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  1. ProducerRichard Claydon

    Richard Claydon

    How to get the best out of original thinkers during complex change
    How to get the best out of original thinkers during complex changeOur businesses are crying out for creative, original thought. But we are training it out of our children. And developing management practices that inhibit it.  In this post, I will look at how the practices of change management are hindering...


    Oliver Moloney
    06/06/2016 #4 Oliver Moloney
    @Richard Claydon, It's been wonderful to read my our articles this morning and the section referring to the creative process could not be more apt! When I reach stage 3 I take a step away from the project and give both myself and the project itself some time to breath. More like this for the future!
    Lisa Lee
    06/06/2016 #3 Lisa Lee
    Fantastic article @Richard Claydon. I especially enjoyed reading you rpoints on self doubt and doubt in the idea. I've seen allot of these symptoms over the years and it really has been the undoing on projects and the people behind them. Will happily share!
    NO one
    06/06/2016 #2 NO one
    I always love your buzzes Richard, even as a Designer and I think specially as one, I'm expected to be super original, full of ideas, and create amazing things/designs, but with daily chores and so much information on "how to be", "the best thing to do...", I end up caught in the "I don't know even if I'm original anymore thought" sometimes it is better to disconnect and procrastinate since it will lead you (if you let it) to being an original thinker as you write here.
    Kimberly Lewis
    06/06/2016 #1 Kimberly Lewis
    "you call it procrastinating, I call it thinking" this is such a mind opening post @Richard Claydon I usually do as Adam Grant and make a to do list, maybe because I'm usually a control freak but now I feel I should let go. In Human Resources there's also a need of creative and original ideas and for sure this change is much needed.
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