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  1. ProducerJustin Malama

    Justin Malama

    Social Media Marketing- Yoda had it right! (Revised)
    Social Media Marketing- Yoda had it right! (Revised)I wrote this article a few months back, but today especially, I felt I needed to add a few things, and bring a few things to light based on conversations I have had today with a few new prospects. “ Do, or Do not. There is no ‘try’ ”Such simple...
  2. Todd Lombardo

    Todd Lombardo

    #3. Snapchat is the app to beat. Hello Instagram Stories.
    Todd Lombardo
    THINK: The Four Things That Matter In Digital Media This Week
    www.linkedin.com Your 60-second read: Verizon gets Yahoo, Facebook’s live broadcasting, Snapchat envy and more. This is what matters in digital media. 1/The real reason Verizon wanted Yahoo. Trying to make sense of...