weinberg Fascinating look into the overlap of science and pseudoscience. Thanks Ian
  9. Dunja Radosavljevic
    I broke up with my partner today but I want to give you the experience of love - Here is the secret Instagram deal just for today. Contact me by end of today and you will get the love: Do you want to feel loved? I can help now. Reach out and my heart will be with yours and we will clear anything standing in the way of allowing love to come to you from whichever area of life u want to receive it. You will blossom, you will come alive, you will explode onto the canvass of your life! Love can do that.

    If you book a discovery call today you will get a discount of 45% on my session fee. So you will get my honest and trustworthy advice and attention to guide your transformation, your quick - one session transformation, which I have done over and over again with many people successfully but TODAY for $275 instead of $500 which is my regular fee.

    Here is what one of my client said: "" From the first moment Dunja digged deep, and uncovered my true fear, the fear which I never realised was laying underneath the surface. She helped me deal with it in the moment and stayed with me in thoughts, spirit and vocally that I felt safe the whole time. Even though I broke down in tears I came out stronger and more brave, ready to take on what I fear and ready to face anything life is going to throw to me. If I feel that the voice of fear wants me to drag me down, I acknowledge it but tell it to take a back seat while I walk or dance it away. Jump and unleash your block(s) with Dunja, You will never be sorry." Elmaret Fourie #60minutecoach
    Dunja Radosavljevic
  10. ProducerSushmita Thakare Jain
    Breakthrough the Wall of negativity!
    Breakthrough the Wall of negativity!The power of positivity has never been as important as it is today!We all hit the 'Rock Bottom' at some point of the time, some then lose the path while few refocus and move ahead.Today i'm going to share few quotes with you which down the years...
  11. Javier 🐝 beBee
    " Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition " Javier 🐝 beBee


    Loribeth Pierson
    06/10/2016 #5 Loribeth Pierson
    Life is a lot simpler when you follow your intuition.
    Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    05/10/2016 #3 Andrew 🐝 Goldman
    It is life. We either live and enjoy. Or survive and suffer. Btw all depends on the mindset)
    Matt 🐝 Sweetwood
    05/10/2016 #2 Matt 🐝 Sweetwood
    Until I learned to do this, I often made mistakes... And some BIG ones too. #trustyourself
  12. ProducerEnrique Rubio

    Enrique Rubio

    The Power of Believing in Yourself
    The Power of Believing in YourselfImagine that you have an imaginary friend (maybe you already do!). Let's call this friend "B". What would happen if B continually told you that you're not valuable, that you can't do something or don't have the capacities to achieve your dreams?...


    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    05/10/2016 #4 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    I always tell people (and myself, sometimes) to change the talk in your head. I agree with you completely. Much of what holds us back in any situation will depend on how we choose to frame things in our own minds. Being your own cheerleader is very important, but I think everyone also needs an external cheerleader in life in order to combat feelings of self-doubt. I am glad you are inclined to encourage others. People who put up emotional road blocks for others are a dime a dozen.
    Julie Hickman
    05/10/2016 #3 Julie Hickman
    "Like any good friend, we want him to stop us, slap us in the face and tell us that it’s ok to fall and fail, and that if we do, we will stand up again and continue the journey." - @Enrique Rubio View more
    "Like any good friend, we want him to stop us, slap us in the face and tell us that it’s ok to fall and fail, and that if we do, we will stand up again and continue the journey." - @Enrique Rubio
    We all need to be mindful of what our inner monologue is telling us at any given moment. Wonderfully crafted story with a very important lesson. Close
    Tausif Mundrawala
    05/10/2016 #2 Tausif Mundrawala
    Believing in ourselves is the first step towards success. Well there is lot to learn and do in this world rather than wasting our time behind others by backbiting and gossiping about them.Thanks for this post, @Enrique Rubio View more
    Believing in ourselves is the first step towards success. Well there is lot to learn and do in this world rather than wasting our time behind others by backbiting and gossiping about them.Thanks for this post, @Enrique Rubio. Close
    David Navarro López
    05/10/2016 #1 Anonymous
    Tremendo Post, Enrique. If I had to choose a thought, I really agree with that one: "And if what B listens from us is bad things about others, he will eventually use those same messages against us… So, don’t be part of gossiping and avoid talking badly about those around you. Become a positive friend for B as well."
    Our unconscious is always listening and has no humor sense.
  13. ProducerCatalina Serrano
    Is Discipline a Crutch?
    Is Discipline a Crutch?As a 60 Minute Business Coach I hear often these cries from my clients:- Oh, I am failing to keep up with my schedule- I am not getting results as I had before with same activities- I need to be held more accountable- My mind can’t keep a focus- I...


    Dunja Radosavljevic
    25/08/2016 #1 Dunja Radosavljevic
    My apologies ladies, I didn't mean to post a few times the same article - and now I see I didi it 3 times - forgive me, I hate spamming any group more then the ext person - I tried to delete it when I released but the window for it passed. This is all due to Mercury Retrograde - which in Astrology messes up all communications, plans, contracts etc, t sat now end of August and goes through end of Sept - so be weary and be prepared for some things to go haywire a bit.
  14. ProducerEvelyn Kloetzer

    Evelyn Kloetzer

    Crucial Conversations – Tools for talking when stakes are high
    Crucial Conversations – Tools for talking when stakes are highBefore having read “Crucial Conversations” I probably would have played down the importance of reading it in general and even more the importance of ME reading it. No surprise, now I´ve done it, I´d just say it´s a solid base to start with if you...


    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    19/08/2016 #2 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Dear Evelyn, the book Crucial Conversations is indeed an excellent desk companion and it is made even better when we accompany this reading with the work done by the Harvard Negotiation Project called "Difficult Conversations" http://www.peace.ca/difficultconversations.pdf View more
    Dear Evelyn, the book Crucial Conversations is indeed an excellent desk companion and it is made even better when we accompany this reading with the work done by the Harvard Negotiation Project called "Difficult Conversations" http://www.peace.ca/difficultconversations.pdf When insights from both books are coupled - they form really excellent resources in our reference library.

    There are books which one can read cover to cover or even simply glance and browse and that is the disposable value of knowledge, yet the iterative value of continuous improvement makes books like "Crucial Conversations" and "Difficult Conversations" as the books that accompany our own life journey. If I am reading a book on Accounting, once I know the methodology I know it, knowing how to do a trial balance is bit of knowledge. Knowing how to create meaningful relationships, that is a lot of life.

    We can have a lot of life and still have bits of knowledge or we can have lots of bits of life and lots of knowledge. I am a developing connoisseur of the former and that is the elegance I wish personally to live in, and today my learning is a learning journey - a journey with an endless horizon or at least until I crash into the rocks of so called reality.

    Most of our life journeys are to a destination and we are navigating challenges, and that is when conversation helps us with our challenges. Beyond this conversation helps us to see conversation and that in turn allows us to begin to see the whole - and even in an organizational situation - this is the actual smarter essence of when our leadership also becomes whole. Close
  15. ProducerBradley Gilbert

    Bradley Gilbert

    The Only Way to Get It Done Is to Do It.
    The Only Way to Get It Done Is to Do It.When I was in university doing my undergrad I developed a habit of procrastinating when it came to completing assignments. Rather than completing them ahead of time, I would wait for the last day or two before the deadline, stay up late and drive...


    Bradley Gilbert
    23/07/2016 #3 Bradley Gilbert
    Definitely - You're welcome Nicholas!
  16. ProducerDunja Radosavljevic
    Is Socrates the Father of Coaching?
    Is Socrates the Father of Coaching?I have loved Socrates ever since college when I read Plato’s Republic. I was drawn and fascinated by his ability to convince and persuade. I almost went into law because of him and the Logic class I took.Reading this simple test Socrates runs with a...


    Dunja Radosavljevic
    21/07/2016 #2 Dunja Radosavljevic
    Gracias, Javier! happy to be here and so glad someone thought of creating a network to compete with inked - they have been too long without competition. Hope you can grow Bebee rapidly! let me know if I can serve in any way!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    21/07/2016 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    thanks for sharing it ! @Dunja Radosavljevic welcome to beBee !
  17. ProducerRebecca Liston

    Rebecca Liston

    The Art of Decision Making
    The Art of Decision MakingI’ve been thinking a lot these last few days about choices. Have you ever noticed how often people label a choice as either “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong” and how we talk about choices most often from the perspective of “what the consequences...


    Julie Hickman
    12/08/2016 #19 Julie Hickman
    I had to read and review this piece again to see where I land in the decision process you've outlined. There is no question it's step 3. The decision was made, voiced, actions started and now.. "keep calm, stay the course and trust like hell that because you made the decision consciously everything will .. inevitably benefit everyone around you".
    Rebecca Liston
    21/07/2016 #18 Rebecca Liston
    #1 Thanks Deb. I am happy to be here. Bebee is a whole new world of social media to me. And, I LOVE to write about life and what's happening in the my world and the world around me. I will post something often, but I am always posting on my blog here: http://rebeccaliston.com/blog.
    Rebecca Liston
    21/07/2016 #17 Rebecca Liston
    #6 Thank you Sara! Glad to be here. Canuck and all!
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    20/07/2016 #16 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    #14 I agree @Steven Brooks, small decisions are important, and I believe they come in handy as organizational tools for the bigger decisions.
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    20/07/2016 #15 Max🐝 J. Carter
    I find the decision making process is effected most by the ego representation of self we have chosen for our identity. The things we identify with using the word I often program the decisions we will make later to protect that expression of self that is who we are telling the world we are.
    Steven Brooks
    20/07/2016 #14 Steven Brooks
    Where we are today is not always about the big decisions we make. Often we are here because of many many very small decisions we made along the way, not realizing the accumulation of such small decisions over time would produce the fruit we now have to eat, of whatever flavor. Hope we learn to sense that small decisions are also very important.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    20/07/2016 #13 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    Welcome to beBee Rebecca Liston and thank you for your very informative post.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    20/07/2016 #12 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    This is one of the most poignant articles I have ever read. Not only is the timing perfect, as I am in a near constant state of overwhelm with many important and irreversible decisions right now; but you have elucidated the exact 4 points that resonate with me as signposts along the journey to making and more importantly living with a decision.

    So glad you made your way to beBee today, @Rebecca Liston. I am very pleased to meet you!
    debasish majumder
    20/07/2016 #11 debasish majumder
    nice insight Rebecca Liston. enjoyed read. thanks for sharing it.
    Anees Zaidi
    20/07/2016 #10 Anees Zaidi
    Hi @Rebecca Liston warm welcome to beBee. Thanks for sharing your fabulous thoughts.
    Tahir Kashif
    20/07/2016 #9 Tahir Kashif
    Very nice. @Rebecca Liston
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    20/07/2016 #8 Javier 🐝 beBee
    @Rebecca Liston welcome to beBee ! Thanks for sharing it
    Sara Jacobovici
    20/07/2016 #7 Sara Jacobovici
    Let's give a warm beBee welcome to @Rebecca Liston. Rebecca has already made a great contribution with her first Buzz, a discussion of "The Art of Decision Making".
    Sara Jacobovici
    20/07/2016 #6 Sara Jacobovici
    Nice to see you on beBee @Rebecca Liston. This Buzz is a great introduction to your knowledge and insight. Wishing you all the success! I invite you to join the hive, beeBee for Canucks, eh.
    Rebecca Liston
    20/07/2016 #5 Rebecca Liston
    #1 Thank you, Julie! I have several more you may like on my blog at http://www.rebeccaliston.com/blog and I promise to post a new article every week!
    Julie Hickman
    19/07/2016 #1 Julie Hickman
    @Rebecca Liston, this piece took me on a literary roller-coaster with all the twists and turns you would expect when contemplating decisions of life altering magnitude. I loved reading your unique perspective and the wild ride it took me on. You have a new fan! :)
  18. ProducerMarcelo Martin

    Marcelo Martin

    What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction?
    What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction?Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Since its inception, MBSR has evolved into a common form of complementary medicine addressing a variety of health...
  19. ProducerBradley Gilbert

    Bradley Gilbert

    You Shouldn’t Care About What People Think – 99% of the Time.
    You Shouldn’t Care About What People Think – 99% of the Time.Everyone has an opinion. You have an opinion, I have an opinion, your friends have an opinion – we all have an opinion. That’s the beauty of individuality, we all have the ability to see things from different perspectives. There’s no rule or law...


    Bradley Gilbert
    15/07/2016 #4 Bradley Gilbert
    #3 Thank you @Mamen 🐝 Delgado! I will follow back ;)
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    15/07/2016 #3 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Like your post @Bradley Gilbert, you say quite a few true things! Followed on Twitter by the way! ;)
    Bradley Gilbert
    09/07/2016 #2 Bradley Gilbert
    Thank you @John White, MBA. I definitely will!
    John White, MBA
    08/07/2016 #1 John White, MBA
    @Bradley Gilbert: Great post! I have promoted on Twitter via @bebee_blogs and @bebeecareertips. Feel to retweet to give more reach!
  20. ProducerPaul O'Neill

    Paul O'Neill

    Finding your right: The key to happiness
    Finding your right: The key to happiness"Happiness is an inside job."  - William Arthur WardRegardless of what others think or suggest, we must consider our own happiness when making decisions. Others may make suggestions and recommendations but only we know what is truly right for...
  21. ProducerSteve Blakeman

    Steve Blakeman

    Make your mind up! (5 ways to beat your indecision)
    Make your mind up! (5 ways to beat your indecision)I'm a Libran. And if you believe the astrologers (which I don't) that means I make balanced decisions. Or some might say (e.g. my wife) that it takes me ages to make up my mind (which I also don't believe). If that were true (which it isn't) then...


    Steve Blakeman
    04/07/2016 #5 Steve Blakeman
    #3 thanks for the comments @IreneHackett... glad you liked reading the piece as much as I enjoyed writing it (no seriously!)
    Steve Blakeman
    04/07/2016 #4 Steve Blakeman
    #1 thanks for the comment @Mary White... can't blame you for avoiding the Kardashians!
    Sharon King
    04/07/2016 #2 Sharon King
    Great advice @Steve Blakeman, turning negative feeling into physical action is really one of the most invigorating ways to shake off a nagging thought.
    Mary White
    04/07/2016 #1 Mary White
    Hahaha won't think about it I'll just try to experiment with all the options, but watching Keeping up With the Kardashians, I cherish my brain so much to put garbage in it. Kidding aside, great post @Steve Blakeman
  22. ProducerRichard Williams
    Career Advice from Antonio Banderas
    Career Advice from Antonio BanderasWhen Antonio first went to the US to build an acting career, he didn’t know ANY English – except for these words:  "Yes. I can do that" And so, in all his interviews, he would be asked if he could see himself doing this, that and the other, and...


    Charles David Upchurch
    24/07/2016 #8 Charles David Upchurch
    I appreciate your suggestion of using volunteer opportunities to hone your skills, and to learn new skills. Good of you!
    Charles David Upchurch
    24/07/2016 #7 Charles David Upchurch
    @Richard Williams I recommend that you read @Jeffrey Strickland's article in the Writers and Publishers hive about self-publishing your book of poetry, using the Lulu service that Jeffrey has used now for several books. I hope you find this suggestion helpful!
    Richard Williams
    30/06/2016 #6 Richard Williams
    #4 Great comment, thanks! I guess Antonio learnt his lesson!!
    Richard Williams
    30/06/2016 #5 Richard Williams
    #3 Thanks James, I'm working on it!
    Pedro Casanova
    30/06/2016 #4 Pedro Casanova
    I do recall an interview with Antonio about that topic. It was in an event dinner or so. Seated next to Madonna. Antonio and the Almodovar troupé were in Hollywwod presenting the movie " women on the verge.." . In one moment seems that Madonna got closer to him and whispered something really " kinky " into Antonio s ears...and he answered right away..." I can do that"... the hassle was later hiding from Madonna for the rest of the event once he learned what she really wanted from him...
    James McElearney
    30/06/2016 #3 James McElearney
    Absolutely, it´s all about attitude. well i wish you all the success in publishing your poetry, lets hope you get there before you go!
    Richard Williams
    30/06/2016 #2 Richard Williams
    #1 Thank you James, say hi to Antonio from me! Interesting re Morgan Freeman. It works in other fields as well of course - I'm still working on getting my first book of poetry published, but I know that plenty of famous and successful writers have had their first real success in their 50s, 60s or 70s. (or of course after they have died, but I don't particularly want to wait till then!!)
    James McElearney
    30/06/2016 #1 James McElearney
    Great little story Richard, Thank you. Antonio actually owns a house in the town just down the coast from me, so if I ever bump into him I shall ask him about this story ;) Not that, that will ever happen, but you never know! I did try as a teen to get into the world of acting and would very much still like to do it, but it is a cutthroat and difficult industry to make a name for yourself in. Still, many actors have done so at the later stages of life. Morgan Freeman didn´t do his first film until he was in his 50´s.
  23. ProducerJohn Whitehead

    John Whitehead

    The BIG Three Coaching Topics
    The BIG Three Coaching TopicsOver the past almost two years of coaching, I have identified three specific areas that have arisen from working with my clients. Three coaching areas consistently come to the fore. They are: Interpersonal Communications Skills, Time Management and...
  24. ProducerStephanie Lamoureux
    The Power Within You
    The Power Within YouA universal truth is that life presents us with another obstacle when we least expect it. Unfortunately, the bump often occurs when there are deadlines and tasks to complete at work, or there are pressing family complications. Because of this, the...


    25/01/2017 #70 MPORANYIMIGABO Gerard
    Dear Stephanie, you are right and the most important in life is self-determination to eliminate any negative feeling whatever the cause.
    Luis Piriz
    14/01/2017 #69 Luis Piriz
    Nice, Stephanie, keep it uppppp!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    11/01/2017 #68 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    "The key to vanquishing negative feelings is in knowing how to redirect your mind in a positive way. Focus on the positive aspects of your situation to feel inspired, not overwhelmed." By @Stephanie Lamoureux
    Roy Daggs
    07/01/2017 #67 Roy Daggs
    Do I have the power to go on a date with you.??!?! Yes I am that fine.
    Lyon Brave
    31/12/2016 #65 Lyon Brave
    A curve-ball never throws me
    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    01/12/2016 #64 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    "The most powerful weapon we have against becoming discouraged is our ability to choose one thought over another. " Very true, @Stephanie Lamoureux! Thank you for the reminder. @Graham🐝 Edwards told me I was a bit crabby today. This post reminded me that I can change that very easily. :)
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    17/10/2016 #63 Graham🐝 Edwards
    This is a really important message @Stephanie Lamoureux. Thank you !
    Jared Wiese adds VALUE & RESULTS
    17/10/2016 #62 Jared Wiese adds VALUE & RESULTS
    Inspirational, Stephanie.
    Jared Wiese adds VALUE & RESULTS
    17/10/2016 #61 Jared Wiese adds VALUE & RESULTS
    Sharing in The Miracle Morning.
    Jared Wiese adds VALUE & RESULTS
    17/10/2016 #60 Jared Wiese adds VALUE & RESULTS
    Sharing in Tony Robbins
    Tracey Henderson
    23/08/2016 #59 Tracey Henderson
    Great reading !!
    Stephanie Lamoureux
    02/07/2016 #58 Anonymous
    Thank you for taking the time. I am glad you found my buzz enlightening! @Anees Zaidi
    Anees Zaidi
    02/07/2016 #57 Anees Zaidi
    Excellent @Stephanie Lamoureux. 'redirect your thoughts through a quick decision- making process'. Powerful tool to convert passivism into optimism.
    Milos Djukic
    02/07/2016 #56 Anonymous
    #55 You are very welcome @Stephanie Lamoureux.
    Stephanie Lamoureux
    02/07/2016 #55 Anonymous
    I am pleased. :) Thank you so much for sharing! @Milos Djukic
    Milos Djukic
    02/07/2016 #54 Anonymous
    I enjoy this @Stephanie Lamoureux. Thank you.
    Stephanie Lamoureux
    02/07/2016 #53 Anonymous
    You might enjoy this....@Anees Zaidi
    Stephanie Lamoureux
    29/06/2016 #52 Anonymous
    Look closely.......
    Gerald Hecht
    29/06/2016 #51 Gerald Hecht
    #49 @Stephanie Lamoureux I thought you were smiling from your eyes ...
    Gerald Hecht
    29/06/2016 #50 Gerald Hecht
    #48 @Stephanie Lamoureux I got nothing ;-)
  25. ProducerPaula Gardner

    Paula Gardner

    What It’s Really Like to Freelance
    What It’s Really Like to FreelanceI always have a small percentage of my career coaching clients who have the dream of going freelance. Whether it’s about getting away from the 9-5, or just the lure of a more independent lifestyle, the freelance dream is calling to them.  As I have...


    Paul Walters
    24/06/2016 #7 Paul Walters
    Ah Paula, The freedom of freelancing !!! I embarked on this career five years ago after selling my ad agency with a staff of 50 plus. It was liberating and terrifying all at the same time but the benefits far outweigh the downside. I now live in Bali where time moves at a more agreeable pace and tap out pieces and books that I hope people read. However beware!!!! A terminal disease can creep up and getcha ! Sloth and procrastination, which at times embraces me in its clutches like a hungry python. ( actually it can be rather pleasant sometimes, having the life squeezed out of one when a deadline looms) Oh ,and one more thing, don't delegate to the cat, they will seldom listen and give not a toss about deadlines. Good Luck !
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    23/06/2016 #6 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. This year, I started offering an annual contract. I gave a break on fees in return for an annual commitment. I don't even charge extra for the occasional "emergency piece." Contract clients have priority on my time and pay less. Both they and I can budget more effectively. It's a win-win. "On-call clients" were disappointed when I had to refuse jobs both for the Facebook ChatBot and MS/LI announcements. I would rather refuse a job than miss a deadline.

    I haven't missed a deadline yet and have no intention of starting now.

    re: "Setting boundaries is a must. This means that family and friends need to “get” that you’re not 100% available," that applies to clients too. One drawback to the freelance lifestyle is that I'm always at work. Clients know they can usually reach me anytime between 07:00 and 23:00 GMT-5, weekends and holidays included. Surprisingly, no one abuses the privilege.
    Juan Imaz
    23/06/2016 #5 Juan Imaz
    by the way, welcome to beBee! @Paula Gardner
    Juan Imaz
    23/06/2016 #4 Juan Imaz
    Being a freelance in Spain, where you have lived, it is not very easy. We pay more taxes and have less advantages than many others. Now that we are in elections time everybody are making proposals but at the end of the day they do nothing...
    Catalina Serrano
    23/06/2016 #3 Catalina Serrano
    Good Producer @Paula Gardner! Freelancing has many good things but as you said, there are also downsides like the uncertainty about income and the need of adaption to the digital and continuous evolution as well as the organization of your time. Welcome to beBee and hope to read more of your content!
    Elizabeth Harris
    23/06/2016 #2 Elizabeth Harris
    Definitely to go for freelancing as a career doesn't mean that you are going to have lots of free time, but it does mean that you can manage it as you please since you are the only owner of it! Nice article to start with @Paula Gardner View more
    Definitely to go for freelancing as a career doesn't mean that you are going to have lots of free time, but it does mean that you can manage it as you please since you are the only owner of it! Nice article to start with @Paula Gardner welcome! Close
    Oliver Moloney
    23/06/2016 #1 Oliver Moloney
    Hello @Paula Gardner, congratulations on a great first production and welcome to beBee!
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