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  1. ProducerGeorge Mount

    George Mount

    Data Illiterates and the Glenn Gould of Excel
    Data Illiterates and the Glenn Gould of ExcelI just finished reading Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication by Zach and Chris Gemignani.Of all people, this book got me thinking of Glenn Gould. Yes, the eccentric Canadian pianist.You see, Glenn had a...


  2. ProducerGeorge Mount

    George Mount

    Analyst, Visualized
    Analyst, VisualizedI am a big fan of Drew Conway’s Data Scientist Venn Diagram.I’ve talked about it before, and it’s even featured in my forthcoming course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know,” defining what makes an analyst.Today on LinkedIn I saw a...