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construction safety

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  1. Producersheo kumar prasad srivastva
    Identify the Strong Link in Chain of Accident?
    Identify the Strong Link in Chain of Accident? Prevention of accident is in the core of all the safety programs run by the organisation. Safety professionals throughout in their career devise and implement several activities that move around Prevention the Accidents. With ever increasing risk to...
  2. Producersheo kumar prasad srivastva
    Is safety a fight against the human nature???
    Is safety a fight against the human nature???It is fact that there is constant fight between positive consequence by not adopting safety and Negative consequence in adopting safety. The positive consequence as comfort, easiness and reward of completing the work quickly without safety undermine...
  3. Producersheo kumar prasad srivastva
    Are you responsible for safety?
    Are you responsible for safety?Responsibility is not a mere word but it is used to convey something very profound. Whatsoever function you are in, responsible means you own this and committed to accomplish all the tasks under it. You may, most of the time needed to go beyond call...
  4. Producersheo kumar prasad srivastva
    Kill Unsafe-Act (Behaviour) before it kills someone
    Kill Unsafe-Act (Behaviour) before it kills someoneIt is evident from the study done that UNSAFE ACTS account for 80 % of all causes of accidents. It is a most vulnerable link in the sequence of accident causation model given by many scientists. Also equally difficult is the management of unsafe...
  5. Ryan Robb

    Ryan Robb

    Envirotac – How we Make Waterproofing and Stabilization of Soil Possible http://envirotac.com/
    Envirotac Test & Application Video 7-14-11
    Envirotac Test & Application Video 7-14-11 Please choose 1080p for the best...
  6. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

    The New Hype in the Safety Industry. The Doc-Box®2....An All-Weather Housing Unit works great for holding home plans, instructions, maps, permits, user manuals, or any information you want displayed and made accessible. The Doc-Box®2 fills the need for a smaller all-weather posting unit while providing the same quality and durability as our larger models. Its compact size makes The Doc-Box®2 ideal for posting emergency action plan, storing transportation manifests, agricultural records, booklets, manuals and other important documents.Four Models to choose from: Standar, Lock, Window, & Window & Lock. Check us out www.docbox.com Michelle Lee
  7. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

    Safety Communication Posting! Doc-Box®2's www.docbox.com #signs #safety #protocol #osha Michelle Lee