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Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature. Corporate culture is rooted in an organization's goals, strategies, structure, and approaches to labor, customers, investors, and the greater community. As such, it is an essential component in any business's ultimate success or failure.
  1. ProducerMelissa Hughes

    Melissa Hughes

    An All-Star Team is Better Than a Group of All-Stars
    An All-Star Team is Better Than a Group of All-StarsImagine you're in the last phase of a highly competitive interview process for your “dream job.” The leadership team has praised your skills, intellect, and accomplishments. Only the "rockstars" make it to this point. Your final test is to attend...


    Melissa Hughes
    25/07/2016 #2 Anonymous
    Thanks for the kind words and the share, @Julie Hickman. I appreciate both! #1
    Julie Hickman
    25/07/2016 #1 Julie Hickman
    "Teams that Laugh Together Learn Together
    Two interesting byproducts of psychological safety are trust and laughter. We share laughter when we trust and that laughter creates more trust." - @Melissa Hughes This was so interesting and a pleasure to read Melissa. Productivity and collaboration are dependent on trust and inclusiveness. Wonderful!!! :)
  2. ProducerMohammed A. Jawad
    Strong Organizational Culture Leads to Top-level Performance
    Strong Organizational Culture Leads to Top-level PerformanceGiven the importance of getting corporate culture right, many organizations invest heavily in shaping their cultures and influencing the behaviors of their workforces.But how many organizations derive maximum value from this investment?Does the...


    Monica Chetal
    30/05/2016 #1 Monica Chetal
    Leadership has a role to play in building a strong organization culture. Thanks for sharing
  3. ProducerDavid Bellamy

    David Bellamy

    Happiness or engagement? - it's a question of perspective.
    Happiness or engagement? - it's a question of perspective.It's time to rethink our approach to engagement. Making it about the employee and their happiness is key to unlocking the real potential that lays untapped in most companies.It also holds the key to discovering the agility, creativity and...


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    28/05/2016 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Good engagement paves to worthwhile happiness! Being disconnected or divisive, there's little for enjoyment.
  4. ProducerScott Stevenson

    Scott Stevenson

    What kind of Leader are you?
    What kind of Leader are you? Are you numbers driven or culture driven?In today's business climate we are tasked with so much more than decades past. In the Automotive Business and Dealerships specifically we have, in many ways, kept current with the times and technology as...


    John Williams
    25/05/2016 #2 John Williams
    Those when the boss commanded and his team members said, yes with looking down should be put on the past. Being a leader is about team work and inspiring all the members by example.
    Ali Hassanzadeh
    25/05/2016 #1 Ali Hassanzadeh
    Team work is what we miss in our culture! We need some improvements!
  5. ProducerKathy Finnerty Thomas
    Why I Love Working with Millennials ... and you should too!
    Why I Love Working with Millennials ... and you should too!In less than 10 years millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.  And for many of us, we will see a huge shift in our customer base as well. As a Baby Boomer entering the workplace, many articles were written and hands rung about the type...


    Sharon King
    20/05/2016 #2 Sharon King
    I guess we have to adapt to the new generation and more important, evolve with them. I like you perspective on how to embrace millenials in a work team and the challenges they represent for us, that's the way any person will grow. Great share @Kathy Finnerty Thomas
    CityVP Manjit
    19/05/2016 #1 CityVP Manjit
    One of the things I like about joining a college toastmasters club as a part of my journey is that I share a learning space with lots of millennials. Up close and personal they are no different to the people I went to college with in the late 70's except this lot all love their cell-phones. I doubt if the space shuttle disaster had much impact on millennials because they would be about 4 years old at the time. Of course a networked age has changed things, but it has changed for everyone who is willing to embrace this age.