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  1. lee Saeba

    lee Saeba

    #Ukrainian #Bakery #Creates #Galaxy #Eclairs ,#space #cake; They’re Just #Too #Pretty #ToEat
    Ukrainian Bakery Creates Galaxy Eclairs ,space cake; They’re Just Too Pretty To Eat
    Ukrainian Bakery Creates Galaxy Eclairs ,space cake; They’re Just Too Pretty To Eat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Yj67fqv5A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG30-wqSbTo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvV88Ou7XPI...
  2. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    First attempt at making yogurt at home Kevin Baker
  3. ProducerPaul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Doing the Shrimp Gumbo Mambo, Big Easy-style
    Doing the Shrimp Gumbo Mambo, Big Easy-styleIt's a blah day here in Montreal. It's cold, blustery, and wet. It would be a half-decent November 18th, but it's August 18th.August 18th has no business having this kind of weather.The dark weather darkened my mood. I'm in need of a pick-me-up. My...


    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    21/08/2017 #21 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    I updated this post to include a link to a Recipe Resizer function. It's behind a members-only wall, but membership is free. Please refer to the Update.

    Wayne Yoshida
    20/08/2017 #20 Wayne Yoshida
    #12 I was thinking of going half and half before I saw your idea of how to make the squash work. Perfect solution, thanks.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    20/08/2017 #19 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #18 Brian, nobody says, "Sacre blue" LOL
    Brian McKenzie
    20/08/2017 #18 Brian McKenzie
    Gumbo w/o okra! Sacre bleu !
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    20/08/2017 #17 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #15 I can't say I'm a big okra fan either. My Mom loves it. In Arabic, it's bahmiah. My wife also loves it. I swap out half the okra with zucchini when I make this at home
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    20/08/2017 #16 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    oops, I mean; original name means okra LOL
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    20/08/2017 #15 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    thank you, thank you for the zucchini suggestion. The only okra I'll eat is fried and even then it has to be fried until the okra is unrecognizable, so what's the use? I love gumbo with the exception of that one ingredient but it seemed to be blasphemy to make it without, you know, considering it's original name means gumbo!
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    19/08/2017 #14 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #10 I live in a two-tiered household, @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. I love spicy, but not mind-blowing spicy. My wife can't eat spicy at all. Any normally spicy recipe gets prepared in a mild version here. Then I add my spicy stuff at service.

    There's no reason to make multiple meals.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    19/08/2017 #13 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #9 That's the idea, @John White, MBA. There's no reason to eat rabbit food just 'cause one needs to lose weight. Adjustments are necessary, but not onerous.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    19/08/2017 #12 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #8 I confess, @Wayne Yoshida, I'm not a huge okra fan, although my wife loves it. I actually used half okra and half zucchini
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    19/08/2017 #11 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Oh does this sound good @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian!! Book marking this. I can't believe how cold it was in Montreal yesterday. We haven't had a cold spell in weeks. I thought maybe you were getting similar weather to ours. It's been like the south here without the luxury of being near the Ocean. Thanks for sharing this recipe and I will try to send our weather your way ;-)
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    19/08/2017 #10 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    yummy for the tummy and I love shrimps and you like spicy? Nice work Paul
    John White, MBA
    19/08/2017 #9 John White, MBA
    You had me at shrimp gumbo!
    Wayne Yoshida
    19/08/2017 #8 Wayne Yoshida
    Glad you mentioned the "issue" with okra and how to fix it. Thanks @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian!
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    18/08/2017 #7 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #6 Is that a challenge, @Pascal Derrien? I managed to make Crepes Suzette Low Cal AND yummy
    Pascal Derrien
    18/08/2017 #6 Pascal Derrien
    Need to check your book...... Tiramisu Lo Cal yuk !!!!
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    18/08/2017 #5 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #4 Yes, Jim, that's a great addition if weight loss is not a concern. Each 100g of Andouille adds 330 Calories. Just one will tip the recipe over the edge
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    18/08/2017 #4 Jim 🐝 Cody
    I live Gumbo and Okra. I grow Okra every year. Andouille sausage added is great also.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    18/08/2017 #2 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #1 That's the idea, Glo. It's easier to lose weight when you eat good looking, great tasting food. You also don't feel deprived.
    Gloria 🐝 🐾 💫 ☕ (Glo) Ochoa
    18/08/2017 #1 Anonymous
    this looks really really good!
  4. ProducerPaul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Chef's unDiet: Lo-Cal Lahmajoun a.k.a Armenian Pizza
    Chef's unDiet: Lo-Cal Lahmajoun a.k.a Armenian PizzaLahmajoun, a.k.a. Armenian Pizza has its origins lost in antiquity.  The earliest references I can find date back about 4,000 years. It was popular in Jerusalem centuries before the birth of Christ. I'm sure both Jesus Christ and Mohammed ate...


    Sandra Smith
    12/08/2017 #5 Sandra Smith
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    10/08/2017 #3 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Understood that's why this recipe uses a Beef Turkey mix.

    I had a tough time with horse meat until I met my current wife. She's from the Bari region of Italy where apparently horse is a common food.

    I can't say I like it though.
    Pascal Derrien
    10/08/2017 #1 Pascal Derrien
    Nice recipe for the culinary challenged :-) Cannot do horse my grand father was a horse trainer ....... (yet the dadas would still be sent to the butcher if not performing... that s a different story)
  5. ProducerPaul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Low-Cal, Must-Eat Paella: Y Gotta Try This!
    Low-Cal, Must-Eat Paella: Y Gotta Try This!There are currently 45.6 million people in Spain. There are at least that many ex-pats and people of Spanish descent living elsewhere. That would imply there are about 70 to 90 million paella recipes. This is just one of them.Paella is pronounced...


    Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    26/07/2017 #25 Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    #10 eso tú pon los dientes margos al personal, esperando articulo y live buzz
    @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    25/07/2017 #24 @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    #23 Happened to chef Oliver. But here we are at BeBee. With the name of Paella Valenciana concrete ingredients have been approved. As paellas have said well there are many. Personally the cabbage and cod is tremendous (good) and that cabbage I do not like. But I'll show you the ingredients, that the translator can go wrong with the vegetable. Hahaha.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/07/2017 #23 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #22 thank you, @@Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez. I was actually a little worried that my radical departure from traditional methods would annoy the Spaniards.

    I should have known. No culture that can create a masterpiece meal from what is effectively pot-luck with whatever is handy would take insult.
    @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    25/07/2017 #22 @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian https://twitter.com/RaulCobChef/status/888017583500349440 While in Michigan. or NY https://www.bebee.com/producer/@julio-angel-lopez-lopez/cooking-seafood-paella-with-lolo-manso-and-raul-cob-socarrat-new-york
    The best Paella in the world is made by my mother. This is so and is incontestable, it is like the law of gravity, an evidence. The tradition however is that the men do, late and slowly (without hurry) enjoying.
    As it says, @Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez and I it will prepare a buzz to convert to all the bees that wish it in experts.
    Congratulations @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian and thanks for the affection shown to this very special dish
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    25/07/2017 #21 Javier 🐝 beBee
    I love Only seafood paella

    Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez
    25/07/2017 #20 Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez
    #15 Te daré la receta tradicional, y si te apetece la haces. Un Saludo Pablo
    Pedro 🐝 Casanova
    25/07/2017 #19 Pedro 🐝 Casanova
    #17 Well Pablo...like you said before ...they are 90 millions Paella recipes... :-)
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    25/07/2017 #18 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    I love Paella. Many moons ago I used to enjoy it with my group at a quaint Spanish restaurant when I lived in Hollywood, FL. Unfortunately, I haven't had Paella in several years. Thank you for the recipe.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/07/2017 #17 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #7 Yes, that is the way we learned in culinary school. I needed a simpler method for regular household use and for my Cookbook. I hope Valencia will forgive me for the departure from tradition in the name of simplicity.

    You don't need Domino's phone number with this recipe#7

    BTW back in school, 11 dishes out of 24 students were thrown out using the traditional method, if memory serves.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/07/2017 #15 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #10 @Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez Este no es el método tradicional para la paella. Es muy simplificado. El resultado final es igual de bueno
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/07/2017 #14 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #12 I read that but thought it may just be a myth. It is a romantic thought though. My Spanish friends tell me that although most cooking is done by the woman of the family, paella is man's work like the grill.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/07/2017 #13 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #8 I make it in a dutch oven thing. This method needs something with a good lid. A regular thick-bottom pot should do the trick/
    Pedro 🐝 Casanova
    25/07/2017 #12 Pedro 🐝 Casanova
    #10 So the name PaElla...means "for her"...the tradition of men cooking on sundays for their viwes...FOR HER.... para Ella...
    Pa´ Ella...
    Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez
    25/07/2017 #11 Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez
    @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian @@Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez ver comentario anterior, no me ha cogido el enlace
    Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez
    25/07/2017 #10 Jorge 🐝 Carballo Pérez
    #4 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian a raíz de este artículo, voy a hablar con mi querido @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez y vamos a investigar sobre el origen de la Paella, que junto a los Spaguettis es de lo más internacional. A mí me enseñó cuando yo tenía 18 años el padre de un amigo a hacer Paella, no sabía hablar prácticamente Castellano, y según él, es tradición en Valencia que los domingos los hombres cocinen para las mujeres. De ahí su nombre. Pero ya digo, no me atrevo a afirmarlo al 100%. Julio y yo nos pondremos en marcha y os diremos. Por otro lado, la próxima Paella, os haré un Producer con Fotos y Vídeos ... de cómo se hace una Paella !! jajajajaja Ahí queda eso !!!!
    Sandra Smith
    25/07/2017 #9 Sandra Smith
    Wayne Yoshida
    25/07/2017 #8 Wayne Yoshida
    Excellent! Do we need a paella pan to make this, @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian? I suppose a big skillet or maybe a wok would work, right?
    Pedro 🐝 Casanova
    25/07/2017 #7 Pedro 🐝 Casanova
    Pablo..the roasted rice in the bottom of the " paella " is called " socarrat " In Valenciano dialect or language. Valencia is the homeland of the Paella . ( Careful here...many say Valenciano is a language...and they are proud of ..not a dialect ) "socarrat" means some like " burnt " It s like a crusty combinations of all the ingredients.
    Also for next time you " dare " to cook a paella. Remember this....we place the rice the last. We stir fry all the ingredients first. We use chicken broth instead of water . In the seafood paella replace the chicken for fish broth ( I used a can of " Boullabaise " watered down ) .
    And for the measure of rice n water . I d heard the right proportions is a fistfull ( Big hands size ) a fitsfull or rice per person + another big fistful per the paella itself. And a glass of broth ( or water ) per fistful . More or less...

    And always keep in handy Domino s pizza phone number...
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    25/07/2017 #6 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #4 Yummy yummy... 😍
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    25/07/2017 #5 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #3 LOL I thought so, but, Javi, you don't need a low-calorie version!!! Double up on the rice and broth
  6. ProducerPaul "Pablo" Croubalian
    How to Make Great Tasting Pizza in Under 10 minutes (sort of)
    How to Make Great Tasting Pizza in Under 10 minutes (sort of)Wayne Yoshida and Lisa Gallagher both asked for my Indestructible Pizza Dough recipe. I call it indestructible because it's nearly impossible to goof it up. It can also handle freezing cooked or not.Pizzas fall into two groupsThere are the...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    03/05/2017 #11 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    I'm glad I was going through your buzzes. Obviously I missed this! Sharing this to my hive to save. Even though I'm sick, this still made me hungry!! Thanks @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian :))
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    14/03/2017 #10 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #9 ?? diagnosed celiac? When I had my bakery, I had a ton of customers who thought they were gluten-intolerant, but had no issues with my strong doughs.

    I assume it was more an intolerance to the unfermented dough that is so common today.

    I can send you recipes for preferment or poolish-based dough in you want to give it a shot. Just let me know what qty to make the recipe for.
    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    14/03/2017 #9 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    #7 Sounds delightful. I love bread but I can't eat it anymore, unless I decide to put up with the pain. I sometimes do. Thanks for the response.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    14/03/2017 #8 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #4 Sounds like a plan! I'm making pizza tomorrow, so the morning after that it is!! Assuming there's any pizza left that is.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    14/03/2017 #7 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #6 Yes, you can let this dough sit for quite a while in the fridge. Let's say a max of five days.

    Used as a bread dough, the texture is slightly dense but fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. I use it for sausages and pulled pork. The crispiness holds in the juices long enough for the insides to absorb them
    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    14/03/2017 #6 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    I love making bread by hand. I find the whole process to be really relaxing and pleasurable. I love kneading the dough, watching the yeast bubble up before I add it to the flour, waiting for the dough to rise... all of it. If anyone ever bought me a bread maker, I'd never use it. All the fun is in the process. Now here's my question: Can you let this dough rise in the fridge for a few days? Also, what is the texture of the bread?
    Aaron 🐝 Skogen
    14/03/2017 #5 Aaron 🐝 Skogen
    Cant wait to try this one out @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian! Might even give it a whirl on the treager.
    Brian McKenzie
    14/03/2017 #4 Brian McKenzie
    Cold pizza in the morning topped with eggs, bacon and more cheese is great too!
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    14/03/2017 #3 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #2 LOL, actually Dean I like that processed junk on a pizza. NOT the stuff in a can! That's going too far. Pile it high with lots of cracked pepper and garlic. Yum

    For a margarita pizza I'd use home-made fresh mozz
    Dean Owen
    14/03/2017 #2 Dean Owen
    You are the pizza king! What a mighty walkthrough. Sheesh that guy Tony G can spin. Now so long as you use fresh mozzarella and not that processed gunk, I'm in!
    Wayne Yoshida
    13/03/2017 #1 Wayne Yoshida
    Thank you @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian -- I can't wait to try this on the Big Green Egg!
  7. Jhon Anderson

    Jhon Anderson

    How To Make The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | Now Cook It
    How To Make The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | Now Cook It | Christiana Socratous
    How To Make The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | Now Cook It | Christiana Socratous For the perfect winner to fill up your cookie jar, bake these got-it-all oatmeal cookies loaded with raisins and nuts. More Info https://goo.gl/vnSXeW...
  8. ProducerRandall Burns

    Randall Burns

    "Zen and the Art of "Bomber" Cleaning"
    "Zen and the Art of "Bomber" Cleaning"I leave “the line”, the peak of service is over, and the adrenaline is still coursing through my veins. It is loud, the “hum” of the kitchen, pans hitting the stove, oven doors opening and closing, buzzers and timers chiming away, the fryers loud...


    Dean Owen
    29/03/2017 #5 Dean Owen
    #4 I met him once at a dinner during the Singapore Food Festival. He really loves Singapore street food. Have a signed copy of the book somewhere...
    Randall Burns
    29/03/2017 #4 Randall Burns
    #3 LMAO! @Dean Owen , well I am working on something, actually have quite a bit written. I love the title that you propose and will credit you if I use it. I will have something coming up soon in the same vein as Bourdain's writing, will let you know when I post it. Here's a very short read that will give you an insight as to my perspective of Anthony Bourdain;


    Thanks for stopping in and commenting, I appreciate it
    Dean Owen
    29/03/2017 #3 Dean Owen
    When are we going to read your version of Kitchen Confidential? You could call it Kitchen Burns! Confessions of a Line Cook!
    Ian Weinberg
    27/03/2017 #2 Ian Weinberg
    Fascinating @Randall Burns Lived every moment of that with you!
    Ken Boddie
    25/03/2017 #1 Ken Boddie
    After-service wash and scrub, uniquely described as an enlightening experience. Scouring, rubbing and wiping down those Behemoth Bombers sounds like the Battle of the Somme is replayed every night, Randall. Never will I again complain about doing the washing up ..... until next time I leave my wallet at home, that is. 👨🏻‍🍳
  9. Ernesto Fuentes

    Ernesto Fuentes

    Comidas Tipicas
    Ernesto Fuentes
    Macarrones Al Pesto de Aguacate
    comidatipicas.wordpress.com Autor: Federico Perez...
  10. ProducerRandall Burns

    Randall Burns

    "Stress!" The dynamics in a professional kitchen
    "Stress!" The dynamics in a professional kitchen“…Fear is the mind killer…”  (Frank Herbert, “Dune”, excerpt from the “Litany against Fear”)  “The Dream”“The sweat is pouring off of me, stinging my eyes, trickling down my back, the soaked polyester uniform I’m wearing is sticking to my skin; my...


    Randall Burns
    19/04/2017 #8 Randall Burns
    Thanks for the feedback @Harvey Lloyd, much appreciated. You're right regarding the difference between a "Stressed atmosphere" and a "Performance atmosphere". The emphasis in the kitchen is on "Team work" which helps diffuse the stress, (or "perceived stress"), as well as moving the focal point of "who is at fault" to "how can we perform better, collectively". Ultimately the "Team" is greater than the sum of the parts. As I always say it is up to the Chef, manager to cultivate this atmosphere in the workplace, (Yes we are ALL in some sort of "kitchen"). I can't really say for other workplaces but in the kitchen "Leading by example" is one of the most effective ways of accomplishing this, and other goals.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/04/2017 #7 Harvey Lloyd
    Wow this is packed with insight! I have saved this one for further osmosis. I would add that there is huge difference between a performance atmosphere and a stressed atmosphere. A stressed atmosphere seems to linger on the point of who is at fault while performance is measuring the growth of the individual. Consequences should always be performance related and not personal.

    Good stuff, thanks for your thoughts, we are all in some sort of kiktchen.
    Randall Burns
    31/03/2017 #6 Randall Burns
    @Dean Owen , most definitely taken as a compliment! Thank You i appreciate that.
    Dean Owen
    31/03/2017 #5 Dean Owen
    I can't get Bourdain out of my mind when I read your articles! (meant as a compliment). So similar to his experience as a line cook at Les Halles. Great piece!
    @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    05/03/2017 #4 @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    Great buzz. @Randall Burns Undoubtedly a cheerful mood deflates stress. Overcome the stress, the service becomes a wheel, a tuned orchestra.
    Randall Burns
    05/03/2017 #3 Randall Burns
    Thank you @Ali Anani, I appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed it
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    05/03/2017 #2 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    One of the best buzzes I have ever read on stress. It is a must read.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    05/03/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    This buzz is a must read and I thank @Randall Burns for writing such a wonderful article. Your buzz burns with reality, but you learnt how not to stress yourself. The other day I wrote a buzz on creativity in the Kitchen, and now you show a great creativity how not to burn out and burn what w do in the kitchen. This is one of the best buzzes I have read on stress. I share proudly.
  11. ProducerRandall Burns

    Randall Burns

    Running "The Gauntlet" to becoming a "Chef"
    Running "The Gauntlet" to becoming a "Chef"There's been many discussions lately regarding the "shortcomings" of our industry, the flaws in our educational systems, the general downward spiral of the caliber of "Cooks" and cooking techniques, on various threads and posts. I would like to look...


    Randall Burns
    15/04/2017 #14 Randall Burns
    HaHa! @Raquel G. great to hear from you, we do need more Chefs here. Thank you for your best wishes, I appreciate it. Hoping you have a good service as well!

    If you're feeling the stress try this on for size;

    Raquel G.
    15/04/2017 #13 Anonymous
    Hello Randall, I feel like "Running the Gauntlet" very often. I am working in a "open" kitchen here in Madrid, so it means that everyboby is staring at me every service. The owner said that is part of our "transparent image ", but for me I feel like I am entertaining customers, like in a show. I love my profession but I realize that many people think that feading others is an easy job. Sorry to disappoint them,but it's a huge responsability. I wish you good services for today!. Keep in touch.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    26/03/2017 #11 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Welcome to beBee, @Randall Burns. I can't begin to imagine the stress a chef must deal with. So many people to please with a certain amount of time.
    Randall Burns
    05/03/2017 #10 Randall Burns
    #9 Thank You Wayne, Too funny as I just posted an article about "Stress" including a couple of pics of Chef Ramsey. Yes that has been a discussion on other threads regarding how "reality" cooking shows are actually "bending the reality" of kitchens, it is a rude awakening for many people. Most of these celebrity Chefs are well accomplished but have spent years in the kitchen working their way up, it does take a while.
    Wayne Yoshida
    05/03/2017 #9 Wayne Yoshida
    Welcome to beBee, Randall. And thanks to @John White, MBA for sharing this post. I wonder if this "issue" is being stirred up by all those cooking / chef reality TV competitions put on by Gordon Ramsay and others? Talk about high stress environments. Lots of yelling and sweating, for sure.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your posts about the "other side" of a restaurant.
    Randall Burns
    05/03/2017 #8 Randall Burns
    #5 Thanks for the warm welcome @Paul Walters
    Randall Burns
    05/03/2017 #7 Randall Burns
    #6 Hey Thanks @John White, MBA, I appreciate that. I will be sure to post a few more.
    John White, MBA
    05/03/2017 #6 John White, MBA
    @Randall Burns: You've got a growing audience here. +1 on followers and I'm going to share this into 3 additional hives. Welcome!
    Paul Walters
    05/03/2017 #5 Paul Walters
    @Randall Burns Cool piece, and welcome , look forward to lots more from the kitchen !!!
    Randall Burns
    04/03/2017 #4 Randall Burns
    #3 Thanks Pablo, we all "run the Gauntlet", one way or another, whatever our chosen path in life is...
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    04/03/2017 #3 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #1 First off . . . Welcome to the Swarm, Chef Randall.

    This comment is actually in response to @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher's comment.

    Randal is a real Chef. I ran a much different gauntlet, the world of business. Going to culinary school was a bucket list thing.

    Even my culinary school internships were mostly in offices when they learned of my business background and my knack for creating saleable, profitable recipes.

    I spent more time on cost-control and process-management than actual cooking. It pissed me off to no end.

    I had no intention of ever working as a Chef. Then I saw a restaurant for sale. . .

    I turned it around and sold it off. I have no intention of repeating the process, but, hey, you never know.

    There's much more to being a chef than cooking. If anything, cooking is the easy part.

    So, although I am culinary school trained, I am not a gauntlet-running chef. FYI: Chef means chief in French. No staff = no "chef."
    Randall Burns
    04/03/2017 #2 Randall Burns
    Thanks for the warm welcome Lisa, and Javier, I appreciate it. I have a few more appropriate "buzzes" that I will post over time as I build up my profile
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/03/2017 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Hi @Randall Burns, welcome to beBee! Interesting first buzz! I love to cook but I could not imagine being a Chef. It has to be very stressful if you work in a busy Restaurant but as you said, fullfilling too! cc; @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian could probably relate to this :))
  12. ProducerPaul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Yes, Crazy-Hot Melissa, Here's How To Make Bread
    Yes, Crazy-Hot Melissa, Here's How To Make BreadAfter a heavy post like "Get a GREP," I thought it would be nice to lighten things up a little.For those of you who don't know, I went to Culinary School for both Professional Cooking and Pastry. It was a bucket-list thing, but I did open and sell a...


    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    04/03/2017 #29 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #28 LOL please don't, I hate alliterations
    Wayne Yoshida
    04/03/2017 #28 Wayne Yoshida
    #27 The pizza buzz title could be something like "Paul's Professional Pizza Preparation Pointers" - just saying....
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    04/03/2017 #27 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #26 It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I like a cracker with marinara and fresh mozz. Sometimes, I like to use a focaccia dough that has a crispy bottom with an inch-high, bubbled doughy part. Usually, I just go with the middle of the road.

    I also experimented with unsweetened puff pastry as a pizza crust. Didn't come out as good as I thought it would (i.e. crap)
    Wayne Yoshida
    04/03/2017 #26 Wayne Yoshida
    #25 Excellent tips - thanks! Sounds like a new Buzz idea, I think. Pizza dough, Pizza toppings, Pizza construction. My criteria for pizza is the crust and the sauce, so we are pretty close on how it should be done. I am not a fan of the "cracker-thin" crusts, but also not a fan of the "deep dish" -- something in-between is what I like. Crunchy, a little chewy, but not "rubbery." And for me, the sauce has to be on the sweet side, not the "acid" side. IMHO. . . . pizza means a lot to a lot of people. Even if it is not "true Italian pizza."
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    04/03/2017 #25 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #24 No worries, my friend.

    BTW there are two main types of pizza: dough and topping. My preference is for the latter. Dough pizzas are, to me, just flat bread scantily topped. The dough must carry the flavor profile. I'm not a fan.

    I prefer a neutral dough with lots of chunky, flavorful toppings.

    A caveat: Most pizzas are over-sauced, even those from pizzerias. That makes the toppings float and slide off. Think of the sauce as glue to hold down the toppings and you'll do fine. When sauced, you should still see quite a bit of dough through the sauce.

    Because the sauce is so lightly used, it needs to be much more potently flavored. If it's good on pasta, it's too weak. Kick it up three or four seasoning notches for pizza.
    Wayne Yoshida
    04/03/2017 #24 Wayne Yoshida
    #23 Thanks Paul. My uncle wasn't like that, he was pretty proud of his creative cooking skills. But glad to trigger that memory about my "Uncle Indian." I might have to share the story about him, he was an interesting guy.

    Thanks for the comment about freezing the dough. I am ordering a scale for measuring, I need to try my hand at bread and pizza dough.

    And yes, I did have pizza for dinner last night. A new place near my home. . . . not sure if I will go back there again.. . more motivation for making my own dough.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    04/03/2017 #23 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #22 LOL, thanks for the apology, @Wayne Yoshida, but it isn't necessary. My skin is much thicker than that.

    Bread and dough don't mind being frozen. I freeze mine since it's easier for me to make much bigger batches than I can possibly eat in one sitting.
    Wayne Yoshida
    04/03/2017 #22 Wayne Yoshida
    @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian - I'm losing sleep tonight because I thought about my comment. I didn't mean to insult you by adding the thing about frozen dough. I should know better. One of my uncles (passed away many years ago) was a master chef. He would win amazing awards in food competitions. He would always complain and comment about those awards banquets. He'd say something like, "They served us canned string beans over there" and things like that.

    Do keep sharing your professional secrets, recipes and stories - like the cake mix story - it's great insight for use non-commercial cookers and hackers out here.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/03/2017 #21 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #8 Thanks @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian, that's good to know it just takes longer. I'm not a big fan of the bread maker either because I've been looking at really cool recipes and I don't think the bread maker would have the same effect. It's a lot of work to make bread!
    Sandra Smith
    04/03/2017 #20 Sandra Smith
    #19 haha chuffin. Haven't heard that one in a while.
    Wayne Yoshida
    04/03/2017 #19 Wayne Yoshida
    #15 I had to Google "chuffed." I used to work with a Brit that said "chuffin" all the time. Not the same thing!
    Wayne Yoshida
    04/03/2017 #18 Wayne Yoshida
    #16 Yes, Pleeeeeese!
    Sandra Smith
    04/03/2017 #17 Sandra Smith
    #16 Do it!
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    04/03/2017 #16 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #15 maybe my next food post will be my Indestructible Pizza Dough. No one has ever screwed it up, and it goes from flour to oven in about an hour or so
    Sandra Smith
    04/03/2017 #15 Sandra Smith
    #14 now I have a pizza craving as well. And that pre-packed one in my fridge isn't going to do it. Paul, I should tell you I used to make my own pizza dough (when I had the bread machine), and once I took a couple into work. My boss said it was 'like, the best pizza i've ever had!' I was so chuffed. I should really get back into it. thank you for inspiring me.
    Wayne Yoshida
    03/03/2017 #14 Wayne Yoshida
    Thanks @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher for sharing this - and your baking story.

    @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian - I love this story, thanks for that. Now I have a pizza craving, too.

    There is another option for "the rest of us" -- frozen bread dough. A typical brand in the USA (or at least Calif) is Bridgford.

    They have been around since - forever. Makes great cinnamon rolls. . . I used it to make this stromboli, although it needs more experimenting:

    Wayne Yoshida
    03/03/2017 #13 Wayne Yoshida
    #2 we can stand
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    03/03/2017 #12 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #10 FYI baking in general and pastry making in particular, are the tastiest forms of applied chemistry.

    Come to think of it, ALL cooking is applied chemistry
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    03/03/2017 #11 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #10 LOL, here we're the complete opposite. We may order pizza once or twice a month (if that.) Even then I complain that it isn't as good as mine.

    I work at home and my office is a few steps from the kitchen. Right now, there's a huge batch of double-meat spaghetti sauce simmering away. I'll add a couple of packages of 'shrooms in about an hour.

    I think I'll make up a batch of pizza dough on my next break. You made me crave pizza, Todd.
    Todd Jones
    03/03/2017 #10 Todd Jones
    Interesting post, Paul. I had never realized the considerable amount of chemistry that goes into baking. Here at the Jones homestead, we do not maintain the wherewithal to cook, let alone bake, anything that doesn't come in a box. Even then, our efforts are dubious. My wife thinks that the plastic wrap on frozen pizzas are intended to be a chewy glaze. Which would be fine, except the cardboard on the bottom of the pizza tends to burst into flames around 414 degrees, rendering the entire affair inedible. Cookbooks in our kitchen have been replaced by takeout menus.
  13. ProducerBill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    FOOD SAFETY IMPORTANT AT HOME & AT WORK, by Bill Stankiewicz , SAVANNAH SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTIVEFighting BAC!® by Chilling OutAfter being out in chilly winter weather, coming into a warm, cozy home for a hot meal is comforting. But warm temperatures are comfortable for bacteria as well, and leftovers should not be left out under conditions...
  14. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    Breakfast Loaf

    4 cups flour
    Tablespoon salt
    1 cup pumpkin/sunflower seeds
    2 or 3 tablespoons Rosemary
    Quarter cup pumpkin seeds
    Half cup maple syrup
    2 1/2cups milk
    2 eggs
    Kevin Baker
  15. ProducerKevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    No Bake Cookies
    No Bake Cookies1/2 cup butter1/2 cup milk1 1/2 cups cane sugar1/2 cup brown sugar1/3 cup butterscotch chips or table spoon butterscotch extract.1/3 cup shredded coconut2 1/2 cups big flake oatmealteaspoon vanilla extract4 tablespoons cocoa powderpinch kosher...
  16. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    2 cups flour, 4 teaspoons baking soda, 1/2 cup canola oil, 3/4 cup milk, 1/2 teaspoon salt. 1/4 cup shredded coconut. 1 tablespoon cinnamon makes light fluffy tea biscuits with hints of flavor that does not linger. Kevin Baker


  17. ProducerDamien Justus

    Damien Justus

    How to Whip Up a Masterpiece Together with Ease
    How to Whip Up a Masterpiece Together with EaseCooking is such a special skill and talent to develop. Once you've thought you've learned it all, there's more to take in. Masterfully maneuvering your way around the kitchen is truly something that comes with time. If you're growing impatient and...
  18. ProducerPaz🐝 Hueso Luque
    OLIVE OIL, GREEN GOLDWhat better presentation of olive oil, our green gold, than this wonderful photograph of a great friend? I am from Jaén (Andalucía, Spain) and I have always enjoyed the best olive oil in the world. But until recently I have not studied in...


    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    19/04/2017 #22 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #21 😊😊😊😊
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    18/04/2017 #21 Javier 🐝 beBee
    This is a golden article ! :-)
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    06/12/2016 #20 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #19 Thaks, Lisa😊😊😊
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    06/12/2016 #19 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #16 I forgot to mention, I love your photos too!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    06/12/2016 #18 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #14 I am very happy that you liked,@Sara Jacobovici! Regards!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    06/12/2016 #17 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #15 Thank you so much, @Pedro🐝 Gómez!A hug!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    06/12/2016 #16 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #13 True, it is a delicious oil and very beneficial for health! Thank you for commenting and sharing,@Lisa 🐝 Gallagher.Kind regards!
    Pedro🐝 Gómez
    06/12/2016 #15 Pedro🐝 Gómez
    Excellent job @Paz🐝 Hueso Luque !!!
    Sara Jacobovici
    06/12/2016 #14 Sara Jacobovici
    Wonderfully written buzz about one of my favorite tastes @Paz🐝 Hueso Luque. And visually beautiful.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    06/12/2016 #13 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Paz🐝 Hueso Luque, such a detailed buzz about olive oil which is my favorite oil for cooking and I use it in many dishes too! What a history it has in Spain! Thanks for this.
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    05/12/2016 #12 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #11 Thanks to you for reading and commenting. Olive oil really is the green gold of my land!Regards!
    Migdalia Burgos
    05/12/2016 #11 Migdalia Burgos
    Fantastic post, and great for all of the fans of olive oil who want to learn more. Thank you!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    05/12/2016 #10 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #9 It´s a delicious oil!;)@Donna-Luisa Eversley.,thanks for commenting and sharing! Kind regards!!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    05/12/2016 #8 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #7 I will do it, do it, do not doubt it, @Irene Hackett ;);).Thank you so much for you excellent comment. Regards!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    05/12/2016 #6 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #3 Thank you so much, @Mamen 🐝 Delgado😊😊. So cute...
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    05/12/2016 #5 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #2 I hope you find it,@Deb 🐝 Helfrich because it's delicious. It's unique. We can also try to send you from here if there is a problem;);). Regards!!
    Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    05/12/2016 #4 Paz🐝 Hueso Luque
    #1 Thank you so much for sharing, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador! It is important for me that people know the wonderful olive oil of my region! Kind regards!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    05/12/2016 #3 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Great translation of your Spanish Producer @Paz🐝 Hueso Luque!!! Good job! 👏👏👏
    Thanks for tagging me @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, so nice... 😍😘
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    05/12/2016 #2 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    Over here we use the abbreviation is EVOO and it is easy to tell those who know a little bit about it, because 80% of the bottles bought in the US are right next to the cooktop... So wasteful to cook with such a great tasting oil, which should really be mixed freshly into dressing while the vegetables are being chopped.

    I will see if I can find some straight from Jaén, @Paz🐝 Hueso Luque, as now I am very curious about the taste.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    05/12/2016 #1 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Thank you, Maria. I am a fan of olive oil and find your buzz interesting and informative. Sharing.
    cc @Deb 🐝 Helfrich @Donna-Luisa Eversley @Mamen 🐝 Delgado @Irene Hackett @David B. Grinberg @Augusto Santos
  19. ProducerMamen 🐝 Delgado
    Pisto Manchego (English & Español)
    Pisto Manchego (English & Español)Pictures taken by myself // Foto propiaToday has been a cooking day and I have prepared one of my favorite dishes.Pisto Manchego, also known simply as pisto, is a traditional dish of Spanish cuisine consisting of a fry of various vegetables from the...


    Pedro🐝 Gómez
    04/12/2016 #31 Pedro🐝 Gómez
    #30 jajajaja...No doubt...!!!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #30 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #29 Vaya pandi de disfrutones que nos hemos juntado por aquí... 😍
    Pedro🐝 Gómez
    04/12/2016 #29 Pedro🐝 Gómez
    Excelente pisto @Mamen 🐝 Delgado...y nunca lo he probado con curry...ya te contaré...yo suelo añadir picante (tabasco) y unos huevos fritos...y pan...y mucho pan...y cerveza...y mucha cerv....bueno hasta aquí puedo leer...!!! saludos y excelente receta.!!!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #28 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #27 Cuenta con ello Fede!!
    Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    04/12/2016 #27 Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    Muy bien @Mamen 🐝 Delgado. En tu próxima visita a la colmena queremos uno ;)
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #26 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #25 Yummy yummy dear @Donna-Luisa Eversley!!! That sounds really appetizing!! I'm completely sure we'll find the way to make your wish (now my wish too) come true. Have a BEEutiful Sunday... 🐝
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #24 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #17 I'm thinking @Dean Owen it would be really nice if we could cook together sometime, as both of us are anarchists in the kitchen and we love eating. I would learn a lot from your cooking style... 😉
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/12/2016 #23 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #21 Maybe I will take some photos if I can remember! Thanks @Mamen 🐝 Delgado, my daughter will be making a few dishes too... she's turning out to be an awesome cook. Food has always been a big part of our family get togethers. Laughter, love and food make a great combo!!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #22 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #19 It looks and it is @Brian McKenzie. And easy to prepare! Let's us know please if you decide to cook Manchego Pistol. Thanks for the comment!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #21 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #18 Enjoy the party @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher! Sure you'll prepare delicious tapas. 😍
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #20 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #16 Wonderful you come round @Ken Boddie!! As #17 @Dean Owen says, better a tinto (red). Love Thai red curry paste Dean, perfect match with pisto!!! And some white rice. Yummy...
    Brian McKenzie
    04/12/2016 #19 Brian McKenzie
    Oh my, I will have to try, looks so delicious
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/12/2016 #18 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #17 I love Thai red curry paste, have some in my fridge right now! Also love to use coconut milk in many dishes. Did someone mention Tapas? I'm serving Tapas on Thursday, hosting a party!
    Dean Owen
    04/12/2016 #17 Dean Owen
    I love anarchists in the kitchen! This one might also work well with a Thai red curry paste? But served as tapas I would stick to paprika (goes better with a nice Rioja!)
    Ken Boddie
    04/12/2016 #16 Ken Boddie
    Hola Mamen. I'll be round for dinner pronto. Shall I bring a bottle of rojo o blanco? 😋
    Hugo Chinchilla
    04/12/2016 #15 Hugo Chinchilla
    #9 Siiiiiii 🤗🤗
    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    04/12/2016 #14 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    YUMMM !!!! A+ !!!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #13 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #12 👏 👏 👏
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/12/2016 #12 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #11 I will even take a photo @Mamen 🐝 Delgado!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #11 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #8 Glad you like it @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher!! If you finally try it, let me know about the result!! Hope you like it! 😘
  20. ProducerJennifer Livingston
    7 Essential Foods While Camping
    7 Essential Foods While CampingThe Best Camping FoodsIf you're planning on getting out of the city to go camping for a while, it's important to bring the right types of food. There are a few things to consider when you choose food for a camping trip--first, you're going to need...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    30/09/2016 #3 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #2 @Mamen 🐝 Delgado, I'm in bed now ;-) Sleeping will come soon, I hope! Thanks and you have a beautiful day!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    30/09/2016 #2 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Hmmm yummy yummy... Tasty ideas!! Thanks @Jennifer Livingston!
    And @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher, try to sleep a little bit dear!! 😍
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    30/09/2016 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Great ideas @Jennifer Livingston! I just became hungry and it's 3:30 am!
  21. Dean Owen

    Dean Owen

    Fellow bees - Introducing Honeycomb Oat Noodles from Inner Mongolia. No live buzzes from China yet, but hopefully soon. So please make do with prerecorded buzzes from me for now.
    A Taste of China
    A Taste of China Dean Owen visits Xibei Youmian Cun restaurant in Shanghai to try the famous YouMian Wo Wo (Honeycomb Oat Noodles) of Shanxi and Inner...


    Juan Imaz
    26/09/2016 #13 Juan Imaz
    Dean Owen
    26/09/2016 #12 Dean Owen
    #11 Hey thanks for watching. Wonton are slightly different. I live in a part of China famous for wonton and will do a video shortly....
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    26/09/2016 #11 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Oh wow, that just made me very hungry @Dean Owen ! Thsts a lot of work they put into making the honeycomb pasta, and what we call wontons hrre, well I bet they are delicious with the minced lamb mixture. I could have used some of that soup yesterday; )) Loved the video , thanks for sharing
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    25/09/2016 #10 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #4 We will share it some time in the future. Thanks Dean!!! Deeply grateful!!
    Dean Owen
    25/09/2016 #9 Dean Owen
    #7 I think it is very rare that you'll find lamb on the menu in Chinese restaurants in the West as they are usually Beijing, Cantonese or Sichuan restaurants, but good luck! The girl is unbelievable. Fortunately they appear to be on a rotational shift as ten minutes later I saw her on another station. I can't imagine doing that for hours on end. It is amazing how she presses a tiny bit of dough between her fingers, then flattens it with her palm, meanwhile the other hand is busy as bees.
    Dean Owen
    25/09/2016 #8 Dean Owen
    #6 I am becoming a fan of video as a medium although this is only my second production, it's so easy with the tools we have these days. IF I'm making people hungry, I guess it is working! Now being barred from the kitchen is a punishment worse that watching a Trump speech!
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    25/09/2016 #7 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Oh, I want one of the minced lamb sandwiches! It was amazing how the cook had both hands constantly working making the noodles and rolling them for the steamer. Now that's talent! Well thanks for sharing Dean, now I want some steamed noodles with lamb and I don't know of a place in Greensboro that makes it! I must be deprived of this craving.. :-)
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    25/09/2016 #6 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Lovely Jubbly! I am glad this was a pre-recorded video because until I decide to upgrade my personal technology, I cannot view beBee Live Video. I also surrendered my cell phone - which is all a part of my learning journey shtick I practice here and at my offline club. Only draw back was that this video was so delicious, I now need to plan a new commando raid into our kitchen - which is well defended by the women of our house, who apparently have ordered me to get back on a fitness discipline to curb my eat on demand.
    Dean Owen
    25/09/2016 #4 Dean Owen
    #3 Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing! I'd love to share with you a bowl of honeycomb noodles but the beBee technology, as cutting edge as it is, is not quite ready for food sharing!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    25/09/2016 #3 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    OMG!!!! Thanks so much for this video @Dean Owen!!!! It took me to China and the wonderful tastes there... Ohh, how I love Chinese food, but Chinese food in China.

    Sorry I'm going to write a little Spanish to bring @detapitasenlacalle .. to this wonderful corner. Este vídeo de nuestro querido Dean es todo un lujo Detapitas. No te lo pierdas!!!
  22. Deborah Wilson

    Deborah Wilson

    I love food photography! How about you? This is my seafood plate. Deborah Wilson


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    26/09/2016 #2 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    That looks very tasty!!
    Deborah Wilson
    26/09/2016 #1 Deborah Wilson
    Sharing my seafood dinner with my foodies.
  23. ProducerLas Morenas De España
     In The Kitchen with LMDES // Berry Peach Cheesecake Popsicles (Recipe + Free Cookbook)
    In The Kitchen with LMDES // Berry Peach Cheesecake Popsicles (Recipe + Free Cookbook)To kick off our In The Kitchen with LMDES Summer Series, Christine (NY native living in Madrid) shares with us the perfect summer treat to make when the days get hot and you need a fun way to cool off! We're offering a FREE DOWNLOADABLE COOKBOOK on...


    Cepee Tabibian
    29/08/2016 #2 Cepee Tabibian
    That looks delicious!
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    26/08/2016 #1 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Yummy yummy!! 🍧
  24. Sharon Chen

    Sharon Chen

    Grilled salmon on cedar planks that are soaked in white wine and elegantly served with peach pico de gallo.
    Sharon Chen
    Cedar Plank Salmon with Peach Pico De Gallo - DelishPlan
    www.delishplan.com Grilled salmon on cedar planks that are soaked in white wine and elegantly served with peach pico de gallo for a greatly refreshing...
  25. Sharon Chen

    Sharon Chen

    Chipotle flavored pesto with pecan, garlic, olive oil and freshly grated parmesan cheese.
    Sharon Chen
    Chipotle Pecan Pesto - DelishPlan
    www.delishplan.com Chipotle flavored pesto with pecan, garlic, olive oil, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It's rich, nutty and perfectly...
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