Anna Ms
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Become a Property Millionaire in Five Easy Steps

Become a Property Millionaire in Five Easy Steps

The real estate industry has always been among the topchoices for investors. Through the decades, there have been numerous successstories of people and companies that have made more money and income from gainsrelated to property investments. As a...

Mickael Angelo Yusufidis
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To Deep House and 4 more
William VanDorin
7/5/2016 · 2 min read · +500


An old man weeps for dreams unreached, now washed away in tears. He toiled so hard just to survive the passage through the years. The anguish of a wasted life weighs heavy on the soul. Mediocrity's the easy path, with brilliance hard to hold....


ohhhhhhhhhh. Heart this! I had a Revelation once, I'm going to put it right beside yours: Revelations There is a revelation in all that we read. A prophecy in all that we know. So why must Abaddon destroy and a third of our population die before we are freed from our sorrow? *whispered the Ocean*



Yes, William VanDorin, he sees the end alone, this man, his wisdom on an empty life filled with regrets. Some can only dream, afraid to risk a chance. What a barrel of regret to store up and review in ones last days! Thought provoking.Thanks for sharing!