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  1. John Starmer

    John Starmer

    So you thought Linux Containers were new technology? Guess again.
    John Starmer
    A History of Containers: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Chroot Environment | Kumulus Technologies


    John Starmer
    16/11/2016 #1 John Starmer
    If you thought that Linux Containers were modern technology... you may want to read this article.
  2. John Starmer

    John Starmer

    If you've heard of Software Containers, you've certainly heard of Docker - the company and Container solution that sparked the current trend to use containers for application development and microservices. If you still aren't sure what exactly Docker is, this ~5-minute video will help.
    An Introduction to Docker 5MoC-34
    An Introduction to Docker 5MoC-34 In this episode, Robert Starmer, CTO of Kumulus Technologies describes the parts that make up Docker and how Docker containers actually...
  3. ProducerFederico Resnizky
    DockerCon 2016 Highlights
    DockerCon 2016 HighlightsDockerCon 2016 was held in Seattle last 20 and 21 of June, with two general sessions, and countless lectures and workshops of all kinds. This trend confirms that the Docker community is stronger than ever, and integration with enterprise is...
  4. Federico Resnizky
    Docker Weekly #136: May 18th, 2016
    * Docker for Mac and Windows introduces new open source components
    * New tracks added to the Docker Agenda! And don't forget to submit for the DockerCon Cool Hack Challenge!
    Federico Resnizky