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  1. Zacharias Voulgaris
    Here is a question for you: Will A.I. replace data scientists?
    Here is an answer for you:
    Zacharias Voulgaris
    Will A.I. Systems Replace Data Scientists?
    www.foxydatascience.com A.I. is great. There is no doubt about that. It’s been around long enough to be a respectable field of science and survive many years of skepticism, becoming more hands-on in the process....
  2. Zacharias Voulgaris
    "So, which language should I use for data science projects?" If you ever had this question, here is a video I made for you! (I didn't come up with the thumbnail image, btw)
    Zacharias Voulgaris
    Programming Languages for Data Science (Julia, Scala, Python, and R) [Video]
    www.safaribooksonline.com Ever since the birth of the data science field, there has been a constant debate about which language is the best, the one better suited for large-scale data analytics applications ... - Selection from Programming Languages for Data Science (Julia,...
  3. Zacharias Voulgaris
    Interesting article by Prof. Andrew Ng.
    Zacharias Voulgaris
    Andrew Ng: What AI Can and Can’t Do
    hbr.org If a task takes you less than one second of thought, a machine can probably do...