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  1. ProducerNathan Tucker

    Nathan Tucker

    The Golden Rule!
    The Golden Rule!The Golden Rule for every business person is this: "Put yourself in your customer's place."With our customized testing and orientations we assure you only get the right candidates, ready to start from day 1!!Find out the other ways we're here to...
  2. Joy Wilson

    Joy Wilson

    Accidental hero's. Who are these characters in your organisation?
    Joy Wilson
    An Accidental Hero - Spectrum Training Services
    www.spectrain.co.uk An Accidental Hero a story of leadership a scarecrow, a tin Man, a lion characters who underestimated...
  3. Joy Wilson

    Joy Wilson

    Learning Design and The Art of Seduction....How do we seduce learners?
    Joy Wilson
    Learning Design and The Art of Seduction
    www.spectrain.co.uk Learning Design and The Art of Seduction seductive detail is text graphics,narratives,voice, animation,with the purpose of arousing a learner’s...
  4. ProducerDeepali Shah

    Deepali Shah

    Role of a Coach
    Role of a CoachIn what follows, I attempt to explore and expand on the role of a coach using 10 examples of coaching competencies, i.e. skills, attitude and attributes with a concise rationale for each.A coach is a facilitator empowering the client to achieve...
  5. Abe Dhoop Sood

    Abe Dhoop Sood

    Abe Dhoop Sood
    Jordan, Canada should cooperate to foster young entrepreneurs — Johnston
    www.jordantimes.com AMMAN — Despite the geographical distance, Jordan and Canada should enhance cooperation to support young entrepreneurs, Canada’s Governor General David Johnston said on Sunday. The two countries share an interest in fostering innovation, improving...
  6. Abe Dhoop Sood

    Abe Dhoop Sood

    Abe Dhoop Sood
    In the digital era, customer identity is key
    www.computerweekly.com Identity is vital for presenting a consistent customer relationship across digital channels, but not everyone in all organisations understands this shift, according to identity veteran Ian...
  7. Abe Dhoop Sood

    Abe Dhoop Sood

    Abe Dhoop Sood
    China data pushes most major Asian markets higher
    www.yahoo.com Hong Kong led most major Asian markets higher Tuesday, with data indicating forecast-beating growth in Chinese factory activity providing a boost but uncertainty over the US presidential race keeping investors on edge. "The market has turned more...
  8. ProducerJim Moodie

    Jim Moodie

    The Great [Human] Depression
    The Great [Human] DepressionWith World Mental Health Day there have been a string of articles on mental depression and its impact. Most of these articles focus on what can be done to “treat” depression, but ignore the underlying question of “why is depression on the...


    Harvey Lloyd
    12/10/2016 #9 Harvey Lloyd
    #8 I have enjoyed our dialogue on this subject. I do agree that accountability is always difficult to watch exacted on anyone. The C-Suite is full of folks who signed on to be the leader. With this came rewards matching the responsibility they have been charged with. I see a large corporation as providing jobs, and security for lots of people. When the C-Suite bets these jobs for personal gain or to satisfy some financial need then they should be held accountable.

    I hold myself accountable to my employees. They work hard to meet the needs of the business and i need to lead well. My responsibility is not just to my own financial success, but includes their success.

    Justice with mercy is all that we have to hold folks accountable @Deb 🐝 Helfrich. When CEO's decide to ignore bad habits because they are profitable or initiate bad policy then they are taking a risk. Hiding behind the corporate veil is not acceptable. The cycle of influence going on in Washington with Wall Street is a major issue. But this influence is being perpetrated by our congress, Presidents and the C-Suite executives. Not corporations and DC. I wish we had a way to hold folks accountable without destroying their lives. I would guess that many folks took bets on choices to advance their families. I compare this to those that take the house payment and bet it at the track. Our young people today are watching a society that allows us to hide from our values behind corporations, political parties and other non human entities. Its time we showed these young people that honor in action is a worthy goal by calling these folks from behind the shield.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    11/10/2016 #8 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #7 Ranting is useful when it comes to expressing emotion. Especially when it helps others to see things in a new way. I don't participate in the news, so I cannot add anything to what specifically happened in this case, but I do worry about how to apply accountability. Could it ever be possible to discover person-zero - the person who initially caught the virus or in this case began unethical business processes? Many good people undoubtedly had to decide to do objectionable things to keep roofs over their heads and food in their kids mouths. I could never, ever feel comfortable knowing exactly what I would do at any given moment in my life depending on the surrounding circumstances. Much of the edifice of Hollywood is built around giving humanity a chance to role-play through "Sophie's Choices"

    I find judging after the fact to be something I can't participate it. What I can do is point out the fundamental flaw - the absence of a "do no harm" clause built into the foundation of incorporation. If you want a chance to reap untold fortunes you SHOULD be held to a standard of ethical conduct, insofar as humanity, nature, and our planet are sacrosanct and each action taken for profit should be evaluated for potential harm alongside, if not before a duty to shareholders. It is a simple check and balance that won't solve every situation but having it as an active criteria - not completely absent as it is now - will help shape our futures for the better.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/10/2016 #7 Harvey Lloyd
    #6 @Deb 🐝 Helfrich I agree with your statements. But it's an apples oranges discussion. No corporation exists that humans do not run. C-Suite, Advisors, Investors are all humans. Each has their responsibility to be human and a good citizen. So my discussion was to point out that Corporation bashing serves no purpose. We are bashing an entity not the people who run the corporations. Real names real people who make decisions. We have a human problem not a corporation problem. Corporations and the media want us all to think that the FEIN number is a bad thing, get mad at it, write about it, but leave the people alone. Corporations are having huge regulation heaped on them that stifle growth, all because a human in the past made his or her money and stuck the employees with the regulations. Regulating corporations only hurts employees. Regulating bad acts of people keeps the government where it is suppose to be, within the judicial branch.

    The corporation bashing is a shell game that lobbyists and government use to appear concerned about middle America while still collecting the money.

    Someone at Wells Fargo needs to go to jail for the acts of invasion of privacy, falsified records and credit rating tampering. Each of the C-Suite individuals should be called before a judge and stripped of their perspective bonuses for the years that this fraud was perpetrated. Wells Fargo, Inc. didnt do this. The people running it did. Wells fargo is a stage coach with pretty ponies on it. How can i be mad at that? Sorry for the rant.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    11/10/2016 #6 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    Corporations are the gun and they are organizations that are expressly built to ensure that gun making occurs - hence an incredible conflict of interest. @Harvey Lloyd there is truth that media defines a corporation, but they are far more than tax and risk shelters. They are inorganic beings that direct people to keep them viable at all costs, even when decisions are patently anti-human and even directly against the welfare of people within the corporation and often very puzzlingly against their very customers. The owning of seed and the business practices of Monsanto in this area are catastrophic on many levels, and they are waging war against anyone speaking up as to the harm of their practices.

    Corporate hegemony is an extremely false, unsustainable, and harmful game. Right now, they have to show profit increases every 90 days, quarter after quarter and this pressure - that could rather easily be removed - is causing a tension that will not abate until we realize that having fiduciary responsibility for an organization is not license to set aside moral and ethical responsibilities to real, live human beings.

    Why should corporations not be built to allow that they might not always increase revenue in the short term - but that building a better product, or investing in a long term solutions, or keeping people employed might be better markers of truly viable, sustainable companies.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/10/2016 #5 Harvey Lloyd
    #4 I liked the gun reference and think it represents the symbiotic relationships we have with "corporations". I dislike the adjectives of "wall street" "main street" and others that group non entities into something we can like or dislike. These adjectives describe where our families work and grow their children. Real people with real ambitions. Corporations as we see them is defined by the media, when in reality they are tax and risk shelters. They are merely companies who produce something of value and hirer my children and grandchildren. Media has performed a good job at separating the employee from the employer in utilizing these methods. I remember the 60/70's there was a group of people that fell under adjectives that we could dislike the group but like the individual.

    We are afraid to speak truth to our youth. Not to inhibit them but rather to guide. We are comfortable in allowing the world to educate our children. Our values and systems of family seem to be on the altar of success. You are correct, along the road to market we have encountered something that changes us from where we came from. I believe this to be our values. Values require that we consider others in our choices. But values also require a measure of faith. We have to believe that if we didn't get the raise, promotion or credit...that it will come. Or we can sacrifice the values to have it now.

    Thanks for your follow up comments and, this dialogue needs to continue across many spectrums of media, @Jim Moodie.
    Jim Moodie
    11/10/2016 #4 Jim Moodie
    #3 Harvey I think a couple of things are at work.

    First as you mentioned many of yesterday's employees are today's corporate leaders so we need to ask what in there past (personal and employment) taught them how to behave as they do? Where did they learn the "dog eat dog" lesson or is it they never were taught the price of that lesson?

    Second is the media. Youth learns from experience and example, a quick look at the content changes over the past 20 years may hold some answers. Many of today's shows, movies and music focus on "getting the other guy" or "advancing at all costs". Decades ago the underdog would rise up to win by gaining friends through their actions, today they win be being sneakier than those around them.

    Last, I think the messages we send out about "you can do anything you want if you try hard enough" adds to the problem by creating false expectations. There are limits to everything, a blind person couldn't be a field medic for example, but we don't teach people to accept the limits... we teach them to fight and push the limits. In many cases this leads to a full or partial failure to succeed at doing what they were taught they should. Many of these cases are what justify the job hoping since obviously the company is "holding them back".

    So while not strictly the act of corporations, if society pulls the trigger... the corporations are the gun.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/10/2016 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    The world is getting depressed @Jim Moodie. I agree that "corporations" could become leaders in better understanding the society of customers that are also their employees. I find it odd though that when we look at our younger generations and how they are being advised to change jobs and find new and exciting experiences. I don't believe we got here strictly by acts of corporations, i believe employees have had some inputs. The chicken or the egg discussion may apply. One of the odd discussions that i would see as effective, the corporate leaders of today were the employees of yesterday, what happened?
    Jim Moodie
    10/10/2016 #2 Jim Moodie
    #1 Yes Deb, somewhere along the way the "human" side of business was pushed aside for the financial side... we need to return where our actions are driven by helping those around us, and ourselves by extension, grow and succeed rather than being driven by the "how much can I get out of it at any cost" mentality.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    10/10/2016 #1 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    "Business has a responsibility to their shareholders but first and foremost should have a responsibility to society if for no other reason than society consists of their clients! "

    I find this to be an extremely important element that is truly missing from the discussion, @Jim Moodie. Why is depression happening so widely? It is because we have built a society that functions on money and it is very hard to live a life of integrity if you do not have the minimum amount necessary to provide for basic needs. Then furthermore, we are now raised to see a great deal of self-worth in careers, rather than in how we treat our fellow travelers.

    We worry a lot about AI and machines ruling humanity, but why don't we speak up against corporations who have been devaluing human worth for quite some time? It is time to really open our eyes and call for oversight that corporations need to be held to a "do no harm" statute in their pursuit of profits.
  9. Javier 🐝 beBee
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    TMT News - beBee Tops 10 Million Users


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    19/10/2016 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    High 5!
    Andrew Porter
    19/10/2016 #3 Andrew Porter
    This is only the second time I have seen beBee mentioned in any form of news in the UK.....time to spread the buzz wouldn't you say!!
    Diego Schouten
    05/10/2016 #2 Diego Schouten
    ‘By the end of 2017,’ Cámara says, ‘we aim to have 40 million Bees globally and 5 million in the UK. The beBee story has only just begun,’ he says.
  10. Diego Schouten

    Diego Schouten

    Though there are disadvantages, remote working is almost universally accepted as a good thing for almost all businesses.
    Diego Schouten
    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Working | Active Business
    www.ab-comms.com The number of people who work from home is on the rise in a number of countries around the world. However, whilst remote working might seem appealing to many of us, there are aspects of it that make some people hope they’ll never have to do it. In...
  11. Mark Willoughby

    Mark Willoughby

    Mark Willoughby
    Customer service at the centre of business
    adeptva.wordpress.com “Our customers are our priority” or “The consumer comes first” is often said by many business’ but are they actually ticking that box. Have they really looked at what process the customer has gone...
  12. ProducerOleg Konovalov

    Oleg Konovalov

    Organisational Anatomy - surgically precise management
    Organisational Anatomy - surgically precise managementUltimate business book “Organisational Anatomy” which is viewing organisations from biological perspective is on HOT 100 BEST BUSINESS BOOKS! http://booksblizz.com/ This book offers a discussion of a new management concept, “Organisational...
  13. ProducerDenise M Barry

    Denise M Barry

    5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring Sales People
    5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring Sales PeopleWhy do employers have such a difficult time in attracting and hiring top Sales People that are a good ‘fit’ for their role? Manpower’s Survey of “The Top Ten Hardest Jobs to Fill” reports Sales Representatives as the third hardest job to hire for,...


    Denise M Barry
    07/07/2016 #2 Denise M Barry
    #1 Thank you Jan, great point!
    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    02/07/2016 #1 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    My Personal Opinion Is That Sales Managers Are The Hardest To Hire... They Usually Sell Themselves As Demi Gods Of The Industry... And Some Turn Lazy Or Toxic In A Jiffy...
  14. ProducerElla de Jong

    Ella de Jong

    Invisible pain needs "Invisible Make Up"
    Invisible pain needs "Invisible Make Up"Ever wondered how many people suffer from invisible pain?People like your manager, your co-worker, your HR, your students they all do their jobs like they are supposed to do and meanwhile can have pains or sorrows much larger than you could...


    Ella de Jong
    03/07/2016 #12 Ella de Jong
    Hmmm @Neal Rauhauser tell me which invisible gift would you prefer? :-) No seriously: imagining you really get help in words or a hug or a small token from all of us who have commented AND from all of us who have read this post. Just imagine! You would be busy hours and hours gratefully receiving them and by doing so you wouldn't feel your pain that much as you do now. How about that??
    I give you a warm SMILE all the way from The Netherlands!
    Stay strong!
    Ella de Jong
    03/07/2016 #10 Ella de Jong
    @Neal Rauhauser! You were the first commenting on my first beBee action: Thank you!! "Someone noticing when you are troubled .." Noticing, yes ... that's the key! #1
    Ella de Jong
    03/07/2016 #9 Ella de Jong
    Thank you @Toni Rosi! It means a lot when people give their time to leave a comment! Seriously :-) #7
    Ella de Jong
    03/07/2016 #8 Ella de Jong
    Thank you @Randy Keho I think your comment indeed translates to everyone in invisible pain! The word 'inclusion' is a valuable word! Thanks! #2
    Tony 🐝 Rossi
    30/06/2016 #7 Tony 🐝 Rossi
    Thank you, Ella. This means a lot... :-)
    Ella de Jong
    30/06/2016 #6 Ella de Jong
    Totally agree @Deb 🐝 Helfrich: what a wonderful warn online friendship we have!! #3
    Ella de Jong
    30/06/2016 #5 Ella de Jong
    Thank you @🐝 Fatima Williams for sharing and your kind words! #4
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    30/06/2016 #4 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Hi @Ella de Jong. This is a very beautiful buzz I really enjoyed the read. A simple pat on the back or a smile means alot to the other person. I used to work in the rewards & recognition department and I can tell the amount of happiness a small trophy or certificate of appreciation can give. Thanks for this lovely buzz enjoyed the honey from it. :)
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    30/06/2016 #3 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    Dearest @Ella de Jong - I so appreciate the wisdom you shared with us in this article. You are a tremendously caring person and I so treasure that we became friends over this last year.

    I think the word that @Randy Keho brought up is so key: Inclusivity is the antidote to Invisibility.
    Randy Keho
    30/06/2016 #2 Randy Keho
    It has been my experience, having suffered from depression for nearly 25 years, that there are two main things people can do to alleviate someone's "invisible pain:" Communication and inclusion. Words of encouragement are always appreciated, but not necessarily because of how well they're coping. They may not be. They usually appear normal, but you don't really know. They put on that "invisible makeup" and become talented actors. Talk to them. Being outwardly happy can be an act, but not every time. Being around people and joking is always a mood enhancer. Include them. It's usually when they're alone with their thoughts that the clouds roll in. That's when they need that ray of sunshine from a friend or co-worker. So, please talk to them and include them. I think that translates to everyone in "invisible pain."
  15. Julius Erukilede
    Julius Erukilede
    Olam secures $175mn IFC loan to finance operations in Nigeria and India
    www.financialnigeria.com Olam said it has signed a five-year $175 million loan agreement to finance its food processing facilities in Nigeria and...
  16. Laurent Boscherini
    by Jeff Haden

    50 Inspirational Motivational Quotes to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Belief

    Plenty of quotes to help you feel more confident--and courageous--when times get tough.
    Laurent Boscherini
    50 Inspirational Motivational Quotes to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Belief
    www.inc.com Plenty of quotes to help you feel more confident--and courageous--when times get...
  17. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Jamaica Is The Best Near Shore BPO Solution.
    www.linkedin.com Why Jamaica?  Jamaica has the largest English speaking population in the Caribbean and the third largest in the Americas behind the US and Canada. Clients benefit from customized...
  18. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Check out @LesleyAnnHarvey's Tweet:
    Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    CSAssociates on Twitter
    twitter.com “Now registering for April 2016...
  19. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Have a blessed and irie weekend from Jamaica. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
  20. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Happy Birthday to one of Jamaica's greatest. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
  21. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Corporate Services Associates (CSA) is Jamaica's most dynamic boutique organization and provider of integrated business consulting and customer service solutions throughout the customer life-cycle management. We partner with companies to help them acquire, support, retain, and grow their customers at every stage in the customer life-cycle. We help our clients maximize the return on investment in their people, while assisting individuals to achieve their full potential.

    With sites located in Kingston and the North Cost side of Jamaica, Corporate Services Associates offers fully equipped centres, enabling solution delivery internationally. Our client base includes organizations within North America, Europe and CARICOM. The management team consists of experienced, professional and motivational leaders with years of experience in the customer service industry.

    Corporate Services Associates offers services in the following areas:

    Offshoring and Outsourcing Consulting
    Recruiting and HR Management
    Learning and Development

    Contact Centre Services for:

    Voice and non voice programmes
    Customer Support
    Appointment setting
    Data Entry
    Customer Retention CampaignsClose
    Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald


    20/03/2016 #2 ANNU CHOUDHARY
    perumal perumaldhana
    12/02/2016 #1 perumal perumaldhana
    good morning medam
  22. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Contact Corporate Service Associate 24/7 at 876-8326 or email: info@csassociatesja.com

    Outsource to Jamaica and save a lot.
    Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    How Outsourcing Can Save You Money | John Chow dot Com
    www.johnchow.com Before the current society and the boom of the internet outsourcing, larger companies primarily dominated the outsourcing model. These days outsourcing...
  23. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Need to cut your overheads by at least 40%? Start thinking about outsourcing. Contact the Jamaica's leading BPO consultant at 876-806-8326,
    SKYPE: lesleyannharvey email: lesleyann.harvey@csassociatesja.com

    Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Business Process Outsourcing carrying the swing: Let’s go for it! - Editorial
    www.jamaicaobserver.com Stabilisation is one of the prerequisites for economic growth, and Jamaica has, after many difficult years, achieved some macroeconomic equilibrium. This is not an end in itself and it is now time to devote the focus of public policy on stimulating ...
  24. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Enjoy the local food. Jerk Chicken and pork, Ackee and Saltfish, fried fish and festival with a very cold Red Stripe Beer. We work hard and play even harder.
    Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Anthony Bourdain explores Jamaican foods on CNN Sunday - News
    www.jamaicaobserver.com KINGSTON, Jamaica -- World-renowned chef, best-selling author and Emmy-winning television personality Anthony Bourdain explores Jamaica at 9:00 pm (EST) Sunday on CNN. Bourdain’s food trek includes stops in Port Antonio, Portland; Winnifred B...
  25. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
    Dunn's River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica and a major Caribbean tourist attraction that receives thousands of visitors each year. Another attraction to be added to your itinerary when you visit Jamaica to scope out outsourcing opportunities. An hour away from the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica's second city. Lesley ann Harvey-McDonald
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