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construction safety

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  1. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

    The New Hype in the Safety Industry. The Doc-Box®2....An All-Weather Housing Unit works great for holding home plans, instructions, maps, permits, user manuals, or any information you want displayed and made accessible. The Doc-Box®2 fills the need for a smaller all-weather posting unit while providing the same quality and durability as our larger models. Its compact size makes The Doc-Box®2 ideal for posting emergency action plan, storing transportation manifests, agricultural records, booklets, manuals and other important documents.Four Models to choose from: Standar, Lock, Window, & Window & Lock. Check us out www.docbox.com Michelle Lee
  2. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

    Safety Communication Posting! Doc-Box®2's www.docbox.com #signs #safety #protocol #osha Michelle Lee