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  1. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Custom Web Portal in CRM- Bridge the Gap between Your Customers & Employees
    Custom Web Portal in CRM- Bridge the Gap between Your Customers & EmployeesWeb Portals are extremely beneficial in forming lifelong relationships with your customers. CRM is for your employees, Portal is for your customers. Customers are not concerned with the CRM your business has deployed; it means nothing to them....
  2. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    CRM Analytics- Dig deeper to know your customers better
    CRM Analytics- Dig deeper to know your customers betterWhat is CRM analytics?CRM analytics refers to the processing of data that resides in your CRM database to uncover useful insights about customers that businesses can act upon. Integrating analytics makes CRM systems more intelligent in comprehending...
  3. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Email Customization in SugarCRM
    Email Customization in SugarCRMAgainst the backdrop of revolutionary advancement in tech, email still has not lost its importance and remains to be the primary means of communicating with customers.It is an extremely powerful yet low cost solution as it allows businesses to reach...
  4. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    10 CRM Features Every Business Needs
    10 CRM Features Every Business NeedsThe key to success for any business is developing an effective communication channel in order to stay in touch with its clients. To excel, a business needs to stay one step ahead and keep track of all its interactions with each and every customer....
  5. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    SugarCRM wins the PC Magazine’s Business Choice Award for Best CRM yet again
    SugarCRM wins the PC Magazine’s Business Choice Award for Best CRM yet againSugarCRM has done it again. It has won the business choice award for best CRM third year in a row. One would wonder what is so special about SugarCRM that it has managed to outperform industry giants like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc?...
  6. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Social CRM- An investment worth making
    Social CRM- An investment worth makingWe are all avid users of social media. Everyone today is using at least one social media platform be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, etc to stay connected. With the sharp increase in ecommerce and online shopping, customers tend to do...
  7. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    How to add Google Maps in SugarCRM if you are Not a Developer
    How to add Google Maps in SugarCRM if you are Not a DeveloperA simple google search on how to add Google Maps in SugarCRMreturns many results. Most of the methods are so complex that an ordinary user gets confused. Other methods explained there are either outdated or work with old versions of Sugar. One...


    Don Philpott☘️
    07/07/2017 #1 Don Philpott☘️
  8. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Reporting in CRM
    Reporting in CRMThe best business decisions come from the best data insights. The more you know about your customers, the better the customer service you will be able to provide them. The biggest advantage of having a CRM is that you have your entire data...
  9. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Marketing Automation- Is it just about Automation?
    Marketing Automation- Is it just about Automation?Marketing automation has become a popular trend these days- one that is not going to fade away anytime soon. It is here to stay. Businesses that have invested in marketing automation have witnessed a significant increase in revenue. Marketers who...


    Sadman Ishrak
    23/06/2017 #1 Sadman Ishrak
    Great article! Thanks a lot for sharing!
  10. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    How SugarCRM improves Customer Experience?
    How SugarCRM improves Customer Experience?In the age of digital marketing, words spread quicker than you can imagine, and all it takes is a few negative customer experiences to hurt your business. As Customer Experience (CX) is more important than ever before, smart businesses have been...
  11. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Does your business need a CRM? 10 Warning Signs
    Does your business need a CRM? 10 Warning SignsAlthough Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a burgeoning phenomena, there is no wisdom in simply jumping on the bandwagon and investing in CRM technology. Firstly, you should know what CRM software is and how it will impact...
  12. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Top 5 Reasons your Marketing Automation needs CRM
    Top 5 Reasons your Marketing Automation needs CRMMarketing Automation is no longer the monopoly of large enterprises. We now know that as soon as a company starts to generate, nurture and score leads across multiple channels, marketing automation becomes a necessity. But, is it necessary...
  13. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    5 Key Benefits of Business Integration
    5 Key Benefits of Business IntegrationBusiness integration is driving the present day organizations and is a key catalyst for their growth. It allows organizations to leverage their existing processes, people, technology, and information to stay ahead of the competition. On the other...
  14. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Benefits of Business Process in CRM
    Benefits of Business Process in CRMDid you know how Program Productions, an Illinois based organization specializing in live events, successfully recovered 6,000 staff hours in 2015? And how they also saved 50% of their time on menial tasks such as data entry?Smart organizations,...
  15. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    CRM Implementation Strategy
    CRM Implementation StrategyCRM has become a real buzzword in today’s business world. Everyone is talking about it, everyone knows they can significantly benefit from it, yet only a few know which solution fits their business model best. There is no denying that CRM helps...
  16. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Top 12 benefits of CRM for Salespersons
    Top 12 benefits of CRM for SalespersonsCRM Productivity Statistics:1. 75% of sales managers say that using a CRM helps to drive and increase sales. (Hubspot)2. CRM system adoption increases sales by up to 29%. (Salesforce)3. The average ROI for a CRM system is $5.60 for every dollar...
  17. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Data Mining in CRM
    Data Mining in CRMWhat is Data Mining?Data mining is the process of unearthing useful patterns and relationships in large volumes of data. A sophisticated data search capability that uses statistical algorithms to uncover patterns and correlations, data mining...
  18. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    4 Tips for Sales Pipeline Management
    4 Tips for Sales Pipeline ManagementIn this contemporary business environment, knowing the art of managing your ever- growing sales pipeline has become imperative as sales pipeline guides you through the qualification process and helps you maximize sales potential. Sale pipeline is an...
  19. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    8 Essential Marketing Automation Features
    8 Essential Marketing Automation FeaturesMarketing has evolved significantly over the years and has become more complex and perplexing than ever. Consumers are now using multiple media platforms to gather data and stay up-to-date, making life difficult for marketers. However, with...
  20. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Tips to increase User adoption for your CRM
    Tips to increase User adoption for your CRMIt’s always exciting when you first implement a CRM at your company. After its implementation, you start expecting that your business will immediately get more customers and grow at a good pace. There is no magic to it. It isn’t that easy and it...
  21. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    How To Develop An Effective Strategies with CRM
    How To Develop An Effective Strategies with CRMAny business can escape stagnation and failure for as long as it is devising effective strategies that keeps it one-step ahead of its competitors. Nowadays, businesses are constantly analyzing market trends and devising effective marketing...
  22. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    3 Tricks to Improve the Speed of SugarCRM Instance
    3 Tricks to Improve the Speed of SugarCRM InstanceThe combination of technology and agility has dramatically reshaped the business landscape. Thousands of companies across the globe rely onSugarCRM to get a 360 degree view of the entire sales cycle and serve their clients in an outstanding fashion....
  23. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Four Reasons Why Your Business Need a CRM
    Four Reasons Why Your Business Need a CRM“CRM helps businesses grow” we pick up this statement quite often these days. But what is it actually? Is it a hype created by some CRM consultant / vendor, or a reality? If it’s a reality, what are the reasons behind it? What does make CRM, an...
  24. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Common CRM Terms-A Beginner’s Guide
    Common CRM Terms-A Beginner’s GuideIf you are new to CRM software, you will be hearing a lot of terms that will go over your head initially. If you have just started out using this new technology, then you need to get acquainted with a few key terms that will deepen your knowledge...
  25. ProducerPhillips Campbell
    Cloud CRM: Myth VS Reality
    Cloud CRM: Myth VS RealityCloud technology has become ubiquitous. Who hasn’t heard about it? There has been a lot of debate about moving CRM data into the cloud.While most businesses have undergone the transformation successfully, there are still decision makers out there...
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